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Valley View High School ' 96
Valley View, TX
College Station, TX
About My Personal Life After graduating from Tarleton, I am now a graduate student in Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M, working on my Master's. I have been married since 2001 to my wife Cindi and I have a dog, Lucy, and a cat, Rollo.
White Pine High School ' 88
Ely, NV
Thomas Pope
Marielena Weaver
Roger Auge
About My Personal Life I still live here
Woodward Academy ' 71
College Park, GA
Susan Diaz
Jane Tanner
Judith Lowry
About My School Life Degree in management from GA State University and a degree in Engineering from GA Tech.
About My Personal Life I raise horses on a ranch south of Atlanta. My boys all play travel baseball.
Frenship High School ' 88
Wolfforth, TX
Rudy Ramos
Pollyanna Beardsley
Harry Williams
About My School Life Man some of the best times of my life were spent in the hallowed halls of Frenship High. I still reflective upon those memories and the good times we all shared together. I really do miss everyone and can not wait to see all of you at the 20th.
About My Work Life I never saw myself as a teacher until I started teaching part-time after I earned my Master degree to try and make some extra money to pay on my student loans. From the first class I taught for South Plains College, I fell in love with the field. I feel I have been called to teach and have done so for South Plains College, Wayland Baptist University and now with Hereford ISD. Since I am teaching part-time for Wayland, I am able to continue that while teaching full-time for Hereford
About My Personal Life I am currently an adjunct Professor of Business for Wayland Baptist University and teaching business full-time for Hereford. I have survived a bout with Cancer but never let it slow me down. I woul
Edward H White High School ' 91
Jacksonville, FL
Amanda Hulett
Lauren Lloyd
Jodi Paul
About My Personal Life Well a few years after graduation I joined the Marines where I was stationed in California. I then got out and joined the Florida National Guard. That was ok so I thought I would give the regular Army a try I went to Germany for 4 years and now I'm in Italy for about 3 years. I'm not where i thought i would be(in life), but I'm happy where I am, and I think I'm headed in the right direction. I know that I've learned alot about life and wouldn't change a thing. I hope all of you are leading the lives you want. I also missed the reunion but I wish all of you well, those that i knew and those that i didn't know. Sincerely, Randy Jackson
George F Baker High School ' 71
Tuxedo Park, NY
About My Personal Life Working in an ER in North Georgia, Atlanta area
Fike High School ' 84
Wilson, NC
About My Personal Life Fike High School
Portsmouth East High School ' 75
Sciotoville, OH
About My Personal Life still kicking
Wadena Deer Creek ' 76
Wadena, MN
About My Personal Life just working in Eden Prairie.
St Francis ' 90
Saint Francis, MN
About My Personal Life Ophthalmology resident in Kansas City
Eureka Jr Sr High School ' 89
Eureka, KS
About My Personal Life I remodel motels across the us
Abilene High School ' 00
Abilene, TX
About My Personal Life attending Oklahoma Christian University, have one more yr
Momence Com High School ' 74
Momence, IL
About My Personal Life I am attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, I'm working on my Masters degree in denistry. I'm working part time as a custodian while going to school full time.
Martin Van Buren High School ' 75
Queens, NY
About My Personal Life n/a
Buena Vista High School ' 02
Saginaw, MI
About My Personal Life I am a plastics engineer at Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems.
Bryan Station Sr High School ' 76
Lexington, KY
About My Personal Life My other profile on here I can't change and wonder how it happened. But that was a long time ago. Anyway this one had me listed with no children and I have been a parent for 22 years. Oh well. I am in Kansas City, Mo. now after living all over the midwest and Germany. I am married to a Dr. and we have 3 wonderful children, most of the time anyway. My oldest Christopher is in Korea while serving with the Army. He gets out in September of 2003 and hopefully before there is any trouble. My daughter is in 6th grade and is a wiz on the Violin. My youngest son is 4 and in preschool right now which this is the spring of 2003. He rules the roost around here. I received a broken neck in a car wreck two years ago and have had 4 surgeries and can not longer work. The computer is about all I have besides my kids. Would love to hear from anyone from the old days. Hopefully I will make the 30 year reunion in a few years. I was in the
Cannon Co High School ' 81
Woodbury, TN
About My Personal Life I am a detective for the Meridian Police Dept in Meridian, Ms. Married with two boys.
