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Walnut Ridge High School ' 72
Columbus , OH
About My Personal Life returning to Ohio in Mar.03,looking forward to meeting past classmates
Arcadia High School ' 71
Arcadia , CA
About My School Life It was a blur. I grew 13" while concentrating on my academics. That earned me a place at UCLA where I graduated in 75' with a BA in Psychobiology.
About My Work Life I own a video projector rental house in Portland, OR. (see Our core competency is A/V support for corporate events.
About My Personal Life Instead of pursuing my career path at UCLA to become a dentist, I detoured after graduation toward my hobby of consumer audio and spent the next 15 years in retail and manufacturing, the latter half traveling in sales positions around the US and Canada. From 85'-00' I was in telecom sales with organizations such as MCI, WorldCom, USWest and a couple of Portland independents. I left LA for Portland in 90' and started my video projector rental company in 00'. Single (never married) and still looking for that match of a lifetime. I live and work in a beautiful home located in the wooded suburbs of Portland, OR.
North Carolina Sch Of Sci-math ' 03
Durham , NC
About My Personal Life I'm still me, hahahahhah.
Hope Christian School ' 88
Danville , IL
About My Personal Life that i am a professional model
Mt Ayr High School ' 75
Mount Ayr , IA
About My Personal Life I'm currently working at McDonalds. Me and my girlfriend are buying a house
Bastrop High School ' 96
Bastrop , TX
Great Valley High School ' 68
Malvern , PA
About My Work Life I have a beautiful wife and children,even grand children.I've been a pilot since 1976. I've been scuba diving since 1978 from South America to the South Pacific.I've played the guitar or bass in rock bands,blues bands, even a country band.I've been a real estate investor since I was 30 years old and still am.I've owned several successful businesses in the United States as well as in Latin America involving aviation, restaurants, real estate, marketing, and mortgages as well as some real fun ones that I'd rather not mention. I've lived a very adventurous life and I plan to continue to do so!
About My School Life High school was a bore. College was "mind expanding" in more ways than one. "Real school" doesn't start until after graduation.
About My Personal Life If it feels good do it!!
Valley High School ' 71
Las Vegas , NV
About My Personal Life Left Vegas for Texas;got BS degree in Engineering in '75. Spent 4 years in USAF, now a civilian at Wright-Patt AFB in Dayton. In spare time, volunteer as a DJ at a local public radio station in Yellow Springs. Active in local church.
Central High School ' 86
De Witt , IA
About My Personal Life moving back to dewitt in nxt few years
Nathan Hale High School ' 74
West Allis , WI
About My Personal Life live in the country,,,,
Hutchinson High School ' 85
Hutchinson , KS
About My Personal Life Ilive on the east coast and am a seafood dealer
Alhambra High School ' 90
Phoenix , AZ
About My Personal Life currently in the military, stationed in San Diego,CA
Las Lomas High School ' 59
Walnut Creek , CA
About My Personal Life Retired to the Sierras and loving it
Brewer (C.F.) High School ' 96
White Settlement , TX
About My Personal Life im a hottie
North High School ' 74
Des Moines , IA
About My Personal Life I currently live in the St. Louis, MO area. I am the Program Director for the Certificate of Proficiency in Funeral Directing at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. I'd love to hear from my 1974 classmates at "dear ol, dear ol, North High!"
Jacksonville High School ' 92
Jacksonville , AL
About My Personal Life I need a job.
Sunset High School ' 94
Beaverton , OR
About My Personal Life I am living in the deep south, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am working on my PhD in Finance at LSU (Geaux Tigers!). I graduated from UO in 1999 and 2001 with a B.S. in finance and an M.S. in economics/econometrics. I was in a frat at UO (DU) and had a blast as an undergrad. I lived in Tempe while doing some doctoral work at ASU and fell in love with the desert. In fact, I think I'll just have to let y'all keep the rain! If you are reading this, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you. Steve
Patterson School ' 81
Patterson , NC
About My Personal Life I am the operations manager for a network of pastoral counseling centers.
Seminole High School ' 95
Seminole , FL
About My Personal Life Well, I finally graduated from college and am bartending at a joint in Alabama until I find some better work. I also started a Lynard Skynard tribute band called the "Freebirds." We mostly play around these parts, but we will be making a road trip to play Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa this June. Come on out and check us out. It's gonna be a beer drinking, ass kickin' time. Hope to see some of ya'll there. Oh yeah, Kiger I am taking you up on the free popcorn while I am in town. " If I leave here tommorow, will you still remember me?" -Ronnie Van Zant (from the song Freebird)
A And M Consolidated High School ' 88
College Station , TX
About My Personal Life I am a compliance consultant for a brokerage firm in Dallas, TX.
