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California High School ' 73
Whittier , CA
About My Personal Life Finished college, after the Navy, and went on to getting married and having 3 girls and one boy.Never quite got over that one girl that I walked away from. I feel I should have married that girl to begin with. Turns out that she was everything I had been searching for all my life, what a dope I was!!! But as the familiar saying goes " when one door shuts, another opens", I'm remarried and finally have the son every man hopes for. I do believe I finally got this right, I definately over-achieved with my new wife. Just when I had resigned myself to a life without a wife, I met someone that I never believed even existed let alone thought I would be lucky enough to have as my wife. Maybe life does begin at Fifty!!!!
Carlin, NV
Placentia, CA
Fullerton, CA
Jennifer E Cobble
Cheryl R Ferrer
Rebecca A Smith
Auburn, IN
Angola, IN
Auburn, IN