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Sahuaro High School ' 02
Tucson, AZ
Sarah Spear
About My Work Life Working on the cruise line as snow white, doing two main satge shows. Also character meetings, story time, deck paries and other entertainment deals. Fun fun fun! Cruising the islands!
About My Personal Life Living on my own with a roommate and working full time. Turned 21 and loving the life! =) Dateing here and there, but mostly just having fun. Also working in theater and film, perfecting my talents. (I have been in two theater productions a short film and commercial.)
About My School Life I liked school: hated the classes, loved the social life! =) Being in a new school each year was tough but it gave me the chance to become more well rounded in life.
Marshfield High School ' 93
Marshfield, MO
Richard Wycoff
Misty Virden
About My Work Life I assist low-income families and individuals with rental assistance and electric bills, finding resources that they are in need of, and work with them as their case mananger. Teach them life skills. It is really without boundries.
About My Personal Life I am a caseworker with a Communty action agency in Springfield, MO and I am getting ready to start nursing school. ALot of things have changed for me over the years. PLease email me and we can catch up on old times.