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John Hersey High School ' 90
Arlington Heights , IL
Univ Of Kansas ' 92
Lawrence , KS
Lawrence, KS
Lisa York
Tamera Odom
Bryan Whiting
Things I used to believe as a kid ...that reincarnation  never existed...
Money vs. enjoying my job I believe that when you are happy, you open yourself up to the possibility of creating alot of money.  Negetive feelings close you off to so much more.  Choose happiness!!!!!
Melvindale High School ' 93
Melvindale , MI
Washtenaw Cmty College ' 08
Ann Arbor , MI
Allen Park, MI
Brian Pickens
About My Personal Life I did the unthinkable and became a Mrs. on August 30th, 1999. I work at University of Michigan as a web designer and am working toward eventually getting a master's degree in art. I live in New Boston, have no kids and plan on never having kids. I have nieces and nephews that I can borrow. :) In my free time, I write screenplays and have done well in contests as well as won some internet awards for them. I'm also in an electronica band. My website is at
Mcloud High School ' 99
Mcloud , OK
Tulsa Community College ' 03
Tulsa , OK
Rose State College ' 01
Oklahoma City , OK
Newalla, OK
About My Personal Life Very Very busy with a two year old and an one year old.
Carlsbad High Sch-phoenix Pgrm ' 99
Carlsbad , NM
Yolanda Franco
Amy Bailey
Jessie Berger
Who?s the one friend from elementary school do you wish you could talk to and why? CoolMy freind Lane Martin & Josh masters because they were cool & always listened plus I had a seceret crush on both of them.
Portage High School ' 88
Portage , IN
Sharon Brown
Kimberly Smith
Jennifer Starr
About My Personal Life I am married (16 years) with two daughters. I homeschool both children (ages 14 and 11). Contact me at
Minot High School ' 89
Minot , ND
Diane Hedlund
Diane Hedlund
Diane Hedlund
About My Personal Life I live in Augusta, GA with my husband of almost 4 years, Hank, and my three children: Emily-14yrs, Nathan- 12yrs, and Henry "Bubba" -2.5yrs. I'm lucky that I don't have to work so I can be at home for my kids. We stay very busy with orchestra, chorus, drama club, gifted program and school activities and of course having a toddler in the house always keeps us busy!
About My School Life I loved being involved in track as well as all the other activities. It's great being able to share those stories of growing up with my children now that they're getting older! Especially the ones about how we WEREN'T allowed to use calculators on tests! To my kids... that's unheard of and cruel punishment! LOL
Rondout Valley High School ' 83
Accord , NY
Karin Marcinko
About My Personal Life Living in Red Hook NY
Blue Springs High School ' 92
Blue Springs , MO
About My Personal Life I have a wonderful life with my husband Brian and our two girls Lauren and Emma.
About My Work Life I will be graduating in May of 2006 with a Master's in Education from KU in Exercise Physiology. Plan on working in an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation unit at a local hospital.
Wayne High School ' 91
Wayne , WV
About My Personal Life i am a very happy person with 2 wonderful children and i also have an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting
Grandview Christian School ' 05
Grandview , MO
About My School Life School was fun...I miss all my buddies, though. It's been a long time. People tend to turn their backs if you 1) get married or 2) get pregnant after high school. Grandview is SO much different now, since they've got the new building (gym). It's not a good kind of different. Maybe in appearance, but those kids are lost.
About My Work Life I take care of my dad, actually. He has Parkinson's Disease, and needs full time care. That is my job for now.
About My Personal Life I got married June 18, 2005.....Lovin EVERY minute of it! I have the greatest husband alive....his name is Jordan Mills, and he is absolutely wonderful. He's a graphic designer for a company called Athlete- Technology (, and we want kids in about 3 or 4 years. Other than that, I'm still loving to sing....and wanting to do that the rest of my life. I'm also wanting to get involved with the youth group at our church, Turning Point Church (formerly known as Loma Vista A/G
Rhea Co High School ' 91
Evensville , TN
About My Personal Life I live in Bartlett, Tn. It's a suburb of Memphis. Married to Jamie for 12 years with 2 daughters, Lexie & Ivey. I am a registered nurse at The Med, my husband is a project engineer at the airport.
Fulton High School ' 89
Middleton , MI
About My Personal Life I am an STNAR at a nursing home in Ohio. I have two dogs, and am currently taking classes for medical transcriptionist. You can email me at baby_girl20771@yahoo.
Elyria High School ' 97
Elyria , OH
About My Personal Life forktruck operator
Broadway High School ' 02
Broadway , VA
About My Personal Life Right now I am living with myh fiancee' and working as a telephone operator and dispatcher for Yellow Cab in Harisonburg, Virginia.
Cornwall Central High School ' 75
Cornwall , NY
About My Personal Life I am divorced and have twin teenagers (boy and girl) and an older son. I work 2 jobs and am looking for a warmer climate to live in.
Paxton High School ' 94
Paxton , FL
About My Personal Life i am a pharmacist in montgomery
Central Catholic High School ' 97
Melbourne , FL
About My Personal Life On July 21st of 2001 Patrick Kile and I will be getting married here in Melbourne. Patick will continue to teach at Cocoa Beach Junior Senior High for another year and then we plan to move to Georgia. I will be finishing school down here in Florida and countine to work at Rockledge Animal Clinic.