Shawnee Mission E Sr High Sch ' 73
Prairie Village , KS
About My Personal Life Senior Operations Manager for a veterinary pharmaceutical company in St. Joseph. Ski Instructor for the last 15 years at Snow Creek Ski Area, Weston, MO
Churchville Chili High School ' 66
Churchville , NY
About My Personal Life Relocated from Chili to USN to Brockport(where I married Mary Bauer to West Palm Beach to Crumpler NC to Hayesville NC to Hiawassee GA. Over the past several years I have been a teacher of math, science and technology, principal and superintendent in the mountains of North Georgia and loving every minute of it. I have 6 great kids. Katie (26)and Kristie(24) both got married in the last 6 months with my first grandson on the way. Matthew (22)became a bit of a celebrity on Real World New Orleans. Peter (20), Paul (16), and Andrew (14)still live at home.
Andress High School ' 91
El Paso , TX
About My Personal Life I am the Network Engineer for Road Runner Online service in El Paso. Into snowboarding and mtnbiking these days.
Notre Dame School ' 80
Wichita Falls , TX
About My Personal Life For the 20 year reunion please register your info at Employed with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas providing management consulting services. Have lived in Flower Mound,TX for the last 3 years. Prior to that we lived in Lexington, MA for 2.5 years. Before that we lived in Wichita Falls. Still married to Kathy Gilleland and we celebrated our 15th in 2000. Have two children - Kathrina (12) and Benton (born 11/21/00)
Morse High School ' 89
San Diego , CA
About My Personal Life I went to SDSU and finished with a degree in Civil Engineering and left that field and currently run my own trading business in LA.
Anson High School ' 65
Anson , TX
About My Personal Life Been an Insurance Agent for the last 10 years.
Huntington High Sch ' 73
Huntington , WV
About My Personal Life I'm the Executive Director of Publishing and Marketing for Todd McFarlane Productions and McFarlane Toys. Been doing that for the last 8 years. I've been a writer of comic books, columns, and magazines for the last 15 years. I've recently sold two of my entertainment properties for film. Married. Wife-Beth Step sons-Dana (23) Brad (21) Smith Son-Nick (17) Living in Ceredo, West Virginia. Father Time has beat me like a rented mule. My photo is used to scare children and small farm animals.
Dardanelle High School ' 70
Dardanelle , AR
About My Personal Life The Class of 1970 just had our 30th class reunion it was great to see old friends and class mates
Red Bay High School ' 92
Red Bay , AL
About My Personal Life I married Mistie Malone on August 30, 1997. We have one child(Sederia Faith) born on October 12, 2001. I also graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and now work at SMI Steel in Birmingham Alabama.-- Last updated on 9/6/01
Newport High School ' 87
Newport , WA
About My Personal Life I now live in Everett, Wa. with my wife and 3 kids. I own and operate our Vitamilk distribution co. ( and my wife stays home and raises our children. I graduated from WSU with a degree in English. I would love to hear from you!
Cooper High School ' 89
Abilene , TX
About My Personal Life After high school, Stephen hopped a plane to Uganda, camped in the Virunga Mountain Range, and studied those mistifing creatures called "gorilla gorilla berengie." But...long, lonely nights without human contact caused Stephen to crack until he was discovered in 1998 by a team of Disney animators researching a project called "Tarzin(?)" or something. Anyhow, back in the states, Stephen has learned to reintegrate into society, but still occasionally forgets to shave.
Midway High School ' 89
Woodway , TX
About My Personal Life I am currently living in Dallas, TX working for a videoconferencing company. Still single and having fun!
Wooddale High School ' 72
Memphis , TN
About My Personal Life I am a Grandfather My hobbies are playing racquetball and touring riding my Harley's.
Duncanville High School ' 69
Duncanville , TX
About My Personal Life I retired from Sears after 22 years and have been in the real estate business for 8 years with the last 5 in property management for Kennedy-Wilson International, Inc. I am currently on site in Los Colinas in Irving, Texas. I married Betty Sue Hale from the class of 70' and in December will be married 30 years. We have 3 children ( 2 daughters and one son) that range from 27 to 16 years of age and 4 grandkids that range from 8 to 1 year.
Hagerstown Jr Sr High School ' 89
Hagerstown , IN
About My Personal Life I am now worknig at Ford (Visteon) in Connersville as a Tool and Die Maker. I have two beautiful children (Alex-4 and Bailey-2). I am divorced, but have met a wonderful woman originally from Texas who I am engaged to. I hope to move back to the Hagerstown area soon.
