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Places Lived
Great Mills High School ' 81
Great Mills , MD
Deneane Murrow
What kind of car do you drive? What color is it? Currently drive a dark gray Pontiac, G6. I love it.

The parades that I'v enjoyed the most were the ones that my children were in. My son was in one for the military, and I can remember my heart swelling so much with pride. Then the time that my daughter was in the parade. I was excited, but when I saw her face I became upset. With the redness of her face I could tell that her heart was giving her trouble as well as the heat, but she absolutely refused to give up.

How I Learned to Swim

I started to learn to swim when I was very young, but I became a very quick learner when at the age of 6 I went into water over my head. My father couldn't swim. So, he made it clear if I got myself in the mess, I had to get myself out.


I can swim, but it's not one of my favorite things to do. I'm terrified of water that is over my head, but I will go in if one of the kids seem to be in trouble. I hat

Stroudsburg High School ' 98
Stroudsburg , PA
About My Personal Life in the air force for 3 years. on my way to korea.
Fermi ' 05
Enfield , CT
Jennifer Hoppe
Darien Hunter
Joshua Mills
Anaheim, CA
Anaheim, CA
Carson, CA
Grace A Davey
Brandon Y Davey
Meghan R Heacock
Clay, MI
Ruth Ann Feltenbarger
Dawn Marie Davey
Ronald Eugene Davey
Redondo Beach, CA
Greensboro, NC
Kernersville, NC
Jamestown, NC
Judith Marie Davey
Susan D Davey
George Randy Davey
Darrell Harris
Donald Hammell
Doug Pozolinski
Becky Baldus
Jennifer Mitchem