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Places Lived
South Fork High School ' 00
Stuart, FL
Vero Beach, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Garron Spencer
Courtney Portee
Petrina Oconnor
About My Personal Life n/a
Bangor High School ' 01
Bangor, ME
Bangor, ME
Worst movie i have seen Lets see... Hood of the living dead. They tried to make a low budget movie of Night of the living dead LOL and it SUCKS... I have over 100 DVD's thats one of them
Best and worst high school memories The best was having friends like Mike  B and jason P. They were great. I dated Jason P but let him go BIG mistake. I miss him.
Communication in a Relationship I am in a relationship now And the answer is NO... He just doesn't listen. We have been dating now for 11 months and i asked him to move in with me in june after we have dated for a year and he said no. I am kinda upset cause i don't now why... He says cause he was hurt by his ex wife but he dated a woman right after that and was with her everynight. And he only comes every other night here. I am thinking maybe he just doesn't love me like i want him to. I love him with ALL my heart but i just don't now what to do. I want a man who likes to be with me. And can't wait til he can ki
Grand Blanc High School ' 00
Grand Blanc, MI
Mott Cmty College ' 04
Flint, MI
Plantation, FL
About My Personal Life I am an outgoing fun and flirty 24 year old. If you knew me in high school I have not changed all that much. Other than the fact that I have grown up a lot. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, Alison. She will be starting kindergarten this year (which makes me sad....she grew up so fast). I am going back to Mott to finish my nursing in the winter semester. Hopefully this time nothing will go wrong and I will finish by the following Spring semester.
About My School Life I wasn't the most popular person in high school but I did have a lot of true friends. I was so outgoing that I would befriend almost anyone who would speak to me. I am still that way. You can never have too many friends and acquaintances. I was big in sports although I was unable to play a lot of them. I was also part of SADD from freshman to senior year. I still feel strongly about not drinking and driving. So if you drink and drive please don't even talk to me. I would hat
Oshkosh West High School ' 89
Oshkosh, WI
Marian College ' 97
Fond Du Lac, WI
Oshkosh, WI
About My Personal Life I am currently teaching physical science at North and West.
Alfred Bonnabel High School ' 89
Kenner, LA
William Miller
David Stark
Sabrina Adamson
What I would do if I found my hated next-door neighbours' wallet i would still go give it to that person or leave it on doorstep if i hated them to awful ly Undecidedbad
Smoky Hill High School ' 02
Aurora, CO
Annette Coakley
About My Personal Life I am originally from Aurora, Colorado but moved to Louisiana in 2002 to go to school and get away from home for a while. I am a bartender in Shreveport at a New Orleans style restaurant named Copelands and I love my job! Some of my friends call me a lush... but when you can drink and paid to do it, who wouldn't??? Also in Shreveport the only thing to do is go out to the bars so its hard not to paint the town red every once in a while. I have a fabulous roomate who i love. She's the first girl that I've lived with and truely been able to get along with and I also have a great group of friends that act like my family when i need anything.
About My School Life I am in my last year of school at Northwestern finishing up my accounting and business degrees. Its taken five years and a degree change or two but theres finally light at the end of the tunnel!!!
About My Work Life Like I said, I'm a bartender and have been doing so for almost the past four years of my life
Yuma High School ' 84
Yuma, AZ
Richard Hamilton
About My Personal Life nothing
West Perry High School ' 00
Elliottsburg, PA
Jason Eckenrode
About My Personal Life Working 40 hours a week making money to pay on my new jeep.. Living at home in perry, pa yeahhhhh!!!!!
Shenendehowa High School ' 96
Clifton Park, NY
Angel Vaughters
About My Personal Life stay at home mom of 3 girls Alyssa 3 years old Ashley & Abby (Twins) 20 months
West Mesquite High School ' 85
Mesquite, TX
Darrell Walsh
About My Personal Life Hey there... Not much really exciting to tell (sad to admit) but I am living in Shreveport LA now and have a good job working for Benefit Concepts, Inc. Email me and let me know how thing are going.
About My School Life I sure had a good time in school. Can't believe it has been 21 years ago. I guess we have to grow up sometime....
