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Elgin High School ' 79
Elgin , IL
Elgin Community College ' 96
Elgin , IL
Elgin, IL
Other I did not graduate in 2008 from Elgin High School. I finally took the GED and proudly graduated in the top 15% without taking classes or cracking a study book in 20 years! I also did not Graduate from ECC, I simply took a year of studies in Culinary Arts. I am currently looking for a College to attend to FINALLY further my studies and find a career that will help me to feel fulfilled. Better late than never, I guess! I just got divorced in August of 2010 so I am adjusting to that after a 19 year marriage. I have gone through a lot over the last few years but feel that in the long run, it has helped me to know ME better and pushed me into realizing that I am a great person who has some flaws (which are in the works - and who doesn't have SOME flaws?) My daddy always told me that I learn all my lessons the hard way! I am quiet and shy in the beginning, but once I feel safe with the people I am with, then I love to talk and share with others. I always keep Karma on my mind
Elgin High School ' 79
Elgin , IL