Thatcher Senior High School ' 70
Thatcher , AZ
About My Personal Life I am employed by the U.S. Army Signal Command at Fort Huachuca, AZ as a Management Analyst.
Christian Brothers Academy ' 95
Albany , NY
About My Personal Life Word up Class of 95 Brothers! Hopefully we will be having some big fun and exciting reunion in the near future so we can all get together and speak "CBA-anese" and make fun of our teachers, and everyone else. But untill then this will have to work. I graduated in December of 1999 from SUNY Geneseo with an Accounting Degree. College was great! I got good grades, partied much, pledged a fraternty (ZBXi), and did all that fun active stuff. I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City as an Auditor for 3 years. For those of you whom I haven't been able to keep in touch with travel became my hobby in College. I spent college summer vacations working in Yellowstone National Park as a waiter, in London as a waiter, in Walt Disney World "interning" as a "rollerblading/rollerskating custodian" in the Magic Kingdom, I backpacked Europe and I backpacked Asia for 3.5 monts. L
Cherry Hill High Sch West ' 73
Cherry Hill , NJ
About My Personal Life I moved to Florida 1 month after graduation in 73. I still miss Cherry Hill. I have been happily married for 25 years and have 5 kids. I have been a government employee for the past 17 years. I still have the old yearbook and it's really nice to hear about Cherry Hill West again.
Oconomowoc High School ' 88
Oconomowoc , WI
About My Personal Life Hi everyone. I have been out of touch with most of you, but we don't get back to WI very often. I hope you are all doing well! I have lived in the Boston area for the last five years with my wife Traci (Traci Smith (Lindemann). We have an 8 week old son, Riley that we enjoy immensely.
Grove City High School ' 91
Grove City , OH
About My Personal Life I graduated from Miami University in 1995 and then Capital University Law School in 1999. I passed the bar exam and I am currently working as an associate in the law firm of Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn in Columbus, Ohio.
Celina High School ' 98
Celina , OH
About My Personal Life I am at Xavier University in Cincinnati majoring in Finance and Information Systems.
Fayette County High School ' 95
Fayetteville , GA
About My Personal Life Living the life of a young corporate lawyer, having passed the Delaware bar examination and been admitted. Email I actually check is (for any who are interested).
Douglass High School ' 93
Atlanta , GA
Southern Wayne High School ' 89
Dudley , NC
About My Personal Life Mike Biggins a Police Officer? Does that scare anyone else???? Anyways, I'm married (just shoot me please), have been for just about nine yrs now. I have three kids( 1 boy 2 girls). I work in the telecommunications industry, specifically in the Special Products division of a fiber optic cable plant. I've been there over seven years, and unless I win the lottery, will probally die there. It's nothing glamorous, but its fun. Well thats enough about me.
Elk City High School ' 87
Elk City , OK
About My Personal Life I work in Oklahoma City for EMSA as a paramedic. I am a Lt. (Field Training Officer) for the last 5 years.
Southside High School ' 95
Fort Smith , AR
About My Personal Life Ok, so I was duped into paying for this service cause I was curious as to who actually listed their info. Anyway, I am back in the Fort and practicing law. I am not married, have no children and have never been married. I must say that I like it here in the Fort, which is contrary to how I felt when I left. Other then life carrying on. . .there's not much else to it. if anyone's reading this get in touch. ESTEBAN
Eastern Hills High School ' 69
Fort Worth , TX
About My Personal Life I'm looking for Jodie Cross. If anyone Knows about him, let me know. Thanks.
First Colonial High School ' 81
Virginia Beach , VA
About My Personal Life I have recently returned to Virginia after having lived out west in Colorado and Oregon where I have been,among other things,a professional nightclub musician,whitewater rafting guide,and outdoor adventures guide. I have started a landscaping company here at the beach.
Marple Newtown Senior High Sch ' 90
Newtown Square , PA
About My Personal Life Hello! so when and where is our reunion going to be? I just got married this past year.My wife and I are in the prosses of building a house.If anybody wants to say hi, contact me! I'm sure I'll do the same.
George Whittell High School ' 89
Zephyr Cove , NV
About My Personal Life Some of you are still my closest friends: Andy H. Maziar E. Tim A. Josh B.