When a Dog Bit Me I was walking to a friends house when I was in about 9th or 10th grade and it bit me on the ASS!  What was so embarrassing was that my brother and a bunch of his friends were playing football in the same field!  It hurt like hell but I didn't show it until after I left.  That damn dog bit a hole right in my shorts....a pair of my favorite shorts!  Oh well, taught me a lesson......if the owner is not around, then the dog might not be so friendly!!!
Getting to and from School Until I had a car, I rode the bus.  My first car was a hand me down '68 Ford LTD then I had a cute littl
Foss High School ' 98
Tacoma, WA
Carma Oaksmith
About My Personal Life This year I am looking forward to spending my time: 1) Finishing up my last two quarters of school--I am a senior at The Evergreen State College in OlyWA; 2) finally searching for a career.  I've been married for a little over three years, and aside from being a wife, a student and debate team assistant, I don't have a "job." I love my friends and my family (yes, even my in-laws are great) and wouldn't mind getting in touch with some long-lost high school pals (who, by the way, can feel free to email me at: honeybee_in_wa AT yahoo dot com).
Camas High School ' 91
Camas, WA
Donita Meyers
About My Personal Life stay at home mom raising 3 beautiful kids. married 16 years.
La Serna High School ' 79
Whittier, CA
Lynn Van Couvering
Silvia Defachelle
Ron Hughes
About My Personal Life Stay at home mom. PTA President
Deuel School ' 93
Clear Lake, SD
Teresa Eastman
About My Personal Life Working at Empi in Clear Lake,
Mazama High School ' 85
Klamath Falls, OR
Karl Shreve
Anthony Black
Steve Black
About My Work Life I work with disabled adults.
About My Personal Life

Well lets see i'm a manager at Reach Inc.  where i care for adults with disablilites.  I am again single after 20 years.  i have four grown childern and 5 wonderful grandkids.  I still live in klamath never seem to leave very long.  Now i stay because i don't want to be away from my grandkids.  Well if anyone knows me they know i have gone through alot the first 10 years i was out of school but all that is behind me now.  So if you remember me then drop me a line more than happy to talk.

What's your favorite time of year? winter
Whitesboro High School ' 97
Whitesboro, TX
Cassandra Bailey(Dickerson)
Breanne Carman
About My Personal Life Just working and still figuring out who the heck I am. ;)
Van Wert High School ' 88
Van Wert, OH
Melissa Anderson
Stella Bohigian
Michael Descamps
About My School Life I really didn't care for school much I strted out in private school.since we moved alot befor i attended VW but I have encouraged my children to do there best! and they have .. My Hobbies in school were Boy's sorry to say but it is so I psycoanalized everyone of them being that i wanted to be a psycologysts when i grew up that fell through but I am a happy well rounded personality type accept for when i get to van wert and bub's old south tends to hurt me lol see ya!! good luck e-me sometime off here at melissa
About My Personal Life Hello, just want to tell everyone still alive and kicking and just became a grandmother of a beutiful baby girl Born Dec 14,04 laney rose kirk my children are great and living well I just re-married in fountain park of van wert on july 30,05 to steve anderson whom i met online over 3 yrs ago we now live in dayton and have added 2 step children joshua and lyndsay age 9,12 They live in colorado with they
Charlestown High School ' 91
Charlestown, IN
Anne Davidson
Jo Ann Sawyer
Karla Broadnax
About My Personal Life I now live in Texas. I have been married for 6 years and I have 4 beautiful girls. 2 step- daughters, Lydia will soon be 13 and Hannah is 11. I have 1 daughter from a previous marriage. Her name is Alexis and she is 9. My youngest, Abeni Kay was born Jan 24, '01. Abeni (pronounced a-ben-ee with a short "a") is a Middle Eastern phrase that means "Child Prayed For". She is now 15 months old and the light of my life. I am now a stay at home mom and I love it. I have started my own business. I provide in-home child care and I love it. (For those of you who remember Mrs. HEHEMAN's class - WOW! Who would have guessed?)Compleated my 6 yr tour with the Air National Guard in 97. Met my husband in New Jersey. (It's a long story!!!) Moved to Texas in 95 and got married in 96. I have 2 dogs and NO farm animals!!!! I miss all of you and would love to hear from y'all! :)
