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James Kenan High School ' 90
Warsaw, NC
Marie White
About My Work Life What's up all! Just wanted to say hi!
About My School Life Boring!
About My Personal Life Things are great!
Saks High School ' 95
Anniston, AL
Nicole Iwaszko
About My Personal Life I graduated from Auburn in June of 1999 in Electrical Engineering with a focus on microelectronic fabrication and a minor in business. I worked from 1999 until 2003 as a process engineer/project manager at a high-tech startup company in Huntsville, AL (MEMS Optical). I travel a lot for my job and I've been to Cornell University, Los Angeles and Phoenix several times - racking up the frequent flier miles! In November 2003 I left MEMS Optical to take a position at Morgan Research (also in Huntsville) where I am the ElectroOptics Group Lead. I'd really enjoy hearing from anyone.
Fike High School ' 91
Wilson, NC
About My Personal Life I am working at Evans Machinery as crew leader in the welding dept. I am married to Kim(Brown)Whitley and have a daughter Sarah.
Parkway North High School ' 91
Creve Coeur, MO
About My Personal Life I currently live in Chicago working in Sales/Marketing for an MBA organization.
Baldwin Park High School ' 76
Baldwin Park, CA
About My Personal Life I am married and I have identical twin daughters. I also have been working with the US Postal Service for 10 years. I live in San Diego.
La Quinta High School ' 90
Westminster, CA
About My Personal Life E-mail me or drop a line I will get back with you
West Nassau Co High School ' 98
Callahan, FL
Portland, OR
Roseburg, OR
Creswell, OR
Michael Whitley
Will Whitley
Gentry High School ' 79
Indianola, MS
Indianola, MS
Sylvia Clark
Sharon Mccray
Chrily Winber
Lake Worth High School ' 80
Lake Worth, FL
Ventura, CA
John Reeves
Sandy Rhoades
Chamberlain Senior High School ' 75
Tampa, FL
Karen Waters
Dixon High School ' 94
Holly Ridge, NC
Woodford Co High School ' 91
Versailles, KY
Mattoon High School ' 57
Mattoon, IL
R L Turner High School ' 90
Carrollton, TX
Crestview Senior High School ' 90
Crestview, FL
Hillsboro High School ' 87
Hillsboro, IL
Waynesville, NC
Louis Edwin Whitley
Coleen S Whitley
Kimberly Kristine Whitley
Stone Mountain, GA
Lilburn, GA
Juanda Lavonne Whitley
Jacklyn Delane Whitley
Centennial, CO
Nichole R S Whitley
Paul Ray Whitley
Alan Joe Whitley
Pilot, VA
Cary, NC
Nancy Saraske Whitley
Rodney James Whitley
William Buren Whitley
Bullard, TX
Crowley, TX
Kristin R Putman
Terry Dan Whitley
Tammy Kaye Whitley
Bumpass, VA
Farmville, VA
Michael Gordon Whitley
Wendy Michelle Whitley
Deborah S Whitley
Waterford, CT
Niantic, CT
Oakdale, CT
Pamela P Dhillon
Albert J Whitley
Mary T Whitley
Roseburg, OR
Portland, OR
Roseburg, OR
Cheryl V Whitley
Marla Sue Millington
Renata Faith Whitley
Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, VA
Valerie Fischer
Arthur L Whitley
Aland R Whitley
Winchester, KY
Winchester, KY
Lexington, KY
Wanda F Whitley
Ashley M Whitley
Johnson City, TN
Cathy Jo Whitley
Leonard L Whitley
Marjorie M Whitley
Essex, MD
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, MD
Taris L Christian
Wayne Lee Whitley
Curtis Cornelious Whitley
Centreville, VA
Woodbridge, VA
Alexandria, VA
Clyde T Whitley
Carolyn G Harris
Margaret M Whitley
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH
Charisse R Hale
Sheila D Whitley
Mona Cheryl Whitley
Lucama, NC
Elm City, NC
Rocky Mount, NC
Archie Lee Whitley
Janet C Webb
Mabel Leigh Whitley
Foley, MO
Decatur, IL
Saint Louis, MO
Pamela Hendon
Rachel Ranee Williams
Chesapeake, OH
Huntington, WV
Billy Ray Whitley
Gretta Whitley
Kathy Lynn Whitley
Cary, NC
Apex, NC
Apex, NC
Leigh Anderson Brierly
Heather M Whitley
Ernest Wilson Whitley
Bainbridge, OH
Greenfield, OH
Greenfield, OH
Nicole Michelle Richmond
Lillie Bell Whitley
Deena Lynn Whitley
Novato, CA
Novato, CA
Rancho Cordova, CA
Geraldine Kerby
Kari Kay Whitley
Elizabeth M Williams
Fisk, MO
Dexter, MO
Dyer, TN
Stephanie Leann Mullins
Prentis J Witley
Katie M Whitley
Polkton, NC
Adam Curran Whitley
Suzette Curran Whitley
David Austin Whitley
Bay City, TX
Bay City, TX
Stevensville, MI
Beth E Whitley
Peebles, OH
Peebles, OH
Peebles, OH
Melissa D Whitley Huff
Gary D Whitley
Edith M Whitley
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC
Ann Spruill Whitley
Karen Lynn Whitley
Adam Lee Whitley
Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC
Richard N Jones
Nadine W Jones
Stafford, VA
Stafford, VA
Bronx, NY
Theadora Whitley
Leslie C Whitley
Timothy Valentine Whitley
Norfolk, VA
Portsmouth, VA
Portsmouth, VA
Shirley R Meeker
Albert W Whitley
Center Harbor, NH
Cedar Point, NC
Cedar Point, NC
Marie Pridgen Whitley
Rebecca W Hughes
Amos Randolph Whitley
Hays, NC
North Wilkesboro, NC
North Wilkesboro, NC
Julie Lyon
Tamara Whitley
Connie W Dancy
Sanford, FL
Sanford, FL
Sanford, FL
Tammy Lynn Berry
Elizabeth L Whitley
Joe A Whitley
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Beverly Denise Mims
Cleo M Whitley
Kate C Whitley
Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Theresa Anne Whitley
Stacey M Walke
Cristina Y Yturralde-whitle
Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH
Deborah Lynne Turvey
Diane Kay Whitley
Wesley L Whitley
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