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Yvette T Prieto
AKA: evette prieto, yvette preto
Associates: yadira prieto, tomas prieto, sandra guillen, ronda prieto, xochitl prieto
Work: lin yeuan jong inc,

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 319 penzance dr bakersfield, CA 93312
Past Addresses: 1430 truxtun ave ste 400 bakersfield, CA 93301
5518 san lucas dr bakersfield, CA 93307
4000 san dimas st ste 2 bakersfield, CA 93301
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Melissa E Morovich
AKA: melissa hoittor, melissa e morovich, melissa e horttor, melissa horttor
Associates: milan morovich, andje morovich, carol morovich, milton morovich

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 9322 seabeck ave bakersfield, CA 93312
Past Addresses: 5404 pembroke ave bakersfield, CA 93308
1701 b st apt 4 bakersfield, CA 93301
1701 b st bakersfield, CA 93301
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Lisa A Aceves

lisa a aceves, 59 - Single

bakersfield, CA
AKA: lisa aceves aceves-ooi, lisa ooi, lisa a aceves, lisa aceves aceves, lisa aceves ooi
Associates: jeff ooi, susana aceves, susan aceves, gloria aceves, isaac aceves, jeffrey aceves

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 4923 shorebird dr bakersfield, CA 93312
Past Addresses: 12879 dawson ave apt 2 orosi, CA 93647
12879 dawson ave orosi, CA 93647
198 northgate dr apt 125 manteca, CA 95336
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Dino Joseph Lomedico

dino joseph lomedico, 66

bakersfield, CA
AKA: dino j lomedico
Associates: barbara zironi, stella lomedico, tony lomedico, domenic lomedico, laurie guillen, georgina lomedico
Work: semper paratus

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 3600 wenham dr bakersfield, CA 93311
Past Addresses: 2055 balmer dr los angeles, CA 90039
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Stacie Jeanene Herring

stacie jeanene herring, 58

bakersfield, CA
AKA: stacie j gallegly, stacie herrins, staci herring, stacie jeanene herring, stacie gallegly, stacie j herring
Associates: wayne gallegly, andrew herring, ren herring, renie herring, meredith shutler, thomas herring, doyle gallegly, sharon sharpe, meredith herring, thomas herring
Work: usda, usda, usda/agriculture biologist , dwgs, usda, usda, usda/agriculture biologist , usda, kern county weights & measures, cvfh

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 2411 s vineland rd bakersfield, CA 93307
Past Addresses: 2411 kentucky st bakersfield, CA 93306
2413 kentucky st bakersfield, CA 93306
31916 famoso rd mc farland, CA 93250
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Paul Raymond Reilly
AKA: paul r reilly, paul raymond reilly, paul r reilley
Associates: duetta reilly, paul reilly, duetta reilly
Work: lake co division sales

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 6621 river grove st bakersfield, CA 93308
Past Addresses: po box 81834 bakersfield, CA 93380
1900 lester st bakersfield, CA 93304
16451 barton ln bakersfield, CA 93314
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Amy Ann Bush

amy ann bush, 49 - Married

bakersfield, CA
AKA: amy ann bush, amy a bush, amy a adams
Associates: brandon adams, kimberly escalera, andrea adams, sheridan bush, patricia bush, rex adams, susanne marie, mark ashley, robbie adams, jonathan bush

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 5201 sand castle ct bakersfield, CA 93312
Past Addresses: 3512 rayburn way bakersfield, CA 93306
6700 auburn st apt 85 bakersfield, CA 93306
6100 tudor way apt 214 bakersfield, CA 93306
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Rodney Wade Crawford

rodney wade crawford, 53

bakersfield, CA
AKA: rod wade crawford, rodney w crawford, rod crawford, rod w crawford, rodney wade crawford
Associates: leanna crawford, loretta crawford, rona mellon, james crawford, julie crawford, melissa hepler
Work: mr cleans pool services and repair,

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 1800 2nd st bakersfield, CA 93304
Past Addresses: 2850 hawthorne ave bakersfield, CA 93305
326 oswell st bakersfield, CA 93307
3212 saint marys st bakersfield, CA 93305
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Michelle K Tripp
AKA: michelle k tripp
Associates: melanie tripp, dorothy tripp, john tripp, james moore, ronald tripp, sonya tripp, rickie tripp, jeffrey tripp, sarah tripp, michelle tripp

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 6506 montagna dr bakersfield, CA 93306
Past Addresses: 2719 kentucky st bakersfield, CA 93306
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Jessica Marcy Look
AKA: jessica weaver, jessica m look, jessica m weaver
Associates: cristee look, cassidee look, chad look, shannon weaver
Work: , taffera jewelers, guardian home loans, guardian home loans, valley yellow pages, gaurdian home loans, at&t, envirocycle inc.