Rancho Buena Vista High Sch ' 98
Vista, CA
Michelle Johnson
About My Personal Life hello hello! Well I never thought i would want to hear about rancho again, but i guess things change! I'm living in long beach, going to school and working full time, i would love to hear about whats been going on with everyone, i have not kept in touch with...and thats just about EVERYONE!!! haha
C H Yoe High School ' 95
Cameron, TX
Melissa Anderson
Nathan Hampton
Karen Henderson
Picayune Memorial High School ' 83
Picayune, MS
Melissa Anderson
Steven Smith
About My Personal Life Well, I finally grew up! Ha! At least that's what I keep trying to convince myself. I graduated from USM in 1994 with a B.S. in Construction Engineering Tecnology. I help my Dad manage his construction company (Frierson Construction Co.) in Picayune. I also have a trucking business. And, in the early part of 2001 I went back to school and got my Real Estate Liscense. I LOVE IT! I am having a great time selling real estate, If you need anything call me. I am married to a wonderful man named Russell "Rusty" Anderson. He is a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army. He works at Camp Shelby, MS. He also coaches our 6 year olds soccor and t-ball teams. We have two great children, Jeremy, 17 (a senior this year), and Eric, 5. Jeremy likes to play tennis, swim, turkey hunt, play his Sega Dreamcast, ride his freestyle bike and his four- wheeler. Also, Jeremy killed his first turkey last season (2001).Eric plays Soccer and T-Ball. He
Robbinsdale Cooper High School ' 91
New Hope, MN
Lisa Underwood
About My Personal Life Wow - I can't believe we're approaching our 10-year reunion. High school seems like a lifetime ago. What have I been up to? Well, I went to UW-Eau Claire, studied in England for a semester (TIME OF MY LIFE!), transferred to the U and earned my degree in Social Work and Psychology. After bouncing around in the social services field I decided to venture into the business world where I came into an awesome meeting planner job which I love. My b/f of 6 1/2 years and I live outside Uptown. Obviously in no rush to get married, but it'll happen someday. Looking forward to seeing people again!
Franklin High School ' 97
Portland, OR
Samantha Hutchison
Teresa Thurman
Ronald Carson
About My Personal Life I am working for the Portland Fire Department as a EMT and part time FireFrighter. I am also in the middle of planning my wedding to a great guy.
Terry Parker High School ' 95
Jacksonville, FL
Jessica Kearley
Timothy Coffey
Tom Muller
About My Personal Life Wow, has it been that long? Let's see, I was married, have a wonderful son and played the military wife role for a bit. Now I'm divorced and living back in Fl, but different than before. I start graduate school in the Fall to finish pursing the CPA license. (I'm almost there!) It would be nice to reunite with some of my old friends, or even meet new ones. Drop me a line sometime!
About My School Life Umm...made a lot of mistakes and can't really remember much.
East Grand Forks Sr High School ' 91
East Grand Forks, MN
Here I am Melissa here many of you knew me as Chewie.  Yes I live in EGF now, moved back a year ago after living in GF for 14 yrs. 

I still live at home, I take care of my mother who is disabled now.
Orem High School ' 96
Orem, UT
About My School Life In High school, I was involved in Band, Jazz Band, a few clubs. Loved helping out in the pit during the school plays. I loved my Accounting, and computer classes. After graduation I attended UVSC for a few years and loved being in Band with some of my high school classmates.
About My Work Life I worked at Hollywood Video for three and half years working my way up to the Store Manager of the Draper store.
About My Personal Life I married Jacob Anderson from the class of 1995 from Orem High School in 1999. We have four children and have lived in Magna for the past 5 years.
Lovelady High School ' 02
Lovelady, TX
About My Personal Life moved back to texas (for now) with dylan (love of my life)....having a baby in july of this year.....a little boy.....currently working at baskin's in crockett...
