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Places Lived
Ganesha High School ' 75
Pomona, CA
Observances and thoughts
  •    In youth and beauty, wisdom is rare.  Don't you find this to be true as we look around and wince at the choices these young women make now-a-days ? We all have to learn the hard way.  And everyone should be married at least once ! A learning experience. As I get older I am growing more into myself. I am finding out what I like, and what I don't like. I don't pretend anymore.
Whether I Hold Grudges             I never hold a grudge. I am like a man. For example: Let's say there are a group of women in a room and before you know it, they'll be fussing and bickering over something, jealousies; the petty stuff women get into.They argue, fight and then...they won't talk to one another for months. Now you get a bunch of men in a room and maybe there will be a fistfight.... harsh words exchanged, but you can count on, th
Yuma High School ' 83
Yuma, CO
About My Personal Life I have been married to Jim since September, 1993. We live in Sterling, CO. I am a partner in one of Sterling's oldest print shops.
Yuma High School ' 83
Yuma, CO
Aims Cmty College ' 84
Greeley, CO
Sterling, CO
James Braha
Patricia Fix
Kristin Hartman
Susquehanna Cmty Jr Sr Hs ' 64
Susquehanna, PA
Rochester, MN
Plainview, MN
Rochester, MN
Larry John Fix
Stedman, NC
Stedman, NC
Cary, NC
David Todd Fix
Baxter Matthew Mcdaniel
Faye Autry Mcdaniel
Yelm, WA
Mesa, AZ
Yelm, WA
Timothy A Fix
Devils Lake, ND
Gregory David Fix
David Harry Fix
Saint Louis, MO
Marine, IL
Florissant, MO
Sandra M Proffer
Jacqueline S Fix
William E Fix
Spartanburg, SC
Lyman, SC
Boiling Springs, SC
Todd Brown
Walter James Brown
Kristine O Belue
Spirit Lake, IA
Bushnell, FL
Plantation, FL
Charles J Fix
Brainerd, MN
Gwinn, MI
Minnetonka, MN
Mary Edyvean
Grimes, IA
Granger, IA
Grimes, IA
Darien Center, NY
Florissant, CO
Sidney, OH
Frankfort, NY
Saint Louis, MO
Bethpage, NY
Glen Head, NY
Matthews, NC
Grayslake, IL
Gurnee, IL
Grayslake, IL
Fargo, ND
Fargo, ND
Batavia, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Milford, OH