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Cassville High School ' 84
Cassville, MO
Cassville, MO
About My Personal Life I am the Para/Secretary at an Alternative High School. It is not a behavioral school like a majority of the Alt. Schools are, it is for kids that are behind in credit and are in danger of not Graduating or dropping out. I really like working with the kids, they are a lot of fun. I have also been taking a class now and then at the local Community College. Plus I try to get to the gym 3-4x a week. So, with all of that and my kids I stay pretty active. I would love to hear from you so feel free to e-mail.
Stephenville High School ' 76
Stephenville, TX
About My Personal Life Still living in Stephenville. And would love to hear from classmates to see if they are feeling as old as I am!
Rochester High School ' 90
Rochester Hills, MI
About My Personal Life After graduating from college in the summer of 92, I decided to pursue my lifelong fantasy: modeling. You can now see my picture in the Victoria Secrets 98 christmas issue (page 69). I owe my success to the hottest stud in the world, my husband Mike Ritchie. He gave me the strength and confidence to reveal my 38-24-36 body to the world. I have also been blessed with the most wonderful children: Tyler my 4 year old son and Ryenne his sister who was born March 6, 2000. Yes my body is still a whopping 38-25-36 after the 2 kids, thank you very much. Back to my husband. He is the shi_! I cannot believe I got so lucky. I cant wait to see everybody at the reunion in Nov. GO FALCONS!!!!
Baba Dov
Cory Ritchie
Tracy Mcleod
What's your favorite candy bar? Why? money is not happyness, and can  be taken away at any time. Love between 2-people and I mean real love is for ever.
Sentinel Secondary School ' 70
West Vancouver, BC
Lahaina, HI
Gary Lauder
Sam Houston High School ' 92
Houston, TX
Austin, TX
Marilyn Aubrey
Plano Senior High School ' 87
Plano, TX
Univ Of South Carolina ' 93
Columbia, SC
Tulsa, OK
Atlanta, GA
Hilton Head Island, SC
David Kinsella
Lori Pierson
Margie Richards
Lake Orion High School ' 90
Lake Orion, MI
Cindy Gizoni
Plano Senior High School ' 87
Plano, TX
Rancho High School ' 85
North Las Vegas, NV
Beall Jr Sr High School ' 69
Frostburg, MD