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Bolsa Grande High School ' 75
Garden Grove , CA
Charlene Benz
About My School Life Bolsa Grande High School
Central High School ' 78
Flint , MI
Teresa Walny
Reynie Domingo
Michael Stephens
About My Personal Life It's good
Baldwin Park High School ' 77
Baldwin Park , CA
Jenny Stephens
Jenny Stephens
About My Personal Life I have a beautiful wife of 21 years and have three great kids.
About My Work Life I work for the public schools systems in Baldwin Park CA.
Norcross High School ' 91
Norcross , GA
Wayne Bennett
Christian Needham
Mark Schlabach
About My School Life Wish I were still there!
About My Work Life Found a job I like, that gives me plenty of family time.
About My Personal Life Currently living in Dacula spending most of my time coaching my 2 daughters in softball, and occasionally working, Alicia says hi
Washington High School ' 70
Washington Ch , OH
John Ater
Joel Bailey, Jr.
Allan Huffman
About My Personal Life I am married to Holly Ponton from New Caney, Tx. We have 3 daughters: Adrienne Michal will be 4 in April and Danielle Ruth is 8. Jessie Ray is 13 and is my step-daughter. She attends John Cooper a private school in the Woodlands. We are home schooling Adrienne and Danielle, and loving it. The 4 ladies are the joy of my life. I am a Harris County Deputy Sheriff in Houston, Tx. We are all active in our church and witness for Jesus through Spring Baptist church. And just like the days when I was in school with you,fishing is still a hobby I enjoy. The big difference is, I don't fish the city ponds behind the city swimming pool. Instead I wade the Gulf of Mexico around Galveston. Feel free to contact me, I'd like to here from you. Michael A. Stephens
Citrus High School ' 89
Inverness , FL
Joelle Pelham
About My Work Life Started with Microsoft and I have never looked back. Currently live in Redmond, Washington
About My School Life I made a lot of great friends there but I am glad school is over. If someone can email about the next reunion. I will be there!!!
About My Personal Life One heck of a Rollor Coaster Ride.
Norman High School ' 88
Norman , OK
About My Personal Life


About My Work Life


Hammond High School ' 97
Hammond , IN
About My Work Life 800 diapers a minute 500,000+ every shift
About My School Life laid back and cool nickname is email adrs holla at ya boy
About My Personal Life kids ,work and smokin on dog legs
El Camino Fundamental High Sch ' 85
Sacramento , CA
About My Personal Life Finally married my high school sweetheart! My first and only true love.
Troup High School ' 72
Troup , TX
About My Personal Life Running a Heart-Lung Machine in Lufkin & Nacogdoches since 1990. I come to Troup @ least once a month.
Sequoia High School ' 50
Redwood City , CA
About My Personal Life Retired and traveling
Thomas Jefferson High School ' 88
Dallas , TX
About My Personal Life I want to hear from you.....
Flushing High School ' 95
Flushing , NY
About My Personal Life For those that know me they know that I'm a gifted M.C. that could spit wit' the beat of them but I am really looking for Chandra Keller well it's Davis now but if u ever see this I miss looking at you please e-mail me @ ain't hard to tell) holla at ya boy........
Nacogdoches High School ' 91
Nacogdoches , TX
About My Personal Life Happily married man
Mcdonald Co High School ' 97
Anderson , MO
About My Personal Life I will be getting married on December 9, 2000!
Henninger High School ' 90
Syracuse , NY
About My Personal Life At Henninger I was an accelerated junior I reallly didn't know alot of people since I graduated early but I would really like to get to know some people now.
Walters High School ' 67
Walters , OK
About My Personal Life I'm Vice President of a Profit Improvement Consulting Firm. I have traveled so far to 47 different countries in my career. I have sole custody of two beautiful daughters, ages 16 and 13. Kelley will graduate a year early. Life is good in Tulsa.
Woodlawn High School ' 86
Shreveport , LA
About My Personal Life Hello everyone. It's me, Mike. I've been in the military 17 years now. I'm a Senior Master Sergeant in the US Air Force. I've been to France, England, Germany, Kuwait, Oman, Ireland, all over the US, and I'm currently in Texas. I'm also married with three children, Christopher (12), Nicholas (6), and Whitney (4). Feel free to email me ( I'd love to see pictures of how everyone has... and I say this delicately... "matured".
Northwestern Lehigh High Sch ' 91
New Tripoli , PA
About My Personal Life I am presently working at Americold Logistics in Folgelsville, Pa as a forklift operator and a union member of the UAW (United Auto Workers). I was in a band called,"Third From The Sun," in which there is a cd of ours from 1997 from which they made and produced it 6 months before I joined the band as their new drummer in the summer of 1997. As of that change a month later I was prepared to go out and do three gigs a week for almost a whole year of doing three hour shows and unlike any other band around at the time, we were doing all original music and we had the interest of A&R reps from Sony Music Entertainment for a short time, but just like the music business it is not kind and they are subject to change there minds like night and day. Unfortunately we missed our lucky break and disbanded in late 1998. I have included a photo from a biker charity we did in 1997 which there was a total of about 25 bands
Pflugerville High School ' 96
Pflugerville , TX
About My Personal Life I am living in Ausin, have been married for 3 years now and have a beautiful 1 year old daugher named Hailey.