North East High School ' 97
North East, MD
About My Work Life I stay at home and take care of my three kids (Dominic 6, Jasmine 4, n Courtney 2.
About My Personal Life I love to spend time with my children and my boyfreind. I wonder how the people at school are doing. I hope everyone is doing well. I miss school sometimes and the people that were there. If ya'll want you can email me at or check out my myspace. Hope to hear from you soon.
Saratoga High School ' 90
Saratoga, CA
About My Personal Life Ive been married ten years and have 3 boys with another on the way. Im loving it!!!!
About My Work Life Ive been working for a great pet store for almost 15yrs and just decided to stay home with my boys.It was the best decision ive made.I know lots about animals, but want to know more about my animals (boys)!!!!!!
About My School Life Really, Really hard! I have lots of great memmorys with some really great people and with some not so great people!
Grand Isle School ' 93
Grand Isle, LA
About My Personal Life great!
Quincy High School ' 78
Quincy, MI
About My Personal Life Full!!
Champlin Park High School ' 00
Champlin, MN
About My Personal Life I have a son, Steven, that's 2 years old and I have also been married for 2 years. I get to be a stay at home mom, but I am also trying to find work right now. There's not much to do at home. It been a trip since high school!
Parkland High School ' 90
Winston Salem, NC
About My Personal Life Working and going to school
Heritage High School ' 85
Maryville, TN
About My Personal Life What can I say... I am a recently separated 41 yr old woman with 2 kids living at home. I am looking at going back to school. Sadly the majority of my friends are online, but I hope that going back to school and getting a job will help that. I spend most of my free time running errands, helping with the FHS band when I can and chatting online. I am lucky enough to have friends all over the world my best friends are from Finland and Norway.

As I said I am fixin to go back to school and am looking forward to it, if I can handle
I remember my days at  HHS fondly and sometimes wish I could go back and do it all over again. Maybe this is my chance....LOL

Clovis West High School ' 98
Fresno, CA
About My Personal Life I am happily married going on 8 years. I have a house in the tower district, two children, a boy, and a girl. I have a dog and a cat. You know, the all American family. We are busy with life, working, playing, and having a great time. Hope all my old friends are doing well. Email me if you want...
Iowa School For The Deaf ' 03
Council Bluffs, IA
About My Personal Life Living in burlington and I have a daughter Hazel Hanna, she born in july 2003. I am happy and hope to find my classmates or any other old friends. Pls feel free to email me, I won't bite you.
South Aiken High School ' 92
Aiken, SC
About My Personal Life I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband and two wonderful boys. I LOVE staying home and being with my boys.
West Islip Senior High School ' 97
West Islip, NY
About My Personal Life Deliriously happy
Hall Co Alt Learning Ctr ' 00
Gainesville, GA
About My Personal Life I am a single parent who goes to school part time.
Costa Mesa High School ' 93
Costa Mesa, CA
About My Personal Life I am staying at home to care for my young children.
Alpena High School ' 85
Alpena, MI
About My Personal Life Living life to the fullest.
Tioga Jr Sr High School ' 99
Tioga, ND
About My Personal Life living in fargo
Abington Sr High School ' 79
Abington, PA
About My Personal Life i am married and living in vermont
White Bear Lake High Sch South ' 97
White Bear Lake, MN
About My Personal Life working
John Glenn High School ' 93
Bay City, MI
About My Personal Life I am an OB/Pediatric Nurse.
Hampton Christian High School ' 00
Hampton, VA
About My Personal Life I am currently working at Northrop Grumman, going to school part time and in the process of publishing my first novel.
Woodrow Wilson High School ' 97
Beckley, WV
About My Personal Life WORKING MOTHER OF 2
Lakeview High School ' 98
Lakeview, MI
About My Personal Life Working.
North Caroline High School ' 84
Ridgely, MD
About My Personal Life i am currently working for a fortune 500 company in Indiana.
Taconic Hills Central School ' 96
Hillsdale, NY
About My Personal Life I just recently married the love of my life.....We have a beatiful 3 year old daughter and we are expecting our next child in October!
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