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Menlo-atherton High School ' 86
Atherton , CA
Dillard University ' 99
New Orleans , LA
Dallas, TX
New Orleans, LA
John Hayes
Tabbert Bostic
Henry Brumfield
About My School Life I graduated in 1986. Played very little sports. Best friend was Scott Marsh. A very shy person, but still spoke my mind. We were the 3 graduating class from the Peninsula Academies(Menlo-Atherton) so we had 2 graduations
About My Personal Life I have 2 children P.J.(16 years old) Maya(14 years old). I am engaged to be married for the first time on October 21, 2006. Everyone who knew me back in Menlo Park, Ca, knew that I was a mamasboy. I still am a mamasboy, but unfortunately, mama passed on April 19, 2003 of a brain tumor. I miss her alot. I have 1 brother Henry(Menlo-Atherton High Class of 1985) and 1 sister Monique(Menlo-Atherton High Class of 1989). Oh yea, before I forget, my fiance's name is Demetria. Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity(1992). Graduated from University of New Orleans 2001. Moved to Dallas,Tx because of Hurricane Katrina. I lost 2 good friends in the storm.
About My Work Life Very stressful at times. I help the Executive of Accounts forward
Franklinton High School ' 90
Franklinton , LA
Jamie Torres
Angela George
Tameacca Wilson
Lake Hamilton Sr High School ' 84
Pearcy , AR
Sandia High School ' 68
Albuquerque , NM
San Leandro, CA
Dublin, CA
San Leandro, CA
Renee A Brumfield
Dennis W Brumfield
Amite, LA
Kentwood, LA
Kentwood, LA
Bertha Amaker
Catherine Brumfield Brumfield
Frederick John Brumfield
New Orleans, LA
Mandeville, LA
New Orleans, LA
Derek K Brumfield
Mark Anthony Brumfield
Murray A Brumfield
Starkville, MS
Starkville, MS
Mayhew, MS
Seth Dale Brumfield
Bonnie J Brumfield
Traci L Brumfield
Oakland, CA
Oakland, CA
Oakland, CA
Jackie Brumfield
Rickie Brumfield