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Places Lived
Pinellas Park High School ' 91
Pinellas Park , FL
Pinellas Park, FL
Blissfield, MI
Christie Fockler
Carole Gray
Kris Lidgard
About My School Life Well it sure wasn’t easy for me I was the one that had to live in the car and if I didn't have a car I had to stay in the woods but you know In Gods eyes we all have the same things in common we all have Made Mistakes that we regret all we can do is ask for forgiveness from the ones we hurt so much you know whom I am talking About Heather Euston I can’t Change the past if I could you know I would my love When you have had A Love That you just cannot forget and you know well enough that you just made a Mess of Her life all you can do is ask forgiveness and pray that the one you hurt will be able to forgive me please I love you Your lost love forever and a day PS May God be with you? E mail and and
About My Work Life I Am A Tool In serving god
About My Personal Life In Gods eyes we all have the same things in common we all have Made Mistakes that we regret all we can do is
Mineral Wells High School ' 94
Mineral Wells , TX
About My Personal Life Park foreman for the city of granbury
Wade Turner
Other Well I have three beautiful Daughters and one hansom son. I have not been able to get in contact with Leigh Ann. I have seen that she or you have looked for me. It has been a long hard Road my behavior has not been Very appropriate at all. I have neglected you all. I cannot Change the past I am sorry for that. I just hope that you can find it in your hearts to except my Apology for not being there for you when you needed me most. Moreover, do not ever think that it was your fault that you’re Mother and didn’t stay together. It was we your mom and I that did not think things through Me for lying to my Boss years before and not thinking it would effect me in the further if only I thought ahead and made the right Choices it was my past that caught up with me because I made bad Choices in the past. I lied to people I thought I new it all but I was so darn wrong you can run but you can not hide forever. It is the way of life when we make a Choice to do the right or the wrong