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Fresno High School ' 84
Fresno , CA
Lori Clardy
John Montez
Michele Mattos
Who Is This, An Impostor?????

Just in case noone has figured out the similarities as of yet, my profile and that of Paul David Watkins can easily be cross-referenced.  We are the same person.  Michael Wayne VanMeter is my birthname; I am an adoptee, and am searching for my birth-mother/father/siblings.  I am not doing such as to interfere with their respective lives; rather, to (for lack of a better term) 'fill-in-the-blanks'.  If anyone is able to be of assistance (real, not presumed), please feel free to contact me.                            Wink Thank you.

Southport High School ' 96
Indianapolis , IN
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Woodside, CA
Dwight C Vanmeter
Agnes E Vanmeter
Delphos, OH
Delphos, OH
Margaret E Vanmeter
Wesley R Van
Margaret E Vanmeter