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Places Lived
Central High Magnet Academy ' 65
Louisville, KY
About My Personal Life working
Southland Jr Sr High School ' 49
Cardwell, MO
About My Personal Life I have so many happy memories of Cardwell and outstanding people there. I have been married to James since 1950. We have 3 sons, Jim, Bill, & Stephen. All married to the perfect mate. All are homeowners nearby. No children. They all have their beloved pets, cats and dogs. James metal-detects on the beaches almost daily. I write, poems, essays, short stories, articles, and am now compiling my memoires. The Grand Theatre, Sip Snap & Bite, Whitehead's Cafe, Bus Depot, Drug Stores, Hawkins, Steinbergs, etc. all included. I meet weekly with a professional writers group. I'm the only one who knows one thing about pickin' cotton by hand!
Hatch Valley High School ' 54
Hatch, NM