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Places Lived
Fox Senior High School ' 89
Arnold, MO
Brian Frejo
About My Personal Life I teach on the Wind River Indian Reservation
Spotsylvania High School ' 92
Spotsylvania, VA
Denise Brown
Lisa Robinson
Donnell Comfort
About My School Life I'm glad it's over. I made some good friends and met some good people. It was a fun ride while it lasted. :)Overall, it was what it was.
About My Work Life I taught highshcool for three years in Louisa County post Masters Degree. Now, I'm in pursuit of my PHD at Howard Univ. It has truly been a long hard struggle. Keep me in your prayers.
About My Personal Life Things have gone quite well since 1992. I'm still in pursuit of higher education and prayerfully I will achieve bigger and better things.
Lincoln Park High School ' 01
Chicago, IL
About My Personal Life I'm now attending Columbia College as a Fiction Writing Major.
Gar-field High School ' 81
Woodbridge, VA
About My Personal Life I have been married and have been divorced for eight years. I am a single mother now living in Dale City with my 13 year old son and am going to closing on my first house tomorrow to be moving in within the next few weeks. Work in DC as a Sales Office Manager for Adam's Mark Hotels and am doing great right now. My son just finised school and will be going into the 8th grade and will start Gar-Field in the Fall of 2000. Crazy that my son will be going to the same high school that I went to. That's about it for now. Will update soon.
Ryan Cosby
Cynitha Phillips
Makeeva Brown
About My School Life Time better spent elsewhere!
About My Personal Life Chillin'!!!
About My Personal Life I'm single, but currently dating I lived in New Orleans.
Edmonds-woodway High School ' 98
Edmonds, WA
Arvada, CO
Waukegan, IL
Roxann Howe
Erik Eriksen
Jaime Schultz
Petersburg High School ' 94
Petersburg, VA
Petersburg, VA
Carmen Cooke
Centralia High School ' 98
Centralia, MO
Columbia College ' 02
Columbia Coll, MO
Centralia, MO
Florence High School ' 98
Florence, MS
Terrel San
Monique Lewis
Monta Vista High School ' 86
Cupertino, CA
Kristen Howson
Waco High School ' 01
Waco, TX
Kamendra Jennings
St Nicholas Of Tolentine Hs ' 88
Bronx, NY
Dina Zavattieri
Joseph Riley
Michelle Goggins
Roosevelt High School ' 71
Dallas, TX
Cynthia Clayton
Charlotte Amalie High School ' 91
Saint Thomas, VI
Monifa Russell
George Westinghouse High Sch ' 83
Pittsburgh, PA
Finney High School ' 98
Detroit, MI
Lutheran East (Harper Woods) ' 87
Harper Woods, MI
Muskegon Heights High School ' 01
Muskegon Heights, MI
Interlake High School ' 83
Bellevue, WA
Wade Hampton High School ' 84
Greenville, SC
Hemingway High School ' 05
Hemingway, SC
Selma High School ' 00
Selma, AL
Abramson High School ' 03
New Orleans, LA
Perrault's Kiddy Kollege ' 02
New Orleans, LA
William H Maxwell High School ' 03
Brooklyn, NY
Vicenza High School ' 89
Apo - Vicenza, AE
Roosevelt High School ' 89
Dallas, TX
Port Richmond High School ' 98
Staten Island, NY
Centralia High School ' 98
Centralia, MO
James Hillhouse High School ' 02
New Haven, CT
Central High School ' 79
Flint, MI
Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL
Riverview, FL
Pauline A Wilson
Lester Leroy Lewis
Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti, MI
Muskegon, MI
Richard Jermaile Lewis
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Maureen Lewis
Joseph L Lewis
Barbara D Lewis
Columbia, MD
Odenton, MD
Courtney Lewis
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Victor D Lewis
Clyde Victor Lewis
Clyde Victor Lewis
Houston, TX
Helena Cox Lewis
Brittany Lanae Bentz
Kristie Lashun Lewis
Dallas, TX
Sondra L Lewis
Monique N Dixon
Sherry Marie Lewis
Andrews, SC
Janice G Lewis
Donnie Ray Lewis
Henrico, VA
Richmond, VA
Jacqueline H Lewis
Nathaniel S Lewis
Roy Edward Lewis
Riverside, CA
Lucius C Larkin
J H Lewis
Nicole C Lewis
Gunnison, MS
Gunnison, MS
Linda S Lewis
Debbie U Lewis
Natashia Tiana Lewis
Birmingham, AL
Birmingham, AL
Birmingham, AL
Lasonya Maria Lewis
Ameka B Lewis
Willie Mack Lewis
Jamaica, NY
Jamaica, NY
Jamaica, NY
Myriam A Lewis
Ricardo A Tummings
Carrol S Tummings
Clarksville, TN
Fort Bragg, NC
Sanford, NC
Richard Joseph Alvarado
Monica M Alvarado
Brian M Lewis
Watauga, TX
Watauga, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Joseph E Lewis
Robert Dean Lewis
Richard Carter Lewis
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Rhaejean R Lewis
Candace Renee Lewis
Somerset, NJ
Plantation, FL
Somerset, NJ
Mary Anne Jackson
Isabell C Wilson
Gerinda L Wilson
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Yvonne A Alston
Debbie W Bateslewis
Cleve A Lewis
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