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Crawford Senior High School ' 67
San Diego , CA
Memphis, TN
Michael Gates
Pamela Fox
Janis Henry
Other My Name is??? 1962 “Hey son, you’re really Italian. Gates is not your real last name.” My father was a notorious story teller so I believed this was just another story. He had a smile on his lips and a chuckle in his voice. It was true with HIS dark hair brown skin and rotund beer belly he did look Italian. Warren looked like a California surfer with too long hair, too thin frame and a looked of continual disgust on his face. He knew everything at the age of 13 years old. “Who told you this, Pop?” “My father.” “What’s grandpa’s real name?” “Oh, his name is Robert Gates” “That doesn’t sound very Italian to me…” “Well, this story is about what his father told him.” “Oh yeah, well what was his father’s real name anyway?” “That’s part of the story…your great grandfather was in Italy and he knew that almost everyone he knew was on their way to America. CONTACT ME @warrengoetz
Rainier High School ' 75
Rainier , OR
Bangor, ME
Michael Gates
What's your favorite article of clothing? designer clothing
South San Antonio High School ' 68
San Antonio , TX
Michale Kersh
About My School Life
About My Personal Life Enjoying life with my wonderful wife and family. My email address is
About My Work Life Retired from the Army and have a beautiful family.
Jefferson High School ' 86
Portland , OR
C Tyrone Washington
About My Personal Life Whos out there
Columbus North High School ' 86
Columbus , IN
About My Personal Life Married for several eons and working as an over the road truck driver
Belleville High School-west ' 90
Belleville , IL
Bethany College ' 94
Lindsborg , KS
About My Personal Life Upon graduation I headed to Bethany College in Lindsborg, Ks. I played football and was apart of many of the student groups. I graduated in the Fall of 94 with my B.A. in Communications. I did many different jobs until I got hired by the St. Clair Co. Sheriff's Dept as a Correctional Officer. I woked in the jail for 6 1/2 years. I then took a job doing concrete foundations/basements for a year. That led me to my current sales postion with Schwend's Ready Mix. I have been married for almost 6 years to Christy (Ruppel), she is originally from Sandoval, Il. We have a 3 year old girl named Taylor. She is a joy to have!! We still reside in Belleville on the east end of town.
Grace King High School ' 90
Metairie , LA
About My Personal Life it is what it is
Moscow Senior High School ' 95
Moscow , ID
About My Personal Life Working. And trying to finsh up in College. degree earn
Rudyard Senior High School ' 92
Rudyard , MI
About My Personal Life i didn't actually graduate with this class, but i am still considered part of the graduation according to my diploma. i actually dropped out of the eleventh grade and ended going to the kinross consolidated school for my senior year. I think it was the best thing for me to because i did the best in school than i ever did all A's and one B. Tate use to always call me little Mikey because he likes it. Todd F showed me how to make cool spit wadds with a whole peice of paper. Then he hit Mr. Kimichick in the back of the head with it. Yeay it was kind of fucked up, but still funny. Well as of today i am in the Army stationed in Korea as an MP 552nd military police company. I was it the Navy for three year did not like it so I joined the Army and I hate it too. I have one more year to go then I will go work for my father. I am married to Maria Dean, I have one baby girl she is two and 1/2 her name is Destiny Deana
John Adams High School ' 74
Cleveland , OH
About My Personal Life Still here.
Sullivan Central High School ' 93
Blountville , TN
About My Personal Life I graduated from the University of Georgia in December 2000. I am now working as a Athletic Coordinator for Aiken Parks and Recreation Department, in Aiken SC.
Essex High School ' 71
Essex Junction , VT
About My Personal Life My sons (ages 22 & 24 live in Arizona, the youngest is a Club Pro at Pepperwood Country Club in Tempe and the oldest is an architect (graduate of ASU)in Phoenix. I am an Environmental Engineer.
Ottumwa High School ' 90
Ottumwa , IA
About My Personal Life Finished 4 years of college, now I have a family and I work as a computer professional and also work in law enforcement.
Marina High School ' 93
Huntington Beach , CA
About My Personal Life Well, I am still making video and computer games. I met my wife Kelly and married her 3 years ago. We bought a house in Huntington Beach and my wife gave birth to a kick ass baby boy 2 years ago. His name is also Michael. Things couldn't be better. post:Jan.11,2000
Quitman Co Area Voc School ' 83
Marks , MS
About My Personal Life I am currently working with the Mississippi State Department of Health as an Environmental Programs Coordinator. I also serve as a Health Physicist Liason with the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station. I teach freshman Biology part-time at Hinds Community College in Raymond, Mississippi.
About My Personal Life Receiving lots of unsolicited messages in my email account from people I used to know. No I don't have children.
Thornton Twp High School ' 75
Harvey , IL
Daytona Beach Cmty College, Daytona ' 07
Daytona Beach , FL
Anchorage, AK
Michael Gates
Turner High School ' 81
Kansas City , KS
Boise State University ' 08
Boise , ID
Kansas City Kansas Cmty College ' 86
Kansas City , KS
Nampa, ID
Columbia, MD
Kansas City, KS
Gwen Cooper
Jody L. Dalton
David Ptomey
Itasca High School ' 95
Itasca , TX
Itasca, TX
Normal Com High School ' 81
Normal , IL
Jenifer Phillips
Ron Gates
Brian Phillips
East Pennsboro Area High Sch ' 95
Enola , PA
Gina Hales
Theresa Helmly
Baytown Christian Academy ' 89
Baytown , TX
Tessie Gates
Central High School ' 98
Elkhart , IN
Southeast Hth Prof/Int Std Hs ' 89
Kansas City , MO
Great Valley High School ' 78
Malvern , PA
Mentor High School ' 98
Mentor , OH
Thomas Jefferson High School ' 86
Denver , CO
Montebello High School ' 77
Montebello , CA
Iroquois High Magnet Acad ' 85
Louisville , KY
Eddyville - Blakesburg High School ' 12
Eddyville , IA
East High School ' 92
Rochester , NY
Benson High School ' 71
Portland , OR
Detroit Community High School ' 01
Detroit , MI
Northeast Jones Jr Sr High Sch ' 87
Laurel , MS
Columbus North High School ' 86
Columbus , IN
Pioneer Cont High School ' 90
Elk Grove , CA
Richmond High School ' 94
Richmond , IN
Essex High School ' 71
Essex Junction , VT
Univ Of Vermont ' 75
Burlington , VT
Corvallis High School ' 02
Corvallis , MT
Upper Darby Senior High School ' 09
Upper Darby , PA
Itasca High School ' 95
Itasca , TX
Crawford Senior High School ' 67
San Diego , CA
Thomasville High School ' 03
Thomasville , AL
Carthage High School ' 75
Carthage , NY
Grace King High School ' 90
Metairie , LA
Cheboygan High School ' 70
Cheboygan , MI
Columbus North High School ' 86
Columbus , IN
Kaiserslautern High School ' 98
Apo - Kaiserslautern , AE
Gentry High School ' 83
Indianola , MS
Massapequa Christian Academy ' 96
Massapequa , NY
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