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A C Jones High School ' 97
Beeville, TX
Levi Unger
All grown up I always wondered what it would be like after high I know.  For a while it was fun and games, then it was heart ache and troubles. Finally I found peace and love, and started living  out my dreams rather than sit around waiting for something to just happen.  God took my hand and showed me the road to success and a good life.  He brought my husband and I together, and through trials and tribulations we are who we are today because we believed in him.  I was a wild woman in high school, with drugs, partying, betraying my grama who I lived with at the time. I thought all there was to life was my boyfriend and having fun.  How times change huh?  My family is most important to me and I have to work each day to make sure they are safe and things are held together.  Fun comes after all that is taken care of.  I am far from perfect ....however my life to me now is just that....PERFECT!  i only hope that m
Hubbard High School ' 85
Hubbard, OH
Pam Patton
About My Personal Life I am currently living in the Greenville, S.C. area and I have been here for almost 6 years. I love it here and the weather is beautiful. We hardly ever see snow <huge smile>...and trust me, I don't miss it one bit :)
Hastings High School ' 91
Houston, TX
About My Personal Life Own pool construction business. Live in Willis, 8 miles north of Lake Conroe. My daughters are 6, 5, and 3. Been married for 7 years. Went in the military for 4 years and got out in 2000.
Westbrook High School ' 80
Westbrook, ME
About My Personal Life I am now dis-abled and have been unable to work since 1998, but I do enjoy spending time with my family at home.
Miami Trace High School ' 94
Washington Court House, OH
About My Personal Life Hi guys! I am still living in W.C.H. My employer is Clinton Memorial Hospital in Wilmington. I received my Associates Degree in Applied Business from Ohio University in 1997 and I am trying to get back into school for Nursing. No children or husband.
Sweetwater High School ' 86
Sweetwater, TX
About My Personal Life I have been married to my husband John for 13 years. We live just west of Houston in Katy. My husband is a systems engineer for a computer networking firm in The Woodlands. We moved into a home that we had built just over 2 years ago. We have 3 wonderful little boys. Ryan is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. He loves school and is in accelerated classes. Jace is 8 and in the 3rd grade. He also loves school and I think he loves his teacher too. He and Ryan are both orange belts in Tae Kwon Do. Our youngest is Tyler, who is 5 and in kindergarten. He was born deaf. He had cochlear implant surgery in October. We have great faith that this will improve his hearing and his communication skills. They are all really sweet little guys. We love the Houston area. I never thought that I would say that. I would love to talk to anyone about school memories or anything else.
Vernon High School ' 77
Vernon, TX
About My Personal Life Live in Austin...daughter named Taylor 19...father ...Chris Matthews (also class of 77 VHS)...lives in Dallas
Weatherford High School ' 91
Weatherford, OK
About My Personal Life I married Lance Matthews in August of 1992. We have two girls and a boy. We just moved to the Dallas area this summer. Lance went to work for Nortel Networks in sales and I stay home with our children. I would love to hear from my former classmates as to what and how you are doing?
Hurricane High School ' 80
Hurricane, WV
About My Personal Life I live in NJ, not far from New York City with my husband Tom and son Ryan. I work for Nabisco and have the luxury of working from home. I travel some with my job. I have lived here 11 years and have worked for Nabisco for 10. I no longer play any sports but still am interested in them. Family Website Address -
Ernest W. Seaholm High School ' 86
Birmingham, MI
About My Personal Life I've been in San Francisco almost 7 years now. Michigan was great but I'll never go back! I'm doing very well and I have no complaints. I changed my last name legally to Matthews even though I'm still single because it's just so much easier to spell and pronounce. My fiance and I just got a place together and we're getting ready for our wedding.
Dwight D Eisenhower High Sch ' 93
Shelby Township, MI
About My Personal Life I graduated from Oakland University in June 1999 with a degree in Business Management and currently work for a large health insurance company. I have been married and am currently divorced, I also have a two year old son named Cody.
