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Clayton High School ' 02
Clayton, NC
Darlington, SC
Stephen Sanders
Sydney Harris
Jeffrey Townley
About My Personal Life I am 22 years old. I live in Germany. I am current in the military. I have been deployed to Kuwiat and Iraq for one year and will be going back next March. I have a handsome two year old boy named Dylon. He keeps me going but what two year old doesn't
What's your favorite brand of clothing?

The brand of clothing is irrellivent.  As long as I have something on then I am good

I Still Want to ?

The one thing that I wanted to do is but never will be able to do is travel space.  I love looking at the stars.  I always wonder if I will ever be able to see if the other creations that are out there.  I believe that there are other beings and I know that they are always trying to get to us.

South Side High School ' 98
Memphis, TN
Tennessee Tech Center, Memphis ' 00
Memphis, TN
Oak Harbor, WA
Stephanie Mcintyre
Nicole Brazell
Nicole Brazell
About My School Life My school life was okay, no complaints!!!!!!!! I think that my friends would agree we had a good time. ROTC was the bomb, The Barons and The Lady Barons were always on point!!!!!! just chillin with my friends was always the best. I often wonder would things be different if we could go back, but thinking about it today I wouldn't change a thing( CLASS OF 98') Scrapper 4 life Michelle Cooperwood Sanders
About My Personal Life My life is good!I have 2 wonderful kids, and a great Husband. We have moved around a bit, from Jacksonville all the way to Washington. The military is cool but the travel is great. I am currently in nursing school looking to graduate soon(it took a while but I am doing it!!) So things are great.
Century High School ' 99
Hillsboro, OR
Lewiston, ID
Stephanie Whitworth
Wanda Banham
About My Personal Life Well not to much to say. I since High School I have tried to go to college twice now but due to events in my life I had to drop out. I have two beautiful children. Alexis who is 5 and Pheonix who is 2.
East Prairie High School ' 93
East Prairie, MO
Lee Ann Mcdowell
About My Personal Life Married since August 21st 1993.I have a little boy who is now 2 years old. Lance. I graduated in 93 from EP.
Lewistown Community High School ' 97
Lewistown, IL
Alan Levanson
Sue Long
Brian Wardell
About My Personal Life I just received my Real Estate license.
Canton High School ' 88
Canton, MA
Bridgewater State College ' 92
Bridgewater, MA
About My Personal Life I am a Mom of three children (ages 7, 5 and 3) and am on an extended leave of absence from teaching 6th grade.
Aurora High School ' 97
Aurora, OH
About My School Life To be honest, I hated most of school life, except of course for my friends. And I guess I would have to say that I am so glad it's over! HAHA.
About My Work Life I moved down here to North Carolina during the summer after graduating high school in Aurora, went to college completed 2 yrs, graduated with an Associates degree in Psychology, worked 3 jobs throughout college(1997-2000). Then began working here at Rogers Automotive Group in the office(2001). Married(2003), I have a 4 year old step-son, and now a son(1 yr old) with my husband(2004).At the present time, I stay very busy with the boys, full-time work, my husband, and all our family.
About My Personal Life work! work! work! :O)
Palomar Cont High School ' 92
Chula Vista, CA
About My Personal Life Busy.
Bellingham High School ' 90
Bellingham, WA
About My School Life School was fun, but life is so much better now!! :o)
About My Personal Life I read a lot, spend time with my friends and my son, my other son is due March 2005.
About My Work Life I've come a long way...I love my job, enjoy closing Reverse Mortgage loans for senior citizens. It's a great feeling to help people!!
Joseph Wheeler High School ' 87
Marietta, GA
About My Personal Life I am a stay-at-home mom and have a wonderful son born August 9, 2002.
Irving High School ' 89
Irving, TX
Clyde A Erwin High School ' 88
Asheville, NC
About My Personal Life Just graduated from college after several years of missing in action!
Mandeville High School ' 98
Mandeville, LA
About My Personal Life I'm a teacher
Sultana High School ' 06
Hesperia, CA
About My Personal Life NOTHING
Goose Creek High School ' 88
Goose Creek, SC
About My Personal Life I own a resturant.
Simi Valley High School ' 90
Simi Valley, CA
About My Personal Life I am a stay at home Mom. My Daughter is 9 and My Son is 5. As soon as he is in Kidergarten, mommy is back to work!
Anna-jonesboro High School ' 96
Anna, IL
About My Personal Life Med Lab Tech
Central High School ' 82
St Joseph, MO
