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Places Lived
Alvarado High School ' 73
Alvarado, TX
Hill College, Johnson County ' 75
Cleburne, TX
Fort Lee, VA
Fort Knox, KY
Deborah Adams
Joseph Perry
Melody Cherry
About My School Life I loved school, just was not very good at it.
About My Work Life I work at chic-fil-a in lake mary fl. It is a great place to work lots of great people there. We have the chance to meet so many people each day. It is great to because Joe work in the building right behind us so we are able to ride to work together which with the price of gas these days it a great deal.
How my family got to their city

We were in the MIlitary and when we got out in 1992.We decided to return to my husband home town. We figure with the weather so great i fl most of the time it would be nice.


 We had lived in so many cold places that this was great.


 We enjoyed the traveling we did while in the military


 Would not change a thing about it.


Well those wonderful grandkids are starting to come. My first one is due somewhere around Jan 12-2008-Jan 19-2008.


When she gets here

Plant Senior High School ' 50
Tampa, FL
About My Personal Life semi- retired...travelling....enjoyi ng life
Presentation Academy ' 66
Louisville, KY
About My Personal Life Registered Nurse and Health Care Administrator
Indiahoma School ' 99
Indiahoma, OK
About My Personal Life kljl
South Iredell High School ' 70
Statesville, NC
Virginia Beach, VA
Wintergreen, VA
Hilton Head Island, SC
Amanda Knox
Niki Clontz
Shirley Wheeler
Morrisville Eaton High School ' 68
Morrisville, NY
Ralph Brower
Jim Jenks
Susan Tayntor
High Point High School ' 85
Beltsville, MD
Reavis High School ' 57
Burbank, IL
Frederick High School ' 73
Frederick, OK
Triadelphia High School ' 65
Wheeling, WV