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Places Lived
Loving High School ' 97
Loving, NM
About My School Life jgfg
About My Work Life hjghgdffg
About My Personal Life khgjhfhg
Roxborough High School ' 87
Philadelphia, PA
About My Personal Life I got married in Jan.14th 2002 to a really terrific man, finally got out of Roxborough and started a new and better life in Mesa, Arizona I have 4 kids of my own and two that are from my husbands previous marriage. email addy
About My Work Life I work on the apparel sales floor, between mulitple departments..mens/yg. mens , misses, intimates, and juniors as well basically keep the area looking neat as we can during the shopping hours and keep the fitting rooms clean and neat... it can get crazy... so don't ever think it's just a simple job for that person to put that stuff away, when you got three areas to one misses dept. to cover and they each have a fitting room, it can tend to get crazy and backed up but all ya can do is try to keep up, and tell the customers to please bring your items out if you would be so kind....LOL doesn't always work but we try... so that is my job. I am a cashier as well when needed, a
Cornwall Central High School ' 92
Cornwall, NY
About My Personal Life I have recently graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and am currently working on Martha's Vineyard as a chef.
Pine Bluff High School ' 63
Pine Bluff, AR
Glendora High School ' 60
Glendora, CA
Mt San Jacinto College ' 81
San Jacinto, CA
Glendora, CA
Ganesha High School ' 67
Pomona, CA
Mt San Antonio College ' 03
Walnut, CA
Portland, OR
Healdton High School ' 61
Healdton, OK
Troy Bentley
Melinda King
Melinda Roberts
David Douglas High School ' 76
Portland, OR
Carele Sundet-fallahian
Patricia Sander
Gardena Senior High School ' 61
Gardena, CA
Crossland High School ' 76
Temple Hills, MD
Great Bridge High School ' 86
Chesapeake, VA
Brookfield Central High School ' 75
Brookfield, WI
Crossland High School ' 77
Temple Hills, MD
Immaculata High School ' 54
Chicago, IL
Johnston High School ' 82
Johnston, RI
Talladega High School ' 56
Talladega, AL
Chatham High School ' 64
Chatham, NJ
Three Oaks High School ' 63
Three Oaks, MI
Florence, NJ
Bordentown, NJ
Bordentown, NJ
Richard C Swanson
Colleene A Swanson
Richard Swanson
O Fallon, MO
O Fallon, MO
Lori J Pilkinton
Jackie A Swanson
Danvers, MA
Gloucester, MA
Gloucester, MA
Keri M Nelson
Bruce R Swanson
Salvatore J Tarantino
Minneapolis, MN
Grace E Swanson
Collette Jane Swanson
Richard D Swanson
Andover, NJ
Andover, NJ
Hopatcong, NJ
Neil R Swanson
Carl Evert Swanson
Gertrude R Swanson
Slingerlands, NY
Elin P Katz
Roger A Swanson
Samuel Michael Swanson
Greeley, CO
Golden, CO
Golden, CO
Severine M Nigey
Rose Marie Swanson
Colin Denby Swanson
Bentonville, AR
David E Swanson
Celia Michele Swanson
El Cajon, CA
Lyle J Swanson
Corey A Swanson
Inger Marie Swanson
Sherrard, IL
Sherrard, IL
Sherrard, IL
P L Swanson
Gerald L Swanson
Karl E Swanson
Crestwood, IL
Orlando, FL
Bryan M Swanson
Mark Ernest Swanson
Derek Mark Swanson
Omaha, NE
Omaha, NE
Diane Marie Taylor
John Robert Taylor
Pat Pat Taylor
Saint Paul, MN
Hastings, MN
Deerwood, MN
Steven D Swanson
James S Swanson
Thomas David Swanson
Farwell, NE
Julie A Halbgewachs
Robert L Swanson
Michael P Swanson
Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY
George W Webber
Robert W Webber
Paul Raymond Swanson
Arlington, WA
Silvana, WA
Tait Russell Swanson
Keith E Swanson
Manuela Andrea Swanson
Rollingstone, MN
Rollingstone, MN
Donald Jerome Swanson
Gene Adrian Swanson
Raymond Jerome Swanson
Ferriday, LA
Ferriday, LA
Ferriday, LA
John S Swanson
Johnnie T Boyd
Ernest Swanson
Morganton, GA
Raeanne Marie Scherer
Gary Leroy Swanson
Laura Maria Swanson
Ogden, IA
Ogden, IA
Geneva I Swanson
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN
Susan M Luskey
Joan H Swanson
Altona, IL
Yates City, IL
Melrose Park, IL
David A Bassett
George R Bassett
Amy Kristine Bowman
San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA
Karen Lynn Berry
Thomas A Swanson
Marcia Rose Swanson
Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Michael S Swanson
Jennifer M Hoevker
Michael Lee Swanson
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Earnest D Goodwin
Wilbur Swanson
Ector J Swanson
Sandy, UT
Sandy, UT
Jarom Daniel Swanson
Jeffery Lawrence Swanson
Jordan Matthew Swanson
Lake George, MI
Lansing, MI
Lake, MI
Lori L Shaw
Alaina Lynn Swanson
Marshall R Swanson
Boynton Beach, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jerrold D Swanson
Patricia M Van Der Schoot
Paradise, CA
Paradise, CA
Paradise, CA
Kendale R Swanson
Laura A Quadros
Susan Elaine Lindsey
Thief River Falls, MN
Thief River Falls, MN
Ann T Swenson
Deanna R Swanson
Wayne E Swanson
Troutdale, OR
Megan L Swanson
Kirsten R Swanson
Jon Kenneth Swanson
San Jose, CA
San Bruno, CA
Sunnyvale, CA
Christopher W Weld
Tracy Ann Smith
Wayne R Swanson
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