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Places Lived
Carlsbad High School ' 89
Carlsbad, CA
Nancy Nolet Shaw
About My Personal Life I am a "BUDWEISER" Rock&Roll musisian currently touring! 2003
Deptford Twp High School ' 77
Deptford, NJ
About My Personal Life My yearbook bio said I'd like to keep my head above water. Well, so far so good. I left Jersey in 1979 and traveled for a while working on nuclear power plants. We all know what happened to that industry!! I now live in Franklinville, am married for the second (and last) time and have been working for a local engineering company as a structural technician (bridge design, inspecting, etc.). Life has kicked me in the ass once or twice, but for the most part has been very enjoyable. I partied through the eighties as I'm sure most of you did and now have settled down to raise my kids and save for retirement (I plan on doing a lot of fishing in the that spelled right?? Anyway, I hope you are all as happy as I am and that everything goes your way. Fire off an e-mail if you care to. If I don't remember you, I have my yearbook handy. Take care, Mark
Wahpeton Sr High School ' 74
Wahpeton, ND
Kathryn Steffens
Heather Thingvold
Heather Freimund
Decorah High School ' 78
Decorah, IA
Syosset, NY
Jennifer J Brown Jennifer
Paul L Steffens
Paul Karl Steffens