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Steinert High School ' 86
Hamilton , NJ
Michael Horkay
David Maher
Yvette Rosen
About My School Life miss being a kid in school with no reponsablities, or bad memories, or ex/s. I wanted so bad to get done with it, but looking back, life was sooo much easier id like to go back to stienert NOW but in a kids body with the things i know. hmmmm i woudl not have changed too much, except for the fact i never applied myself to my fullest until i went in the marines, i should have started doing that when i was in school. id love to have all that time back, but there are no second chances in life. these days they would have had me expelled, and deported for a fractions of the stuff i pulled in school
About My Personal Life some good, some bad, cant complain, i have been very fortunate, and a little bullet proof. single, looking but not in a hurry, retired from the marines, and from corrections, sold cars, now, buy contracts from car dealers for special finance dealerships work all the time. i am still as silly as i was before, but i dont use any ...ahem.... medicines, an
Kenton High School ' 96
Kenton , OH
Elizabeth Wright
Susan Delong
Jennifer Brockman
About My Personal Life Race team mechanic - busy as usual
Parkersburg High School ' 01
Parkersburg , WV
Rebecca Conley
About My School Life I wasn't well liked, or so it seemed...I don't know, I tried to figure it out.
About My Personal Life Was doing good at one point, but then I lost my I'm not doing so good, but it's gettin better, ya know? Still more into cars and games than is good for me, lol.

Things are looking up at least, soon the car will hopefully be running again, and who knows, maybe the motorcycle too after that.
About My Work Life Workin for Napoli's now. Never thought I'd see that, but they're not too bad to work for as a driver. The hourly rate isn't too good, but at least the tips more than balance it out.
South Lewis High School ' 01
Turin , NY
About My Personal Life Getting married.
Stuttgart Senior High School ' 80
Stuttgart , AR
how to contact me call me at my home in killeen tx at 254 628 8942  go ricebirds shs class of 80
Franklin D. Roosevelt High School ' 68
Brooklyn , NY
About My Personal Life
Bridgewater Raritan High Sch ' 87
Bridgewater , NJ
About My Personal Life Go to: for all info about me and what I am up to.
West Mesa High School ' 75
Albuquerque , NM
About My Personal Life Joined US Army 6/13/75. Married Peggy Grendler of Cedar Rapids, IA on 8/30/80 in Albuquerque, NM. Joined US Air Force 4/81. Stationed throughout Germany with USAF until 6/91. Assigned to 3rd Combat Comm at Tinker AFB, OK (Oklahoma City) until 5/96. While family remained at Tinker I spent two tours in Saudi Arabia (Desert Storm) then assigned to 14-month unaccompanied tour at Camp Humphreys, South Korea. Returned to US and reassigned to Offutt AFB, NE in 5/96. Sent to United Arab Emirates for 100-day tour of duty beginning 3/97. Retired from the military with 20+ years active duty 5/98. Started work as Computer System Administrator with Department of Defense contractors in the US Strategic Command Headquarters building at Offutt AFB on 11/98. Employed by General Dynamics - Network Systems from 8/03 to 10/04. Recruited 10/04 by Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) to support the new multi-year support contract at USSTRATCOM HQ. Recruited by Booz Allen Hamil
Bridgewater Raritan High Sch ' 87
Bridgewater , NJ
About My Work Life Check out my web page at:
About My Personal Life To find out more about me, just check out my web page at any one of these addresses: or or
Poudre High School ' 78
Fort Collins , CO
About My Personal Life Working in Denver for Raytheon.
Overbrook High School ' 53
Philadelphia , PA
About My Personal Life Programmer
Lincoln Community ' 07
Stanwood , IA
About My Personal Life Don't know as company has just closed and will be relocating when employment (accounting field) is found.
Amelia High School ' 83
Batavia , OH
About My Personal Life Still living in Cincy.
Cortez High School ' 72
Phoenix , AZ
About My Personal Life back in college
New Caney High School ' 01
New Caney , TX
About My Personal Life not much
Buhler High School ' 75
Buhler , KS
About My Personal Life Hey all !! would be nice to see everyone now. my email is drop me a line
Hermiston High School ' 85
Hermiston , OR
About My Personal Life Back here in Hermiston, I work at the Army Depot now. Married again with my beautiful Wife who I met while statione in Japan. Mike Hoffman
South High School ' 77
Pueblo , CO
About My Personal Life I'M still alive.
Mira Mesa High School ' 85
San Diego , CA
About My Personal Life working for PEARSON FORD selling cars, so ask for me
Pequea Valley High School ' 80
Kinzers , PA
About My Personal Life Great racquetball player in great shape!
The Dalles High School ' 92
The Dalles , OR
About My Personal Life I've been living in Portland, OR since '92. I am currently working for Intel Corp. doing architectural layouts for their cleanroom manufacturing sites.
Orange High School ' 71
Orange , NJ
About My Personal Life I am an artist also working in the computer networking field.