Gulf High School ' 92
New Port Richey , FL
About My Personal Life I am working as minister to students in a church in Katy,Texas.(just outside of Houston)I was married in 1994 to Star Zmarzly. We are expecting our first child in march of 2000! Her name is Madison Joy Smith. Star and I met at Houston Baptist University during the summer of '93 and were married in July of '94.I keep in touch with Simms Henry, who doesn't have e.mail yet...come on dude. I am looking forward the big hook-up in 2002 with all the old Gulf '92 people. This is a great way to start locating people. Please send me as much info as you can on where everyone is. I look forward to seeing everybody soon!!!p.s. My dad and I work together in the same church. You probably remember him as the pastor at First Baptist. He was asked to take this job here about three years ago. We miss Florida often. It is too hot our here! see ya.
Okemos High School ' 93
Okemos , MI
About My Personal Life I was shy, a bit awkward. Sometimes I wet my pants but I got help for that problem. When I became scared, my body responded with vile noises. I've changed now and am OK. Thank You
John Overton Comp High School ' 74
Nashville , TN
About My Personal Life I'm an environmental lawyer consulting for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative in Washington, DC. I'm also working on publishing one book I've written, "On Xernon." I'm playing around with writing another, "New Mexico Underground." Haven't been back to Nashville in years. Hear it's really changed. I've been living in DC longer than I lived in Nashville, so Washington feels more like home. Still proud of my real hometown, though.
Burkburnett High School ' 92
Burkburnett , TX
About My Personal Life Hello everyone!!! I graduated from SWT in San Marcos in December 1997. I am now working at FWISD as a high school teacher and coach. I am coaching football and baseball. I was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds and played one year of minor league ball for them. I got married in July of this year(1999)to a great girl.
Penn Hills Senior High School ' 83
Pittsburgh , PA
About My Personal Life After graduation I made a less than stellar effort in college at Edinboro. Meteorology and astronomy were two of my classes. It gave new meaning to "taking up space". My father told me that I was probably majoring in fraternity. A year later, I was out of there. Found a job at the local bike store and by the fall of 1985, I was enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Graduated in 1987 and move to Colorado where I freelanced while working for an outfitter. Spent most of my time being a guide for mountain biking trips and various other outdoor experiences. My wife at the time, daughter Kayla and I moved back to the 'Burgh in 1991. I found work with a small commercial printer in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. After 3 years there, I moved to my current employer, New Image Press, Inc. I am now married 2.5 years to my wife Kathleen. We are expecting our first child in late June.
Elkton High School ' 99
Elkton , MD
About My Personal Life After I graduate college i'll go on to be the greatest football coach to ever live.
North Harford High School ' 89
Pylesville , MD
About My Personal Life Currently working for Mann and Parker Lumber Company (forest products company) in outside sales. Married in May 1996 to Dawn (Richmond) from CMW 1989. Have one son, Trent, born March 1999.
Lee High School ' 88
Jonesville , VA
About My Personal Life Greetings to JHS class of 88 -- Though my name may not appear as a class graduate it should. Unfortunately, I didn't take english seriously enough and had to retake it in summer school. Oh well, things are different these days. I am living in Indiana and working on finishing my Masters degree in Nutrition. Take Care !
Effingham Co High School ' 89
Springfield , GA
About My Personal Life Live in Savannah work at KDM advertising,,thats about it .....
Live Oak Union High School ' 87
Morgan Hill , CA
About My Personal Life I still have my chevelle. I enjoy my spare time with my two boys and wife.
Brazoswood High School ' 92
Clute , TX
About My Personal Life i've been a hairdesigner since 4/92 I work for an international recording artist, worked at numerous award shows and pageants, appeared on two tv programs, now I work in the salon and travel as an consultant/educater for Redken Int. and I'm also a massage therepist
Nathan Hale-ray High School ' 97
Moodus , CT
About My Personal Life I might be home for christmas in 2000. Rj was out here with me for 2 months and we had a blast. Besides that just partying and working. The Marine Corps has been pretty good to me. Hope I get to see you guys soon.
John M Morehead High School ' 77
Eden , NC
About My Personal Life I am a new car dealer in Reidsville, NC. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time at work. I am usually able to go deer hunting with my 2 brothers and my father each year in Kentucky in November. I get to spend my free time with my wife and 3 kids. Also, I enjoy riding down to Wilmington, NC on my Valkyrie to cruise with my brother, Greg.
Valliant High School ' 82
Valliant , OK
About My Personal Life I have now spent 17 years in the military. I lived overseas for 10 years, and now I'm stationed in New Hampshire.
Northrop High School ' 81
Fort Wayne , IN
About My Personal Life Skydiving, had cancer, model railroading, married to Lisa from Paul Harding High School, Live in Aboite Township.