Great Bridge High School ' 86
Chesapeake, VA
About My Work Life Usually working all the time!
About My Personal Life I married Cathi Barnard - are you suprised?
Immanuel High School ' 90
Reedley, CA
About My Personal Life I am the assistant manager at a local(Reedley) heavy duty truck and trailer repair/rental shop. I have an 8-month old son named Wyatt who's even cuter than me. I'm sure I missed the 10-year but send details anyways.
Gretna High School ' 00
Gretna, NE
About My Personal Life I am married to Joann Horst - we have 4 year old twins - Kelsey & Cody - I have managed Auto Specialists Inc. in Omaha for 11 years - Live outside of Gretna & enjoy playing golf & chasing our kids around.
Valley High School ' 91
Valley, AL
About My Personal Life Email me, and I'll tell you what I do now.
Chino Valley High School ' 99
Chino Valley, AZ
About My Personal Life I currently live in Denver, CO with my wife. I work as an accountant for a local company Petroleum Company.
Boulder High School ' 82
Boulder, CO
About My Personal Life I got married in 1992. We enjoy our life in Wyoming with our 2 kids, 3 horses and Austrailian Shepherd. My hobbies include: family, hunting, fishing, camping, pack trips on horseback, running, swimming, cycling and mountain biking.
Washington Township School ' 97
Valparaiso, IN
About My Personal Life Graduated from University of Dayton. Now living in Columbus and looking for full time employement in the ever shrinking IT field. Currently working for Nationwide Insurance on a large scale network migration. Making plans to return to school and earn my MBA and eventually move south to manage/own a golf course.
Roosevelt High School ' 79
Fresno, CA
About My Personal Life I am currently employed Law Enforcement agency in Fayetteville,NC.
Leavenworth High School ' 73
Leavenworth, WA
Wenatchee Valley College ' 85
Wenatchee, WA
Marysville, WA
Randy Jackson
Andra Tucker
Larry Cline
D W Daniel High School ' 00
Central, SC
Anderson College ' 04
Anderson, SC
Clemson, SC
Jennifer Haren
Highland High School ' 86
Hardy, AR
Orlando, FL
Debra Kloss
Deborah Smith
Tammy Tate
Larkin High School ' 84
Elgin, IL
Mansfield, TX
Miami Beach, FL
Deltona, FL
Rick Ceska
Rhonda Farrell
Michael Brancecum
Jackson Central High School ' 95
Jackson, MS
Kentucky State University ' 03
Frankfort, KY
Morganfield, KY
Nampa High School ' 94
Nampa, ID
Nampa, ID
Daviess Co High School ' 77
Owensboro, KY
Owensboro Cmty & Technical College ' 94
Owensboro, KY
Smyrna, TN
Owensboro, KY
Shreveport, LA
Commerce High School ' 74
Commerce, GA
Randy Jackson
Pine Bluff High School ' 93
Pine Bluff, AR
Shanita Cherry
Roosevelt High School ' 79
Fresno, CA
Tamara Hassler
Michele Jones
Karl Sarajian
Webster High School ' 96
Tulsa, OK
Teresa Matlock
Vallejo High School ' 91
Vallejo, CA
Carlton Lennon
Cegh High School ' 88
New York, NY
Barbara Waller
Troup High School ' 83
Lagrange, GA
Cj Gibson
Richard Guthrie
Barbara Smith
Central High School ' 80
Peoria, IL
Jennie Powell
Jennie Powell
Battle Creek Lakeview High School ' 73
Battle Creek, MI
Karen Kuys
Portsmouth East High School ' 75
Sciotoville, OH
Wayne Swank
Jefferson Davis Sr High School ' 70
Montgomery, AL
Steven Sims
Steven Sims
Pontiac Central High School ' 87
Pontiac, MI
Vanessa Peters
Harborfields High School ' 82
Greenlawn, NY
Christina Jackson
Sandy Creek Jr Sr High School ' 93
Fairfield, NE
Candice Brennfoerder
Hobbton High School ' 84
Newton Grove, NC
Ricky Mclamb
Vincent Bullock
Stevie Cox
Amity Regional Sr High School ' 63
Woodbridge, CT
William Derosa
Woodrow Wilson High School ' 14
San Francisco, CA
Ben Lomond High School ' 75
Ogden, UT
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