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Places Lived
Memorial High School ' 93
Houston , TX
About My Personal Life Memorial High School
Mililani High School ' 89
Mililani , HI
About My Personal Life schoolin
Wichita East High School ' 73
Wichita , KS
About My Personal Life not much
Tulia High School ' 87
Tulia , TX
About My Personal Life I work for I.B.P. Inc as the sales mgr of the Garden City Kansas beef packing plant. I'm married to Linda Osburn and we have 2 kids, Zach is 6 and Kaci is 3.
Greene-taliaferro High School ' 86
Greensboro , GA
About My Personal Life Married 6 years and living in Atlanta.
Memorial High School ' 93
Houston , TX
About My Personal Life Graduated SMU '97. Moved to LA and working in digital production for an Internet company. Also pursuing a career in club/rave DJ'ing and music producing.
Excelsior Union High School ' 67
Norwalk , CA
Ferris High School ' 89
Ferris , TX
Lake Forest High School ' 61
Lake Forest , IL
Montgomery High School ' 99
San Diego , CA
Hebron High School ' 05
Carrollton , TX
Spartanburg, SC
Spartanburg, SC
Darel Dewayne Finch
Emma L Finch
Lynne Ann Finch
Visalia, CA
Sultana, CA
William Everett Finch
Laurie K Reeves
Benjamin Michael Finch
West Columbia, SC
Teresa Finch
Perry Scott Finch
Alexis N Finch
Hamden, CT
Springfield, MA
Pauline O Finch
Clarence B Finch
Paula C Finch
Kennesaw, GA
Acworth, GA
Rochelle D Boyd
Jd D Finch
Tiwana Rena Rush
Dearborn Heights, MI
Dearborn Heights, MI
Richard Stephen Finch
Richard Gregory Finch
Allison Marie Finch
Comer, GA
Comer, GA
Colbert, GA
Brenda R Finch
Paul Terry Finch
Judy Lynn Ford
Lumberton, NC
Pikeville, NC
Benson, NC
Fe Maria Finch
Edwin Michael Finch
Warren Smith Finch
Portland, OR
Oregon City, OR
Clackamas, OR
Raymond Charles Finch
Susan M Finch
George Raymond Finch
Marietta, GA
College Station, TX
Webster, TX
Scott Matthew Finch
Jennifer Sue Fisher
Mary Sue Finch
Middleboro, MA
Middleboro, MA
Seminole, FL
Dianne T Finch
Eric James Finch
Kimberly J Mumford
Bloomington, IL
Madison, WI
Madison, WI
Neil B Finch
Marla J Finch
Brian E Finch
Pembroke, MA
Hanson, MA
Roslindale, MA
Steven P Finch
Joan W Finch
William C Finch
Lincolnton, NC
Maiden, NC
Maiden, NC
Herbert D Finch
Clara Maud Finch
Cathy Elaine Finch
Holland, MI
North Pole, AK
North Pole, AK
Paul W Finch
Georgia Flora Finch
Ellen Sue Fitch