West Forsyth High School ' 85
Clemmons, NC
About My Personal Life I have been happily married for 11 years to a wonderful man named Charles. We have 2 great boys named David 9, and Brandon 6. We live near Salisbury, N.C. My husband has his own company dealing with tridigital commerce on the internet. He is actually looking for 2 or 3 key people interested in making an extra 2 to 3 thousand dollars a month. This is a computer business, so it can be done from any state. Anyone interested e-mail him. I am a beauty consultant for The Crowning Touch company and doing great! Have you seen or heard from any of the titanides? If so, send them my way. I have gotten so busy with my wonderful life that I have lost touch with all of my high school friends. Feel free to get in touch!!!
Owen Co High School ' 89
Owenton, KY
Livingston, TN
Renaee Gaines
Keenan Suter
John Smither
Bryan Adams High School ' 81
Dallas, TX
Suzanne White
John Navarro
Jennie Matthews
Univ Of South Florida
Tampa, FL
Shane Mele
Richard Mele
Thomas Luther
Alma High School ' 88
Alma, MI
Mary Cain
Stephanie Rodenbo
Cecelia Castillon
Hastings High School ' 91
Houston, TX
Kickapoo High School ' 84
Springfield, MO
West Brook Senior High School ' 98
Beaumont, TX
Roncalli Catholic High School ' 73
Omaha, NE
Hastings High School ' 91
Houston, TX
Armada High School ' 82
Armada, MI
Harrison High School ' 96
Colorado Springs, CO
Lago Vista High School ' 82
Lago Vista, TX
Mesquite High School ' 89
Gilbert, AZ
Dexter High School ' 85
Dexter, MI
Dwight D Eisenhower High Sch ' 95
Houston, TX
Western Christian School ' 86
Covina, CA
Pocono Mountain Senior Hs ' 79
Swiftwater, PA
Benjamin Logan High School ' 88
Bellefontaine, OH
Pine River Middle High School ' 81
Leroy, MI
Hale High School ' 81
Tulsa, OK
Altavista Combined Schools ' 87
Altavista, VA
South Johnston High School ' 93
Four Oaks, NC
Eastern Jr Sr High School ' 85
Greentown, IN
Uniontown, PA
David Brandon Matthews
Catherine V Workman
Lowell B Workman
Burlington, NJ
Darlene S Matthews
Lee D Matthews
Gregory L Matthews
Old Bridge, NJ
Old Bridge, NJ
Matawan, NJ
William Joseph Matthews
Kenneth A Matthews
William Joseph Matthews
Chalmette, LA
Lilburn, GA
Chalmette, LA
Tonya M Jones
Tamika Keeyonna Matthews
Dione Marie Matthews
Palm Bay, FL
Melbourne Beach, FL
Palm Bay, FL
Lasonya Dorothea Huntley
Jason Andrew Matthews
Grayson, GA
Lilburn, GA
Commerce, GA
Donna L Mcnaughton
Jennifer Lynn Moore
Charles S Matthews
Livingston, TN
Livingston, TN
Livingston, TN
Thomas M Mathews
James T Matthews
James D Matthews
Greenbrier, TN
Decatur, AL
Decatur, AL
Robert William Reilly
Rogersville, AL
Rogersville, AL
Rogersville, AL
Ronnie Howard Matthews
Brownsville, TX
Garland, TX
Dallas, TX
Daryl Lynn Matthews
Sharhonda D Matthews
Donald E Matthews
Olympia, WA
Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA
James Allan Matthews
Lee R Matthews
Susan J Matthews
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Patricia Maria Welch
Jeffrey A Matthews
James A Matthews
Orlando, FL
Sanford, FL
Orlando, FL
Jason Andrew Matthews
Duane Carlson Matthews
Jodi A Matthews
Knoxville, TN
Knoxville, TN
Knoxville, TN
Jimmy Frank Matthews
Jimmy Frank Matthews
Zackary S Hawkins
Fife Lake, MI
Burlington, NJ
Fife Lake, MI
Jacquelyn Erma Harp
Charles M Harp
Charles Michael Harp
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