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Places Lived
Canyon High School ' 87
New Braunfels , TX
St Philips College ' 07
San Antonio , TX
San Antonio College ' 97
San Antonio , TX
New Braunfels, TX
David Gyure
Greg Ferguson
Living Life to it's fullest.  Living life to it's fullest takes a lot of heart and dedication from a person. It means you don't give up when life has got you down. You may be sad for a while a need a helping hand but don't be afraid to go through it and then if no help is there to do your best to help yourself. I am in that position myself. My life is in no way what I expected it to be. Things get better all the time so I guess I have learned to go with the flow. I get the things done that I can and know I will have to plan to work on the rest. I've been divorced for 13 years and the thought of what might have been still makes me cry. I know he was not the right man for me if he was he would be with me now. I struggle with my weight, right now I am in way over my head. There doesn't seem to be any easy fix so I am taking it with little steps at a time. What I am looking for in my life is a man who can accept everything there is about me. I don't expe
North Kingstown High School ' 85
North Kingstown , RI
Saunderstown, RI
Judy Ennis
Sandra Mazarelli
Robyn Christensen
What I'd Change About My Body I would loose weight ... I'm overweight and need to loose some poundage NOW!!!Tongue out
South Broward High School ' 79
Hollywood , FL
Plantation, FL
Vallerie Tabit
Michael Ansonia
Judith Ann
What Gets Me Up in the Morning KissI jusszt wake up naturally! Ready to go to the gym and have a awesome day!Tongue out
Troy High School ' 93
Troy , OH
Troy, OH
Karen Kerrigan
About My Personal Life I am married and a mother of four wonderful children.
Patrick Henry Senior High School ' 85
San Diego , CA
San Diego, CA
Sharon Ferguson
Amy Eastman
Michelle Vering
Class website Thanks to one of our classmates, there is a new class website available for keeping in touch.  Go to www phhs1985 com and check it out!!!
Macdonald Drive Jr High School ' 81
Saint Johns , NL
Brampton, ON
Kim Brown
Donna Coady
Sharon Maysfield
About My Personal Life work with Marine Atlantic seasonal.i'm married to a wonderful man who loves us with all of his heart.we are so happy with each other.
Walnut High School ' 88
Walnut , CA
Temecula, CA
Joanne Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Dion Dorsey
I love my job

I work for the #1 cosmetics company in the world....Mary Kay!  Please feel free to visit my website at

I look forward to hearing from you all.


Crestwood High School ' 94
Dearborn Heights , MI
Univ Of Arizona
Tucson , AZ
Tucson, AZ
Denver, CO
New York, NY
Birth of my daughter Madisson Emery Aug 20, 2009
Death of a loved one Dana Smith-Rydzewski-Johnson-Colb yes she was a slut who married several times. her poor daughter put herself into a mental institution after thinking the only way to live was to be a whore like her mother. Dana has died of HIV. Dana had several mental problems including : mild retardation, drugs were an issue mostly meth, and she was a hooker up on Michigan ave and Inkster. she contracted HIV from her pimp early 2005.
Sparta Senior High School ' 96
Sparta , WI
Gateway Technical College, Racine ' 01
Racine , WI
McEwen, TN
Friends Looking for friends old and new. It doesn't matter what we were like in school. Seasons change, come and go as do we!
Seminole State College ' 05
Seminole , OK
Denver, CO
About My Personal Life Enjoy having fun
Mcdowell High School ' 88
Marion , NC
Northeast State Tech Cmty College ' 08
Blountville , TN
Newland, NC
Future events Getting ready to start East Tennessee State University in September of 08 to finish my Bachelors Degree in Nursing!  Have 1.5 years, then going to start my Masters degree in Nursing with a secondary major in business.  I want to teach Nursing students.  Lot of hard work, but well worth it.
Tri-village Jr Sr High School ' 92
New Madison , OH
Ivy Tech Cmty College, Richmond ' 97
Richmond , IN
Richmond, IN
Millersburg, OH
Richmond, IN
About My Personal Life Currently we just moved to Millersburg, OH and I working at Inn at honeyrun Living with my roomate and her son and raising my son.
Northwest High School ' 94
Justin , TX
Texas Woman's University ' 04
Denton , TX
Melissa, TX
About My Personal Life I am teaching at Melissa ISD in the Special Education Department.  I have graduated from Texas Woman's University. I have 2 wonderful kids that keep me busy. I hope everyone is doing well.
Silver Valley High School ' 01
Yermo , CA
Mitchell Hood
Gabrielle Stickley
what was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? The faces of my 3 children. They are my Pride & Joy, they are the reasons I get up every morning and aspire to be a better person.
Armijo High School ' 82
Fairfield , CA
Kathy Smith
Linda Mason
What I Wish I Could Tell My Parents I love them both and thankyou ever so much, for being very strict on us taught me to do the same.
Hot Springs High School ' 83
Hot Springs National Park , AR
Elizabeth Lamb
Kathy Benton
Kathy Benton
Origins of My Family Name My family name originated in Ireland. The name Lynch was on my mothers side of the family. We have many Irish ancestors.  My fathers side of the family is Couch. It is originated from the cherokee indians in Oklahoma.
Bennett High School ' 74
Buffalo , NY
William Meggett
William Hunt Iv
My Thoughts on an Afterlife sure i do and I would appreciate that anyone who goes before me, would let me know somehow, how it is, cause no-one's ever came back to tell us.
Pampa High School ' 80
Pampa , TX
Bill Willingham
Donna Reynolds
Patti Williams
A great TV show

