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Cusick School ' 90
Cusick, WA
Douglas Faucher
Eileen Lalonde
Chris Schneider
What My Parents Are Proudest of Me Doing     I believe that my parents are most proud of me for graduating High School
.  I was the first in my immediate family to graduate.  I got pregnant my sophmore summer, so everyone thought that I would drop out just as the rest had done.  every girl in my family had gotten pregnant at 16 & then dropped out of school.  I didn't mainly because of my grandpa he pissed me off enough that I took 10 courses a semester when I went back as a Senior, because I had taken the spring semester off to be with Bubba.  It almost killed me but I did it.  Being a wife mom & a full time student is really hard.  The nex thing they are proud of is my son.  Mom & I raised him to be a great man.  He has had problems in the past, but at18 his life has been really hard & he is also a survivor.  He is so strong & has such a huge heart & soul.  He is my pri
Mccullough High School ' 85
The Woodlands, TX
Alan Bingham
About My Personal Life I'm enjoying life one day at a time. Also single and looking for Mr. Right... (hint hint.) It would be great to find some of my old high school buddies and hang out, have some fun. If anyone from McCullough..Class of 85...would like to contact me...write me at
Forsyth Central High School ' 86
Cumming, GA
Gregory Phillips
Lori Clonts
Jenny Copeland
About My Personal Life I WORK FOR A REPUTIABLE COMPANY.YES I STILL AM PAINTING - look me up :) god bless you and yours
Middletown High School ' 83
Middletown, OH
Heather Hurte
About My School Life Where else can you have the most wonderful, yet horrific time, at the same time.
About My Work Life Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life
About My Personal Life Loving life in Florida. Painting for a living. Riding motorcycles for fun.
Coronado High School ' 94
El Paso, TX
Ivan Acevedo
About My Personal Life I graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute in May 1996. I went to work for a Marriott Golf Resort in Scottsdale for 4 years. I am currently the assistant customer service manager for a local auto glass company. I was married in May 2000 and share my life with husband Sean and our 2 dogs, Nikki and Pico. On March 1, 2002 I gave birth to a precious baby girl, Sarah Jane Kelley. She is truely a blessing to my family!
Lagrange High School ' 68
Lake Charles, LA
About My Personal Life So far life has been a whirlwind, I married James, a guy on the beach, and Ive never looked back. We have had a great life, travelled a lot, still on the go but we have been home these past 6 years, and only travel for business and its great to be home finally......... now we have a few thoroughbreds and James has racing fever, I stick to watercolor painting, we both have expensive hobbies, "life remains a beach, and then you die"............. "carpe dieum" ( don't know, well look it up. lol)
About My Work Life I worked from 84 to 96 in the Operating Room, the best job, the ultimate adventure! I went part time until we moved to Anchorage for a yr. I immersed myself in art and have pretty much retired, but still miss work and all the great people I encountered. I made some life long friends and always know which Doctor to see for health care. I may return to work partime, if I could get out of taking call, working all day and night is for "fres
Aurora West High School ' 81
Aurora, IL
About My Personal Life Living in navarre fl,near Ft Walton beach,and pensacola. Grew up in Aurora Il,have not lived there for 22yeard,but i do go back alot to visit. I have two children Amy 21 and Colin 18,and a granddaughter,who is three.
R.L. Thomas High School ' 67
Webster, NY
About My Personal Life Living in Texas, never left after graduating from law school at the University of Texas. Currently practicing workers compensation defense.
Fallbrook High School ' 74
Fallbrook, CA
About My Personal Life Veterinary office mgr
William Penn High School ' 68
New Castle, DE
About My Personal Life I have a 22 year old daughter,...I'm divorced, and right now I am a home- caregiver, taking care of my mother...that is the only work I do right now...
Somerville High School ' 78
Somerville, MA
About My Personal Life teacher
J Sterling Morton East Hs ' 81
Cicero, IL
About My Personal Life I live in Mississippi.
