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Places Lived
Bradford Jr Sr High School ' 89
Bradford, TN
Kim Barnes
Carolyn (Carie) Salzman
About My Personal Life I'm still living in Biloxi and married to my high school sweetheart, Billy. We have been married for almost 13 years and have a very beautiful, intelligent and talented 10 year old daughter named Destiny. We have two dogs (a Husky named Precious and a Pekingese named Molly) and one cat (a demon named Hemi). We made it through Katrina with minimul damage (thank God). Of course, my husband lost his job at the Grand in Biloxi (he was the cutest bartender in the Long Bar), but should be back with them soon. All else is well.
About My Work Life I worked at Days Inn for 10 years and after they closed, went to Hancock Bank in Gulfport as a Public Finance Administrator (we buy municipal bonds and handle lease purchases for government entities (cities, counties, schools, etc.)) I had a nice corner office surrounded with windows before the storm. Now I'm in a storage room with no windows. They are completely renovating the downtown building and it should be open
Strath Haven High School ' 84
Wallingford, PA
About My Personal Life I'm a A+ Certified Computer Professional and I am currently employed at a pharmaceutical services company, repairing computers/computer equipment.
Durand Area High School ' 93
Durand, MI
About My Personal Life Right now I am picking my dinner out of my teeth, drinking a beer and getting ready to play attack UNO!!!!!!! Well don't just sit there come on over!
Cordova High School ' 80
Rancho Cordova, CA
About My Personal Life Single with a 21 yo daughter. I am still in College and working fulltime.
About My Personal Life Happily married with 2 children
Browning High School ' 77
Browning, MT
Amelia Redhorn-abrams
Bennington, VT
Pownal, VT
Ruthann Ann Reynolds
Valerie M Petitt
William R Reynolds
East Falmouth, MA
East Wareham, MA
Wareham, MA
Shirley A Reynolds
Thomas Leonard Reynolds
Celeste A Reynolds