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Connally High School ' 84
Waco, TX
About My Personal Life Met my husband in our sophomore year and we married in 1986. Worked with Baylor University in their paleontology department and then dug professionally. My husband and I moved to Houston and had 2 children. When he died in 1999, I started managing an antique art auction gallery. Seems like eons since I was at Connally!! Would love to hear from you all.
Bryan High School ' 68
Omaha, NE
About My Personal Life Upon leaving Omaha in the spring of 68' I continued my education in Tucson,Az where I went on to the U of AZ. I studied journalism until I realized I would not make a living inless I was Lois Lane. Where I changed to photo journalism.My son and daughter were both born in Tucson. My daughter passed away in 97 and left 3 lovely grandchildren for me. My son is now 21 and works for the state of WA and is almost done with his B.A. I live in the great Pacific Northwest out in the counrty and love it. The only I photograph now is nature. My work over the eons has been mostly for record covers(remember those?) calenders and cards. I enjoyed free-lance the last 20 years. I'm semi-retired by choice. My husband Ken and I have been married 10 years. If you have to pull out your yearbook like I did to put a face with the name, I was a wallflower. I studdered,you can't shut me up now. I got very involved in politics in the 70's and
About My Personal Life married for almost 3 years. live in charlotte, nc. went to meredith college.