Valley High School ' 88
West Des Moines, IA
About My Personal Life lookin' for Gallagher :-)
Columbia High School ' 76
West Columbia, TX
About My Personal Life I have been married to Mark Kelley for 21 years.I have 3 wonderful kids and 1 grandson.I love to bowl.I still live in Brazoria County.
Mansfield High School ' 94
Mansfield, MA
About My Personal Life Working for a medical management company in Waltham.
Union Grove High School ' 81
Union Grove, WI
About My Personal Life Have 2 boys. I work as a Sign language interpreter at Gateway Technical College. Also, freelance. My husband, Kevin and I have been married for almost 10 years. WE still live in Franksville. I have new found hobbies, they are, woodworking and gardening. I look forward every year to those big ripe tomatoes.
Jeff Foster
About My Personal Life I love music (U2), movies, reading, dancing, socializing, going to pagan festivals, drumming and hanging out with my friends.
About My School Life Graduated from People's School #1, also attended Garfield High School for 2 miserable years
About My Personal Life I AM HAPPILY MARRIED.
Westwood High School ' 84
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Tony Lee
Clayton Valley High School ' 85
Concord, CA
Oakley, CA
Concord, CA
Kathy Stout
New Brockton High School ' 88
New Brockton, AL
Univ Of Alabama At Birmingham ' 96
Birmingham, AL
Elba, AL
Dusti Hanrahan
Hanover Central Jr Sr High Sch ' 70
Cedar Lake, IN
Cedar Lake, IN
Patty Geer
Ed Sampias
Nancy Busch
Wesley College ' 04
Florence, MS
Lowell, AR
Gloster, MS
New Albany, MS
Linda Bumpers
Susan Kelley
Sarah Pollan
Morgan Co High School ' 97
Madison, GA
Cincinnati State Tech/Cmty College ' 08
Cincinnati, OH
Charlotte, NC
Susan Kelley
Johnny Nelson
Heather Rich
Lawrence Co High School ' 01
Louisa, KY
Kentucky Cmty/Tech College System ' 02
Versailles, KY
Blaine, KY
Barbie Stacy
Tony Lay
Louisville High School ' 87
Woodland Hills, CA
Cape Elizabeth, ME
Bellevue, WA
Jennifer Grisanti
Georgian School ' 93
Carrollton, GA
Rome, GA
Jennifer Dollar
Hudson High School ' 75
Hudson, MA
Cal State Univ, Dominguez Hills ' 08
Carson, CA
Torrance, CA
Maynard, MA
Hudson, MA
Sarnia College Inst And Tech Sch ' 70
Sarnia, ON
Wyoming, ON
Canoga Park Senior High School ' 77
Canoga Park, CA
Oceanside, CA
New Brockton High School ' 88
New Brockton, AL
Uab School Of Dentistry ' 96
Birmingham, AL
Sandie Goodwin
Tamera Duncan
Shannon Insley
Guy Perkins School ' 83
Guy, AR
Danny Miller
Betty Youngblood
Kim Swanson
Lyons Twp High School North ' 74
La Grange, IL
Patti Taylor
College Park High School ' 75
College Park, GA
Teresa Harper
Lawrence Co High School ' 01
Louisa, KY
Tony Lay
La Sierra High School ' 90
Riverside, CA
Ingrid Perea
Mary Voss
Lawrence Co High School ' 01
Louisa, KY
Tony Lay
Franklin Co Tech School ' 84
Turners Falls, MA
Darryl Belval
Foxborough High School ' 71
Foxborough, MA
Susan Kelley
Sully Buttes Jr Sr High School ' 83
Onida, SD
Denise Wilkins
Kris Wilmart
Brandi Butler
Coronado High School ' 94
El Paso, TX
John Martyn
Woodward High School ' 81
Toledo, OH
Sharon Horner
Smith College
Northampton, MA
Grosse Pointe South High Sch ' 83
Grosse Pointe, MI
Glenbrook South High School ' 75
Glenview, IL
Chippewa High School ' 79
Doylestown, OH
Harlem High School ' 82
Harlem, GA
Bell Gardens High School ' 76
Bell Gardens, CA
Cusick School ' 90
Cusick, WA
Mainland Regional High School ' 84
Linwood, NJ
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