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Places Lived
Milford High School ' 92
Milford , NH
Keene State College ' 94
Keene , NH
Amherst, NH
If I was an animal I would be a large cat such as a tiger.  I have always loved them.  They are strong and independent. 
My life I have been living in Gig Harbor, WA since 2001 right before my daughter was born.  She is now 6 years-old.  I am working for Tacoma Community College which is where I am finishing degree number 3.  I will be graduating in June with my AAS in Medical Office Professional.  I hope everyone is doing well!! 
How many times did you fail your driver's test?


My Dream Car I would own a Beamer.

Batavia High School ' 99
Batavia , IL
About My Personal Life What's up, everyone? I haven't heard from any of you in a while, so I thought that I'd see if this would help. Let me know what's been going on. I'm in Bloomington with Barnard, so if you ever come to visit, give me a call.
Schroon Lake Central School ' 99
Schroon Lake , NY
Univ Of Alaska, Anchorage ' 08
Anchorage , AK
Anchorage, AK
Bella Vista High School ' 96
Fair Oaks , CA
Tamara Clifford
Larry Clifford
Mountain Lakes High School ' 65
Mountain Lakes , NJ
Bella Vista High School ' 96
Fair Oaks , CA
Alton, NH
Peter Ross Clifford
Lynda A Clifford
Eliot, ME
Debra J Clifford
New York, NY
Eugene D Clifford
Patrice M Clifford
John R Clifford
San Francisco, CA
Goleta, CA
San Francisco, CA
Andrew Charles Clifford
Teresa Ann Clifford
Thomas P Clifford
Louisville, KY
Stephanie E Clifford
James S Clifford
Carole Marie Clifford
Muncie, IN
Muncie, IN
Diana Marie Clifford
Marshall B Clifford
Carl R Clifford
Alameda, CA
Moorpark, CA
Alameda, CA
Joseph M Clifford
Mary M Clifford
Patrick J Clifford
Elsmere, KY
Cynthia Raffli
Fred T Clifford
Donna M Clifford
Minneapolis, MN
Saint Paul, MN
Hopkins, MN
Matthew Clifford
Falmouth, KY
Erlanger, KY
Jackie C Clifford
Christopher J Clifford
Vicki L Clifford
Reed City, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
San Diego, CA
David Lee Porteous
Joan Lorraine Porteous
Laura Anne Mcmahon
Logan, UT
Pine Ridge, SD
Marvin C Clifford
Linette G Clifford
Marie E Clifford
Clearwater, FL
Swainsboro, GA
Cumming, GA
Daniel Jay Clifford
Sandra Gail Clifford
Dawn Edenfield
Eugene, OR
Jonathon Carraher
Terry Carraher
Colleen Gaskill
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Gloucester, VA
Williamsburg, VA
Royal Oak, MI
Tooele, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Louisville, KY
Bowling Green, KY
Louisville, KY
Maricopa, AZ
Maricopa, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Canandaigua, NY
Canandaigua, NY
Charlotte, NC
Yarmouth, ME
Damariscotta, ME
New Castle, IN
New Castle, IN
New Castle, IN
Midlothian, VA
Midlothian, VA
Zion Crossroads, VA
Clio, MI
Clio, MI
Mount Pleasant, PA
Mount Pleasant, PA
Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, VA
Northfield, NH
Northfield, NH
Northfield, NH
Atlanta, GA
Cincinnati, OH
Bradenton, FL
Bradenton, FL
Bradenton, FL
South Orange, NJ
Maplewood, NJ
Philadelphia, PA
Lake Stevens, WA
Snohomish, WA
Snohomish, WA
Fall River, MA
North Dartmouth, MA
North Dartmouth, MA
Pamela Jean Clifford
Donald J Clifford
Lisa M Clifford
James Gregory Clifford
James M Clifford
Cheryl L Clifford
Zoya Gregory
Jessica Martin
Gail Rizzi
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