Newman Smith High School ' 92
Carrollton , TX
About My Personal Life I recently spent 8 months working on a goat farm in Eatsern Chili. It was interesting at times, but for the most part, in whipped my ass very badly. And the only thing i have to show for my time there, is a healthy hankering for paella, and a nasty rash that i just can't seem to shake.Godspeed.Smitty
R L Paschal High School ' 68
Fort Worth , TX
About My Personal Life I write contracts and administer software programs for a water utility with approximately 300,000 residents.
Guilford High School ' 98
Rockford , IL
About My Personal Life freshmen at Western Illinois, active member in Delta Tau Delta fraternity, will be treasurer for the fraternity next year, and excessive boozing
Washington High School ' 98
Washington , IA
About My Personal Life Attending Luther.I am apart of the freaky, lady loving, miget cult circus.Mark and Nick play with each other's monkeys.
Eddy Jones
Vicki Messinger
Vicki Messinger
About My Personal Life Working and Relaxing
About My School Life Sure was a long time ago, but it is always great to see and hear from those folks.
About My Personal Life Alive and well.
About My Personal Life i enjoy music,movies and computers. i would like to meet some of the school class mates i went to henrico high school with and get back in touch with them.
About My School Life Broadneck Senior High, Annapolis, MD Emory University, Atlanta, GA
About My Personal Life St. John's College High School
About My Personal Life Things are well.
About My Personal Life is still in progress!!
About My Personal Life Retired Air Force, Working US Government
About My Personal Life Pretty good but could be better.
Ulysses S Grant High School ' 69
Van Nuys , CA
Sherman Oaks, CA
Rosa Soler
Tracy Friedkin
Penny Newtson
Evergreen High School ' 77
Vancouver , WA
Gold Beach, OR
Redmond, OR
San Jose, CA
Debbie Granger
Steve Herzog
Brian Zawada
Metropolitan St College Of Denver
Denver , CO
Denver, CO
Robert Hainline
Hot Springs High School ' 60
Hot Springs National Park , AR
Univ Of Ca, Los Angeles ' 70
Los Angeles , CA
Univ Of Tennessee, Knoxville ' 66
Knoxville , TN
Raleigh, NC
Clearwater Beach, FL
Longwood, FL
Rachel Gibson
Vinnie Melomo
Shannon Smith
Yelm High School ' 83
Yelm , WA
Yelm, WA
Tami Smith
Milby Senior High School ' 95
Houston , TX
Texas A&m University ' 99
College Sta , TX
Houston, TX
Edwin Smith
Americus High School ' 72
Americus , GA
Georgia Inst Of Technology ' 76
Atlanta , GA
Woodstock, GA
Ann Chenault
Apryll Walker
San Marino High School ' 77
San Marino , CA
Aroya, CO
Jennifer Johnson
Apollo High School ' 85
Glendale , AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Don Guisti
Union Area Jt High School ' 84
New Castle , PA
New Castle, PA
Richard Hornyak
Pennsbury Senior High School ' 96
Fairless Hills , PA
Sanford, FL
Westchase, FL
Brighton, MA
Beth Alber
Valley High School ' 01
Valley , AL
Valley, AL
Kristyn Dembo
Holly Mccarley
Rachel Brown
Belmont High School ' 86
Los Angeles , CA
Cal State Univ, Northridge ' 96
Northridge , CA
Los Angeles City College ' 93
Los Angeles , CA
North Hollywood, CA
Northridge, CA
Norfolk, VA
Darryl Bates
Claudia Leal
Clarence Daniels
Attleboro High School ' 82
Attleboro , MA
Attleboro, MA
Norma Smith
Stephen Smith
Cole Co R 5 High School ' 97
Eugene , MO
Oceanside, CA
Kailua, HI
Melissa Clark
Marana High School ' 82
Tucson , AZ
Pima Community College, West ' 82
Tucson , AZ
Garden Grove, CA
Melissa Luinski
Karen Chambers
Eugene Queen
Clarence Senior High School ' 78
Clarence , NY
Depaul University, Chicago Loop ' 91
Chicago , IL
Northwestern University ' 82
Evanston , IL
Bloomfield, MI
Chicago, IL
Evanston, IL
Larry Piscador
Kristen Swieck
Jeannie Perdziak
South High School ' 90
Torrance , CA
San Diego, CA
Stephen Smith
Hudson High School ' 99
Hudson , FL
Newnan, GA
Axtel High School ' 67
Axtell , KS
Acmar, AL
Nolan Catholic Jr Sr High Sch ' 71
Fort Worth , TX
Grand Prairie, TX
Houston, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Grant High School ' 87
Portland , OR
Lower Columbia College ' 98
Longview , WA
Portland, OR
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