I am michelle smith maiden name Imel. I was born and grew up in pampa, texas.  I went to pampa high school and graduated in 1980.  During high school,  I played in the band playing the flute,drums and symbols{ah,ah}bells etc..... I also was a flag girl for the band.  Never tried out for cheerleader although I wanted to, but was too shy.  Had lots of friends .Graduated and went to WTSU.  Then, worked in the bank there in pampa before getting married.  Spent 9 years10 months with him. Had 3 beautiful kids. went back to school working on nursing, divorced moved back to pampa started over graduated in nursing, got a job,  got remarried , gained 2 more kiddos, total of 5.working in a hospital , loving what i do.

Fontana High School ' 88
Fontana , CA
Joseph Ching
James Armendariz
Lisa Decorte
What I'd Have Done with Free Plastic Surgery I would have 1 thing done and IM NOT TELLING! Tongue out
When I Used an Outhouse NO!!! UGH!!Yell
My Beverage Indulgence

SILVER PATRON....did you even have to ask??? Next would have to be my very expensive Asti Spamonte thats $9.99 right now Laughing and then Corona's with LOTS of lemon!!!!!

Cape Coral High School ' 98
Cape Coral , FL
Michelle Smith
Courtney Guarino
Aubrey Bonnette
About My Personal Life I still live in Cape Coral with my daughter and boyfriend.
Kaufman High School ' 95
Kaufman , TX
Lavonda Mosley
About My School Life Now in 2006, I am going to TVCC (Trinity Valley Community College) studing to be a RN. This is my first semester after eleven years of not going to school. I am doing my basics right now.
About My Personal Life After high school, made a turn for the worst. Drugs,pills,alcohol, jails, and streets was my life for a while. Entering into jails since I was 21. First time going to jail for a witness to a murder you would think that would scare me straight. But, I'm to hard headed for that. Did 15 months in State Jail, got saved, and got out with no papers. Live my life for the Lord. Got pregnant and know I have a one year old son. He is the most precious thing to me and his daddy. Neither one of us thought we could have kids. But the Lord proved us wrong.
About My Work Life Homemaker I stay home with my one year old son and go to Trinity Valley Community College at night.
Sunnyslope High School ' 87
Phoenix , AZ
Michelle Robinson
Nina Gage
Heather Mcbain
About My School Life Met a lot of great people adn miss most of them.
About My Personal Life I live in Oregon and do foster care currently I have 7 kids in my care. I was not able to have any of my own. I still come to AZ to visit 1-2 times per year
Peoria High School ' 03
Peoria , AZ
Todd Helseth
About My Personal Life I now have 2 children. I am currently married.
Loch Raven High School ' 90
Baltimore , MD
Angelina Brannock
Jonathan Mielke
Marcella Rhebb
About My Personal Life Read my profile
Laurel Senior High School ' 98
Laurel , DE
Stacie Berglund
Laura Lafazia
Keri Longstreet
About My Personal Life Always be true to yourself
Fairborn High School ' 90
Fairborn , OH
Stephanie Hargett
Jodi Bates
About My Personal Life I have been married now for 14 years and have 2 daughters Kazzie(14)and Shanna(13). I am still in my home town of Fairborn, where we just purchased a house. I was so happy to run across this website. I think about the home often and miss alot of the people I met my 1 1/2 year stay there.
About My School Life I hope my daughters do better then I did!!!!!
T C Williams Sr High School ' 85
Alexandria , VA
Michael Beleau
Brion Elliott
About My Personal Life Residing in Lithonia,GA since 2002. Raising three beautiful children. Employed with state of GA as a retirement counselor.
Kemp High School ' 87
Kemp , TX
Melinda Henry
About My Personal Life Kemp High School
East Forsyth High School ' 95
Kernersville , NC
Terri Priester
About My Personal Life I am the single mother of 2 beautiful angels, Abby who is 8 going on 28 and Alana is 4 going on 24. I currently reside in Kernersville and am enjoying spending time with my children, family, and friends. I am currently working in accounts recievables but am looking to get back into the healthcare industry soon. If you want to contact me, feel free to shoot me a message via email at Take care and god bless!
Sonora High School ' 97
Sonora , CA
Atari Watkins
About My Personal Life Right now I am living in Modesto with my husband. We don't have any children yet, but hoping soon. I am, however, going to be an aunty. Those of you who know my sister Jessica, she is going to be a mommy in July.
Barbourville High School ' 91
Barbourville , KY
Tony Gray
About My Personal Life My complete name is Vanessa Michelle Mills Smith. I lived in Paducah and just recently moved back to Barbourville. I have one beautiful little girl and don't want to have anymore. If anyone would like to contact me my email address is My Email. I am always wanting to get into touch with old friends. Smile
Lakeshore Collegiate Institute ' 93
Etobicoke , ON
Michelle Smith
Chris Robinson
About My Personal Life I am a choreographer/dancer, and have done work in several music videos.
New Hartford Sr High School ' 90
New Hartford , NY
Dion Bell
Mathew Chetnik
Rene' Cittadino
About My Personal Life i reside in new hartford, i am married w/ 2 kids.
J F Kennedy High School ' 85
Cedar Rapids , IA
Robert Wegner
About My Personal Life Programming and Designing web pages
Corsicana High School ' 73
Corsicana , TX
Michelle Smith
About My Personal Life I have been married for 33 years to my high school sweetheart. We have 3 wonderful children and 3 grandchildren.
My childhood best friend