Washington High School ' 86
Phoenix , AZ
About My Personal Life FFA was not listed. I did not finish high school but I would like to find some old friends.
Aiken High School ' 75
Cincinnati , OH
About My Personal Life I went to Courter Tech in 73-74 but had to graduate at Aiken because Courter shut down that year. I joined the Army shortly after graduation and have lived all over the world sence then. Missed all of the reunions. I took up auto body paint & repair in high school.
San Leandro High School ' 92
San Leandro , CA
About My Personal Life I moved out on my own after high school, and finally started having fun. Moved to Austin, TX and worked for Microsoft for the Win95 release, then a few other tech support companies before joining the United States Air Force in 96. I'm currently living in the fetid state of Idaho, hoping that I get orders out of here soon.
Dos Palos High School ' 68
Dos Palos , CA
About My Personal Life i went on to become a minister i am currently pastoring a church in okla. i have a very talented family they have made 2 recordings and working on #3. GODis good!!!!!!!!!!
Falls Church High School ' 89
Falls Church , VA
About My Personal Life Enlisted in the United States Air Force and traveling the world around! Have been saved and on fire for the Lord for 7 years now. Have been a minister and preaching now for three years. I have a lovely wife named Kimberly and two beautiful children. Ashley is 8 and Michael Jr. is turning 6. I have been blessed to go to many foreign lands and see the sights and meet some wonderful people. Please drop me a email and say hello.
Poudre High School ' 89
Fort Collins , CO
About My Personal Life I am an aircraft mechanic for Horizon Air
Mesquite High School ' 66
Mesquite , TX
About My Personal Life eleven grandchildren!
Westlake High School ' 92
Austin , TX
About My Personal Life Working for a company that repairs computers plus been with the company for about three years now and working part time at a local church.
Plano East Senior High School ' 94
Plano , TX
About My Personal Life Looking forward to hearing from old friends!
J P Taravella High School ' 88
Coral Springs , FL
About My Personal Life Self employed in Miami Lakes manufacturing labels for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.
About My School Life GREAT
About My Personal Life you can reach me at
Southern High Magnet Acad ' 95
Louisville , KY
Louisville, KY
Eric Chung
Lorain High School ' 72
Lorain , OH
Univ Of Phoenix-colorado ' 95
Lonetree , CO
Aurora, CO
Ontario, CA
Saint Paul, MN
Johnny Byers
Ernie White
Raymond Jr Sr High School ' 79
Raymond , WA
Cal State Univ, Sacramento ' 87
Sacramento , CA
Sacramento, CA
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Pasco, WA
Rhonda Smith
Sandra Hill
Jaimie Evens
El Segundo High School ' 80
El Segundo , CA
North Central Texas College, Gainsv ' 83
Gainesville , TX
Birmingham, AL
Gainesville, TX
Etowah High School ' 90
Woodstock , GA
Hokes Bluff, AL
Rogers High School ' 00
Rogers , AR
Rogers, AR
Brooklyn Technical High School ' 94
Brooklyn , NY
Borough Manhattan Cmty College ' 97
New York , NY
Brooklyn, NY
U S Grant High School ' 67
Oklahoma City , OK
Oklahoma St Univ, Oklahoma City ' 79
Oklahoma City , OK
Tuttle, OK
Wade Hampton High School ' 69
Greenville , SC
Clemson University ' 73
Clemson , SC
Anderson, SC
Athens, GA
New Castle Chrysler High School ' 78
New Castle , IN
Dallas, TX
Grissom Arb, IN
Sulphur Springs, IN
Lloyd Memorial High School ' 99
Erlanger , KY
Northern Kentucky University ' 03
Highland Hght , KY
Lindsay Mullins
Donny Stephens
Marilyn Stephens
Rocky Mount Senior High School ' 67
Rocky Mount , NC
Dee Brewer
Sallie Williams
Southington High School ' 08
Southington , CT
Vicky Frutchey
Big Spring High School ' 79
Big Spring , TX
Tereza Lopez Duarte
Penelope Black
Kadena High School ' 92
Apo - Kadena - Okinawa , AP
Dichi Sabino
Woodlawn High School ' 86
Shreveport , LA
Charlie Jefferson
Timothy Coleman
Orlando Gafford
Flushing High School ' 96
Flushing , NY
Michael Stephens
Michael Stephens
Commerce High School ' 78
Springfield , MA
Bennie Stephens
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