About My Personal Life I married my high school sweetheart, Shawn Sanders. We have two beautiful children.
Pittsburg Senior High School ' 85
Pittsburg, CA
About My Personal Life I work for the Stat of Alamaba.
Rivercrest High School ' 89
Wilson, AR
About My Personal Life It's been a rollercoaster (no surprise)!!
Castle High School ' 95
Newburgh, IN
About My Personal Life I married my high school sweetheart.We live in Newburgh and have a daughter named Alexa who is 6.
Forney High School ' 91
Forney, TX
About My Personal Life I have been a registered nurse for ten years, and have been a traveling nurse in the ER for 6 years. I am not married, no children, and have had a blast traveling to San Diego, LA, Hawaii,Reno, Denver,and now, Las Vegas.
Clinton Senior High School ' 87
Clinton, NY
About My Personal Life After graduating from college in 1991, I spent four years teaching chemistry and math at Northwood School in Lake Placid, NY. Teaching was too hard, so I made a career switch into medicine and am about to finish my first year of postgraduate training in pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital. When not working my bum off, I enjoy eating, sleeping, and using the rest room. Only 751 days left in my residency.
Bartlesville Senior High Sch ' 92
Bartlesville, OK
About My Personal Life Working and taking care of my kids.
Forsyth Central High School ' 95
Cumming, GA
About My Personal Life I am a student at "Ole Miss" (The University of MS). J.C. and I have been married 6 1/2 yrs. and we have 2 beautiful children...Emma who is 3 and Caleb who is 17-months. We now live in Oxford, MS.
About My Personal Life I am a 25yr old african amer. female, living in Polk county (FL,that is). I am single individual, no kids, decent job, own place, just trying to find that right person or good friend. I've lived several places, from hometown(polk county), to miami,fl, knoxville,tn, cleawater,fl, to jacksonville,fl, to back home where i now reside. My point is, I've had my share of friends that i've crossed paths with here or there. If that happens to be u,and/or u have questions or concerns e-mail ya girl at
About My Work Life Work Life is fun. I work at the school my children attend.
About My School Life I had a great time in school..It sucked though in 1989 (my junior year) My Daddy died in a car crash. I had alot of friends that were there for me.. Thanks to Georgia and Matt Feeney..
About My Personal Life Unfortunatelt my personal life now aint as fun as it used to be.. I would really like to find Nick Yannello. I Miss You Nick.. :)
About My Personal Life I'm a Test Technician at Thermo Electronics.
Bergenfield High School ' 91
Bergenfield, NJ
Univ Of South Carolina ' 95
Columbia, SC
Columbia, NJ
Michelle Sanders
Horizon Senior High School ' 92
Thornton, CO
Loveland, CO
Bozeman, MT
Emily Sanders
Garfield High School ' 75
Akron, OH
Uniontown, OH
Winston-Salem, NC
Dawn Pierson
Hazelwood East High School ' 84
Saint Louis, MO
Southeast Missouri State University ' 86
Cpe Girardeau, MO
Houston, TX
Iarvin Smith
Hudson High School ' 89
Lufkin, TX
Sam Houston State University ' 94
Huntsville, TX
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Albuquerque, NM
Bradley Bell
David Steptoe
Greg Brooks
Austin Community Academy ' 03
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
Leroy Carr
Antionette Clay
Palo Duro High School ' 88
Amarillo, TX
Houston, TX
Noe Gutierrez
Mark Chapman
Michael Young
Englewood Academy High School ' 80
Chicago, IL
Olive-harvey College ' 82
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Michelle Sanders
Doris Ruth
Deloris Williams
Garland High School ' 04
Garland, TX
El Centro College ' 08
Dallas, TX
Garland, TX
Northside High School ' 91
Warner Robins, GA
Warner Robins, GA
Loganville High School ' 02
Loganville, GA
Loganville, GA
Cy-fair Senior High School ' 99
Cypress, TX
Tim Cranford
Nolan Efurd
Tony Franco
Clyde A Erwin High School ' 88
Asheville, NC
Amanda Brazil
Michelle Sanders
Henry Co High School ' 96
New Castle, KY
Priscilla Adkins
Theodore Hurt
David Kinght
Southern Guilford High School ' 92
Greensboro, NC
Ricky Carroll
Michelle Sanders
Livingston High School ' 97
Livingston, TX
Joslyn Mokry
High Point Central High School ' 88
High Point, NC
Shannon Wall
Sheila Brown
Bartlesville Senior High Sch ' 92
Bartlesville, OK
Dan Meenehan
West High School ' 89
Sioux City, IA
Mary Beach
Oak Hills High School ' 06
Cincinnati, OH
Brandon Hooper
Camron W
Montez Patterson
Mattamuskeet Jr Sr High School ' 89
Swanquarter, NC
Anthony Foster
Walton Sr High School ' 93
Defuniak Springs, FL
Callie Brecker
Pam Miller
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