Elbert County Comprehensive High School ' 91
Elberton , GA
About My Personal Life I am still living in Bowman and I married Ryan Mills and we have two children- Brett 5 and Tanner 2. I am still working at PJ Therapy were I have been for 10 years.
Orangefield High School ' 97
Orangefield , TX
About My Personal Life I am still working as a bookkeeper at Foxworth Real Estate in Beaumont. I married Jake Mills in April '99 and we live in Vidor. We have a baby boy named Cade who we both adore. He was born March 27, 2002. He is so much fun. We can't imagine our lives without him now. I would love to hear from anyone. Please email me!
Ansley School ' 97
Ansley , NE
About My Personal Life I am graduated from Nursing school and waiting to take state borads for my RN license. I am married to Neil Mills. We were married July 17, 1999. I am currently working at ST. Frances Medical center in Grand Island.
Blue Springs High School ' 92
Blue Springs , MO
About My Personal Life Received a BA in Psychology from Missouri Western State College. Founded the Mystics Dance Team at Missouri Western and was the assistant to the Vice-President on cross-cultural issues. I got married in 1996 to Brian Mills (Raytown South '89). Brian also has a Psychology major and graduated in May of 2000 with a master's in Occupational Therapy from Rockhurst University. We had a baby girl named Lauren Alexa on October 26, 1999. I am currently working towards a master's in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kansas.
East Mecklenburg Sr High Sch ' 92
Charlotte , NC
About My Personal Life Live in Raleigh, NC
Mt Whitney High School ' 90
Visalia , CA
About My Personal Life Traveled some and have settled in S. Diego (for now anyway) Trying my best to be a writer, but working in telecommunications right now.In high school I was w/Natalie Fistolera, Danny White, & Lisa Grant mostly. Would be happy to hear from any MWHS 90'ers out there. Feel free to write to e-mail address.-Melissa
Jolene Stimson
Yolanda Littlejohn
About My Personal Life I was born in California, lived there til I was 15 at which time I moved to Arizona and finished half of my sophmore year until I graduated in 1996. I have been married for 7 years. This May 16th will be our 8th anniversary. My husband, Matthew, and I have 3 children: Mattison is our eldest boy of 7 yrs, Ethan our youngest boy at 6 yrs and ElisahMarilyn (pronounced like Alyssa, we just spell it diff) our daughter at 4 yrs. We have a beautiful family and have enjoyed every minute of it. I continued to live in Arizona for 3 years after we were married and then in 2001 we decided to have a change of scenery by moving to Iowa. We have been here for 5 years and are going to relocate in Arizona. We feel it is time to return home. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
About My School Life I started to attend Chino Valley High School in the middle of my sophomore year. So as you can imagine it was a difficult way to start and finish my high school years. It
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West Brunswick High School ' 98
Shallotte , NC
Brunswick Community College ' 09
Supply , NC
Shallotte, NC
Robin Hewett
Commodore Perry School ' 86
Hadley , PA
Clarks Mills, PA
Tracy Macpherson
Tanya Broadbent
North Side High School ' 98
Fort Wayne , IN
Brown Mackie College, Ft Wayne ' 03
Fort Wayne , IN
Fort Wayne, IN
Michael Long
Patrick Story
Amy Berry
James M Bennett High School ' 02
Salisbury , MD
Salisbury, MD
Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill
Melissa Mills
North Thurston High School ' 98
Lacey , WA
Paso Robles, CA
Jesse Channel
Jerod Jensen
Sara Langford
Mona Shores Senior High School ' 93
Norton Shores , MI
Linda Churchill
Darlene Pearson
Bruce Barclay
Oswego High School ' 89
Oswego , NY
Danny Darling
U S Grant Joint Voc School ' 80
Bethel , OH
James Westrick
Kathy Didday
Jim Mandel
Edgewood High School ' 88
West Covina , CA
Christina Gunshefski
Laura Krone
Wendy Reahle
James M Bennett High School ' 01
Salisbury , MD
George Corbin
Christopher Beasley
Brighton High School ' 90
Salt Lake City , UT
Robert Johansen
Pampa High School ' 84
Pampa , TX
Lori Irvine
Denise Sadberry
Suzanne Brisson
Valley View High School ' 97
Moreno Valley , CA
Donald Butler
Shantel Pack
Shannon Sweat
T Wingate Andrews High School ' 81
High Point , NC
Kristen Cornejo
Russell School ' 99
Russell , IA
Jason Hurst
Paint Branch High School ' 81
Burtonsville , MD
Nancy Patterson
Nancy Patterson
Coon Rapids High School ' 01
Coon Rapids , MN
Hilary Brezinka
Amerita Mccullough
Amerita Mccullough
Del Rio High School ' 01
Del Rio , TX
Chad Schafer
Gilbert High School ' 93
Gilbert , AZ
Malchi Crawford
Dunbar High School ' 86
Dayton , OH
Steve Moore
Goose Creek High School ' 75
Goose Creek , SC
Carson Williams
Desoto High School ' 99
Desoto , TX
Mandisa Brown
Freeport High School ' 87
Freeport , IL
Preston Thompson
Maurice Mcdonough High School ' 97
Pomfret , MD
Melisssa Mills
Aaron Torian
Carolina High School Academy ' 89
Greenville , SC
Greenville Tech College, Barto ' 07
Greenville , SC
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