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 2614 18th st bakersfield, CA 93301
Past Addresses: 6301 victor st apt 55 bakersfield, CA 93308
1127 main st bogalusa, LA 70427
1000 devonshire st bakersfield, CA 93312
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Stacy L Hanson

stacy l hanson, 56 - Single

bakersfield, CA
AKA: stacy l dominguez, stacy l domingue, stacey dominquez, stacy lynn hanson, stacy l kenyon, stacy l hanson
Associates: lyonne hanson, lanny hansen, daniel hanson, christopher smith, corinne smith, donna dominguez, daniel hanson, diane hansen, dana sorensen, roxsanne dominguez

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 604 elsey st bakersfield, CA 93309
Past Addresses: po box 7634 visalia, CA 93290
4845 w grove ave visalia, CA 93291
po box 6014 visalia, CA 93290
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Justin P Feil

justin p feil, 42

bakersfield, CA
AKA: justin p feil
Associates: amanda feil, christine anderson, debra feil, larry feil, julia feil, eugene feil, eugene feil
Work: kern high district, apple one, appleone

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 5408 gozum dr bakersfield, CA 93313
Past Addresses: 12507 french park ln bakersfield, CA 93312
5600 kirkside dr apt d bakersfield, CA 93309
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Denise Marie Limi
AKA: denise m limi garcia, denise m limi-garcia, denise m limi garcia, denise m limi, denise marie limi, garcia d m limi, limi denise val
Associates: robert limi, val garcia, linda limi, richard limi, randall sonke, val garcia, cynthia dickinson, carmen garcia, michelle limi, maria garcia
Work: , garces memorial high school

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 604 redvale dr bakersfield, CA 93312
Past Addresses: 11926 privet pl bakersfield, CA 93311
705 faversham way bakersfield, CA 93311
8916 duncanson dr bakersfield, CA 93311
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Richard F Villalovos
AKA: richard villalouos, richard villalobos, richard f villalovos, richard villalouos villalovos
Associates: nicholas villalovos, kristian villalovos, danielle villalovos, gail villalovos, daniel villalovos, alice lomas

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 230 columbus st bakersfield, CA 93305
Past Addresses: 3301 rancho sierra st apt 00 bakersfield, CA 93306
3301 rancho sierra st bakersfield, CA 93306
po box 60405 bakersfield, CA 93386
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John Raymond Vignolo
AKA: john raymond vignolo, john r vignola, john r vignolo
Associates: jane vignolo, paula vignolo, robert vignolo, stephen vignolo, gail vignolo
Work: vignolo family ltd partnership

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 12105 clegg dr bakersfield, CA 93311
Past Addresses: 9709 seven oak ct bakersfield, CA 93311
5700 ming ave apt 62 bakersfield, CA 93309
3712 sonoita dr bakersfield, CA 93309
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Angela Ann Hessick
AKA: angela ann hessick, angela a kniffen, angela a hessick, angela kniffen, angela e hessick, angela ann kniffen
Associates: matthew kniffen, william kniffen, jessica stephens, steven kniffen, patricia kniffen, john kniffen, glenda kniffen, james hessick, candy kniffen
Work: little country christian school, house of moseley, bakersfield christian high school, star electric

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 10221 marby grange way bakersfield, CA 93312
Past Addresses: 11512 judy ave bakersfield, CA 93312
19248 pine summit ct tehachapi, CA 93561
8229 station rd buttonwillow, CA 93206
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Lisa Diane Pitcher
AKA: lisa garrett, lisa d d garrett, lisa d garrett, lisa d pitcher, lisa diane garr pitcher, lisa diane garrett, lisa diane garrett pitcher, lisa diane pitcher
Associates: alexis pitcher, michael pitcher, derall garrett, traves garrett, derall garrett
Work: rio bravo greeley school district

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 16084 shellie marie ave bakersfield, CA 93314
Past Addresses: 8008 sutherland dr bakersfield, CA 93309
5828 lenz ct bakersfield, CA 93307
5300 dunsmuir rd bakersfield, CA 93309
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Dawn A Oxford

dawn a oxford, 38 - Single

bakersfield, CA
Associates: grace oxford, jeremy oxford
Work: greyhound lines inc., movie gallery, movie gallery, california state university bakersfield -services for students with disabilities, california state university bakersfield -services for students with disabilities, california state university bakersfield -services for students with disabilities, movie gallery

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 6913 shelby loop bakersfield, CA 93309
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Tony B Tuazon

tony b tuazon, 67 - Married

bakersfield, CA
AKA: tony j tuazon, tony jo tuazon, b tuazon antonio, antonio b tuazon, antonio tuazon
Associates: carmelita tuazon
Work: , san joaquin community hospital

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 11523 vauxhall bridge dr bakersfield, CA 93311
Past Addresses: 11523 vauxhall bridge dr unit 201 bakersfield, CA 93311
15323 rachel ave bakersfield, CA 93314
10003 tungsten st bakersfield, CA 93311
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George M Canaday
AKA: george m canaday, george montgomery canaday
Associates: shawn canaday, barbara canaday, kevin canaday, george canaday, leanna canaday

Current & Past Addresses

Current: 4812 zinfandel ln bakersfield, CA 93306
Past Addresses: 4512 coronado ave bakersfield, CA 93306
3307 purdue dr bakersfield, CA 93306
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