Vingina Jones

Amanda-clearcreek High School ' 99
Amanda , OH
Tiffany Blaskis
About My Personal Life @ Oregon State University
Chester W Nimitz High School ' 03
Houston , TX
Manar Ali
Shannon Brest
Janette Del Rio
About My Personal Life going to college
Rider High School ' 94
Wichita Falls , TX
Sue Bell Shipley
Noelle Adams
Renee Bell
About My Personal Life still married almost 15yrs i am a stay at home mom.
Roxana Senior High School ' 91
Roxana , IL
Sonya Unverzagt
About My Personal Life Running own computer business out of home.
Sayre Area Jr Sr High School ' 79
Sayre , PA
Cathy Catarisano
About My Personal Life Business Owner
Nova High School ' 93
Davie , FL
Jacqueline Williams
Patricia Pointer
Huntley Owen
About My Work Life I am a mother, friend, mediator, lawyer, etc. I am you guessed it a teacher. I enjoy all age group of children. I have been in the Childcare field for almost 11 yrs now. This is not just my job it is my career and I enjoy going to my career every single day!
About My School Life While I was attending Nova high School I had three close friends which I keep in contact with one of them. Nova taught me that there are many races of people in this world and that I need to prepare my self for them. It also taught me that anyone can be any thing they want to be.
About My Personal Life Life for me is going great. I have the best job in the entire world. I shape the lives of young children. I do this by being a childcare teacher. My goals have not been reached yet. My goal is to be the best daycare provider I can be. I would love to own and one day operate a childcare center. I also enjoy married life and motherhood.
Scarborough High School ' 84
Scarborough , ME
Suzanne Haddow
About My Personal Life I am an Advertising and Marketing Assistant for Delhaize America, LLC. My company is one of 5 food chains owned by Delhaize, Food Lion, LLC; Hannaford in the Northeast and Kash n' Karry in Florida, Harvey's in Southern Georgia and Reid's in South Carolina.
Faga'itua High School ' 89
Pago Pago , AS
Kari Bailey
About My Personal Life I'm currently working at G.E. in Missouri. Full time wife and mom.
Kenwood Academy ' 86
Chicago , IL
Charles Chadwell
Leon Hamilton
About My Personal Life Attorney and part-time judge in Indianapolis, IN.
Santa Clara High School ' 85
Santa Clara , CA
Jill Hagaman
Emily Limbach
Tammie Davis
About My Work Life I own/operate three lil' businesses here in BEAUTIFUL Central Oregon!!! There is a lot to do, but it is very rewarding.
About My School Life well... I was/am officially class of 1985... but finished H.S. in 1983... {opted for CHPE}... but in hind-sight... I probably should have hung around longer & graduation was probably a lot of fun!... none-the-less... I turned out just fine... but miss yŠll very much! yesss... I did have all those hobbies... hahaha
About My Personal Life holy crap... some of you guys are really on here... hahaha I am actually a total dork! (still...haha)... because I really am so excited to hear from any and all of you! I would love to know how we all are turning out... and what is to come... I have really fond memories of Santa Clara & just being young and innocent, naive and hopeful, as well as, fearless and dumb. From McCoy to Sutter to Curtis to Buchser to Santa Clara... we all know who we were... and now... it seems cool... My l
American Fork High School ' 85
American Fork , UT
Dawn Schiltz
Nancy Brewer
About My Personal Life typing on the computer
Pontiac Twp High School ' 96
Pontiac , IL
Emiley Tipsord
About My Personal Life I am a stay at home mom to my two children. Kaitlyn which is going to be 4 in September and Douglas that is 4 months old
Booker T Washington High School ' 83
Pensacola , FL
Michelle Smith
About My Personal Life Probally the same as every one just wanting to get as much out of life as possible.
Westport High School ' 84
Westport , MA
Susan Cabral
About My Personal Life Well, I guess my personal life is ok. I try to get out there and enjoy life, because life is too short.
Douglass High School ' 91
Oklahoma City , OK
Julie Meeley
About My Personal Life Married for 10 years with 2 children. I have been a stay at home Mom for much of this time and I am thrilled that I have been able to do so.
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