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Places Lived
Glasgow High School ' 99
Glasgow, MT
About My Personal Life well i killed kennys bronco, smoked out the whole senior year, even during wrestling, yeld penis louder than anyone. never teased anyone. and right now i'm clubin in south carolina and havin the time of my life oh and I should be comin out with a record deal sometime this summer. to my best friends tony keith paige tyler when I make it big our lives will be one hell of a party. you got to see far in order to make it far.
Beulah High School ' 91
Beulah, ND
Bismarck State College ' 94
Bismarck, ND
Denver, CO
Mike Anderson
Mom Dad
David Harper
St. Joseph Regional High School ' 74
Lowell, MA
Roland Fauvel
Therese Hazeltine
Jeff Paquette
Twin Lakes High School ' 97
Monticello, IN
Ashley Hunter
Damon Nate
Tamara Ringheimer
Three Rivers, CA
Visalia, CA
Visalia, CA
Lisa Mae Sigman
Robert Leroy Sigman
Damon J Sigman
Atlanta, GA
Marietta, GA
Palmetto Bay, FL
Delma J Sigman
Elizabeth K Sigman
Kelly M Sigman