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Spanish River High School ' 91
Boca Raton , FL
Marie Celestino
John Austin
Kelly Campsey
About My Work Life I started my work career not in education but in the hospility industry working for Marriott as a customer service trainer. From there, I settled down and stayed in Florida and became VP of a construction company. However, a serious car accident made me reconsider my career path and become a teacher. I started as a special teacher and then middle school. Finally, I was a elementary teacher for good two years ago.
About My School Life For my first two years of high school, I attended Carle Place High School in New York. I had some really close friends that will live in my memories forever like Tom, Marty and Kim. It was hard to leave a place where I grew up after my sophmore year and if I had a chance to go back, I would stayed in CP. For my junior and senior year, I moved down to Florida with my grandma where my academics really took off. I became a serious student not the athelete. I met some great friends like Bryan, Jose, Jason, and Ken.
About My Persona
Western Heights Sr High School ' 88
Oklahoma City , OK
About My Personal Life I have been married for about 9 years with one 2 year old boy. Im currently going to school full time . I was working for lucent tech. before it went down hill.
Carle Place Middle Sr High Sch ' 91
Carle Place , NY
About My Personal Life I just recently got a divorced to Maxine. I am living again with my father. Survived a serious car accident in May 2000, that almost left me paralized (ASK Martin Fan how serious). ESE Teacher in a local elementary school. I am going to be back home now for a long time. So contact me.
Washington Irving High School ' 91
Clarksburg , WV
About My Personal Life 304-599-0366
Mountain Valley High School ' 96
Rumford , ME
About My Personal Life Im a truck Driver for a small company, I travel Through out the New England area. Ive been Married. And Im enjoying my life now.
Lees Summit High School ' 92
Lees Summit , MO
About My Personal Life Hello everyone! In March 2000, Susan and I moved from Birmingham, AL to Dayton, OH, compliments of the Air Force, where I am working as a fraud investigator. Life is good and I'm looking forward to the 10-year reunion. Hope to see you all there!
Eldorado High School ' 00
Las Vegas , NV
Las Vegas, NV
Western Hills High School ' 76
Fort Worth , TX
Debbie Cooper
Sublette High School ' 89
Sublette , KS
Scott Dyer
Kathi Shearmire
Jeff Arnaut
Eldorado High School ' 00
Las Vegas , NV
Foxcroft Academy ' 71
Dover Foxcroft , ME
Richardson High School ' 73
Richardson , TX
William Fremd High School ' 84
Palatine , IL
Indiana University, Bloomington ' 88
Bloomington , IN
Van Buren High School ' 75
Van Buren , OH
Mt Ararat High School ' 91
Topsham , ME
Huntington East High School ' 81
Huntington , WV
Forest Hill High School ' 80
Jackson , MS
Forest Hill High School ' 80
Jackson , MS
Clay High School ' 77
Oregon , OH
Bonanza High School ' 85
Las Vegas , NV
East Carter High School ' 85
Grayson , KY
Westwood High School ' 97
Austin , TX
Lloyd Memorial High School ' 90
Erlanger , KY
Corona Del Sol High School ' 96
Tempe , AZ
Berne Union High School ' 97
Sugar Grove , OH
Centerville High School ' 98
Centerville , OH
South Portland High School ' 91
South Portland , ME
Dixon High School ' 86
Dixon , CA
Franklin, WI
Carolyn Sue Dyer
Thomas A Dyer
Sandra L Garacci
Wichita, KS
Patricia Ann Dyer
Donald Dyer Dyer
Brett C Dyer
Renton, WA
Seattle, WA
Kathrine L Dyer
David Ezra Dyer
Ashburn, VA
Arthur Lee Dyer
Joanne L Dyer
Adam J Dyer
Valrico, FL
Christina Dyer
Gary Stephen Dyer
Robert S Dyer
Bethesda, MD
Montgomery Village, MD
Montgomery Village, MD
Anne Marie Dyer
Robert Francis Dyer
William E Dyer
St Petersburg, FL
Saint Petersburg, FL
Old Town, FL
Erika Acklin
Margaret Jody Dyer
Kimberly Dawn Dyer
Poland, ME
Poland, ME
Auburn, ME
Tabatha R Dyer
Julie A Littlefield
Steve A Dyer
New Albany, IN
Henryville, IN
Henryville, IN
Jeanette Sue Scott
Ronda L Costley
David W Dyer
Simsbury, CT
New Hartford, CT
Torrington, CT
Todd A Dyer
Mary S Schultz
Diane Marolda Depaola
Johnson City, TX
Johnson City, TX
Jessie E Dyer
Diane Dyer Reiner
Mary F Dyer
Whitehouse, TX
Tyler, TX
Whitehouse, TX
Twana K Fugitt
Billie Maxine Dyer
Joann Ann Dyer
Madison, AL
Hanceville, AL
Harvest, AL
Jane Curry Dyer
Kathleen B Dyer
Benjamin Scott Dyer
McDonough, GA
Tifton, GA
Jonesboro, GA
Evelyn J Dyer
Michael E Dyer
Eugene Dyer
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Sara Duggar Dyer
Maurice Maurice Dyer
Jensen Beach, FL
Port Saint Lucie, FL
John Andrew Dyer
Debra Ann Dyer
Shirley A Dyer
Waterboro, ME
Norcross, GA
North Waterboro, ME
Gina R Lewis
Mary Lou Dyer
Scott W Dyer
Conroe, TX
Spring, TX
Willis, TX
Dena Renee Collier
Mary L Dyer
Nicky Earl Dyer
Waltham, MA
Weston, MA
Marlborough, MA
John Dyer
Fairfield, ME
Fairfield, ME
Winslow, ME
Sherrie A Dyer
Eldon R Dyer
Damion M Dyer
Houston, TX
Herndon, VA
Herndon, VA
Elizabeth A Dyer
H Dyer
Mary Delores Dyer
Sunrise, FL
Tampa, FL
Brooklyn, NY
Kathryne E Allison
Leann Lynn Brown
Calvin Edgar Dyer
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