Grove City High School ' 88
Grove City , OH
About My Personal Life I've lived a pretty good life so far!
University School Of Nova Univ ' 95
Fort Lauderdale , FL
About My Personal Life GW Law
Thomas Jefferson High School ' 83
Port Arthur , TX
About My Personal Life Hi everyone. I'm still in the Air Force and only have 3 years to go until retirement. Traveled a bit and seen the world, or most of it anyway. Married my high school sweetheart, Erika, and we have had 17 wonderful years, and have been blessed with 3 wonderful kids. Richard, 16, looks like his momma, Nicholas, 13, looks a lot like me with Erika's eyes, and Kayla, 10, is a beautiful little girl, with her momma's good looks and my coloring. We also have 5 four-legged "kids" that are completely members of the family. Sometimes I believe that they think they are human too. All 5 are pure-bred Samoyeds, with personalities of their own.Love my life, hate Kansas, but who knows where the future will bring us to? Love to hear from anyone who remembers us, so drop a line if you can. Mike
St Pius X High School ' 67
Albuquerque , NM
About My Personal Life Still a Boy Scout!!
Island Trees High School ' 79
Levittown , NY
About My Personal Life How come bowling team's not listed? Varsity Bowling '76 - '79
Denison High School ' 64
Denison , TX
About My Personal Life Graduated from Texas A&M in 1968. Graduate degree from Arizona State University in 1974. Retired from the Air Force in 1991 after nearly 23 years service.
Scarsdale High School ' 92
Scarsdale , NY
About My Personal Life I am a lawyer
Irmo High School ' 96
Columbia , SC
About My Personal Life I have gotten my AFA in performence from Brevard College and now am working on my BA in Computer Science.
Hillwood Comp High School ' 87
Nashville , TN
About My Personal Life Studying for MDiv degree at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. No, I wasn't a Christian in High School. God's plan of salvation was revealed to me my third year at Auburn!
Southwest High School ' 91
Jacksonville , NC
About My Personal Life I am back in college at UNC-Charlotte with a major in History and a minor in Political Science.
Dulaney High School ' 80
Timonium , MD
About My Personal Life Sales Rep
Sonia Mon
Renata Marticorena
About My School Life I have been getting teased most of my jr. high year but that shit had to stop i grew some balls and now i dont fuck around with nobody.
About My Work Life my work life is awsome i get all of my hatchetgear half off and free autographs from all the physcopathic family.
About My Personal Life Well i am a juggalo if you dont know what that is welll than too bad sucks to be you because wicked clowns will never die and im a juggalo for life bitches. So im going out like this to all juggalos. WOOP!!!! WOOP!!!!
About My Work Life Tough. long hours, dealing with the public, employees, and co-workers but i love my job.
About My Personal Life i love outdoor activites. Hunting, Fishing, Spending time with family, friends, and party's.
About My School Life i loved school. miss my friends and loved ones.
Mountain View High School ' 99
Tucson , AZ
Tucson, AZ
Cristy Duckworth
College Park High School ' 73
Pleasant Hill , CA
Walnut Creek, CA
Amber Doss
Boyertown Area Senior High School ' 74
Boyertown , PA
Boyertown, PA
Michael Hoffman
Perry High School ' 94
Perry , IA
Des Moines, IA
Clive, IA
Altoona, IA
Tom Murray
Franklin D. Roosevelt High School ' 68
Brooklyn , NY
Long Island University ' 85
Brooklyn , NY
Brooklyn College ' 73
Brooklyn , NY
Brooklyn, NY
Manhattan, NY
Doris Pincus
Michael Hoffman
Berea High School ' 01
Berea , OH
Univ Of Toledo ' 08
Toledo , OH
Toledo, OH
Kevin Ayers
Meredith Baugher
Karoline Maciak
Campbell Co High School ' 94
Gillette , WY
Mn W Cmty/Tech College, Jackson ' 04
Jackson , MN
Gillette, WY
Kolin Brown
Deltona High School ' 02
Deltona , FL
Chicago, IL
Michael Hoffman
Pottstown Senior High School ' 87
Pottstown , PA
Clarion Univ Of Pennsylvania ' 90
Clarion , PA
Pottstown, PA
Ruth Bartelt
Sherry Christman
Amy Anderson
Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Hs ' 86
Ravena , NY
Louisiana, MO
Jacksonville, NC
Oceanside, CA
Napoleon High School ' 68
Napoleon , OH
Bakersfield College ' 71
Bakersfield , CA
Grass Valley, CA
Hamilton High School ' 70
Hamilton , OH
Wright State University ' 83
Dayton , OH
Columbia, SC
Madison High School ' 92
Madison Heights , MI
Curry Caldwell
Tony Gemolas
Timothy Wright
Bridgman High School ' 88
Bridgman , MI
Dustin Valade
Commerce High School ' 91
Commerce , TX
Rhonda Close
Lacy Williams
Mindy Reynolds
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