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New Bedford High School ' 98
New Bedford , MA
Alex Valentine
Daniel Weiner
Sara Gonchar
Just some scattered thoughts turned rambling I have struggled all of my life. As a child I was different than every one and did not fit in. Most of my friends were always 10 years older than me. To this day I do not understand why I can relate to them better than my peers. It is as if I was born into the wrong generation. I found myself lost around young adults my age. It is as if they are now just making discoveries that I have learned and overcome many years ago. Over the years I have been able to obtain a hand full of very close friends around my age. Even now our lives are so distant we barely see each other. I have a family, children, responsibilities. They are still free spirits able to come and go as they please, and desire. It is odd, this journey we are on. We are constantly trying to compete, and bring ourselves to the next level. I have come to learn though, power and money do not necessarily bring happiness. Without friends, family and love, their is no one to share any o
Lawrence Free State High Sch ' 99
Lawrence , KS
Jessica Osburn
About My Personal Life I transfered back to KU from CSU last year. I leave for a semester long study abroad in Ronda, Spain where I will be living with a host family and studying spanish. I am still trying to decide on a major, but maybe I'll figure it out while I'm abroad! I hope the past two years have been kind to you!
North Iredell High School ' 97
Olin , NC
About My Personal Life I would say I have done a complete 180 since I graduated. I am definately not the girl most people would probably remember.
Lakewood High School ' 97
Lakewood , OH
About My Personal Life I really enjoy traveling, toured France, Italy and England. Going to hit the East soon. Purchased a new car last year, a Kia Sephia, it's a nice ride, could be faster and have a better system but that can be easily solved. Recently moved into my own apartment, so now I can do wanton acts at my leisure. I work full time and attend CSU and will hopefully receive my bachelors in business management sometime in the near future. Started following The Church of the Subgenius which is funny as hell. Still as immature as ever in my humor and what I like to do for fun. Started into the tattoo fetish but ran out of money and then moved out so no tattoo for me.
Eastern Senior High School ' 90
Voorhees , NJ
About My Personal Life In 1995 I graduated from Rutgers University. In 1998 I married our classmate David Wilkinson on the beach in St Lucia and we currently own a home in Berlin Boro. I am working as a physical therapist asst. and love it! Hope to see everyone at the reunion
Newbury Park High School ' 97
Newbury Park , CA
About My Personal Life I currently am enrolled in my third year at San Diego State University as a Communication major with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in English. I like to party with my Kappa Delta sorority sisters, and love to snowboard. I love San Diego but I have to admit, I do miss Newbury Park...
Mardela Middle And High School ' 78
Mardela Springs , MD
Fort Hood, TX
Bethesda, MD
Mardela Springs, MD
Terry Whiteside
Lawrence D Bell High School ' 76
Hurst , TX
Univ Of Texas, Arlington ' 80
Arlington , TX
Euless, TX
Provo High School ' 93
Provo , UT
Mesa, AZ
Cabot High School ' 88
Cabot , AR
Gregory Henry
Mitt Winstead
Alvarado High School ' 86
Alvarado , TX
Stefanie Bankston
Carolyn Linney
Scott Thomas
Bonne Terre High School ' 79
Bonne Terre , MO
Thousand Islands Secondary Sch ' 89
Brockville , ON
Richard Gahr High School ' 83
Cerritos , CA
Covington High School ' 83
Covington , VA
Mardela Middle And High School ' 78
Mardela Springs , MD
St Lucy's Priory High School ' 84
Glendora , CA
Londonderry High School ' 95
Londonderry , NH
Londonderry High School ' 92
Londonderry , NH
Edward W Clark High School ' 79
Las Vegas , NV
Madison High School ' 80
Madison , VA
South Lakes High School ' 83
Reston , VA
Southeast High School ' 90
Bradenton , FL
Parkersburg High School ' 95
Parkersburg , WV
St Lucy's Priory High School ' 84
Glendora , CA
Lampasas High School ' 87
Lampasas , TX
Detroit, MI
Cement City, MI
Redford, MI
Alan Keith Wilkinson
Brent Lee Wilkinson
Kevin J Wilkinson
Provo, UT
Mapleton, UT
Rachel Elisse Wilkinson
Matthew Joseph Wilkinson
Jonathan Wilkinson
Phoenix, AZ
Westfield, MA
Phoenix, AZ
Patricia E Wilkinson
Douglas J Wilkinson
Michael John Wilkinson
Visalia, CA
Arroyo Grande, CA
Debbie M Wilkinson
Michael Steven Wilkinson
Gregory L Wilkinson
Montgomery, AL
Powell, OH
Waco, TX
Brian R Stertzer
Carol W Stertzer
Julie A Mckiddie
Randolph, MA
Lansing, MI
Lansing, MI
Cindi Joy Holden
Adam Joseph Wilkinson
Lincoln Park, MI
Lincoln Park, MI
Lincoln Park, MI
Ernest G Wilkinson
John Arthur Wilkinson
Louise W Wilkinson
Spotsylvania, VA
Stafford, VA
Stafford, VA
Alicia E Branch
Garfield R Wilkinson
Sang Hui Weyforth
Natchitoches, LA
Sapulpa, OK
Sapulpa, OK
Debbie Rene Jones
Patricia Ann Wilkinson
Lisa Ann Wilkinson
Flint, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Lisa Marie Wilkinson
Kathleen S Lischkge
Kraig Steven Lischkge
Miami Gardens, FL
Miami, FL
Tonya L Wilkinson
Jamaal Ian Wilkinson
Jermaine V Wilkinson
Saint Louis, MO
Godfrey, IL
Saint Louis, MO
Carolyn M Wilkinson
David Vincent Wilkinson
Albert J Wilkinson
Dixon, IL
Dixon, IL
Dixon, IL
James J Wilkinson
Muncie, IN
Muncie, IN
Lima, OH
Kristie Jo Dorsey
Joseph Kent Dickerson
Charlotte M Dickerson
Joppa, MD
Ezra R Wilkinson
Lyndon Anthony Wilkinson
Erlinda Eugene Wilkinson
Vernon, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Vernon, TX
Carl F Wilkinson
William Gregory Morrison
Lisa Marie Shainline
Aurora, CO
Aurora, CO
Berthoud, CO
Zacharia Richard Wilkinson
Zak Wilkinson
Mesa, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Dawn Marie Leahy
Robert P Wilkinson
Christine Wilkinson
Phoenix, AZ
Salome, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Anthony L Wilkinson
George James Wilkinson
Auburn, WA
Uniontown, WA
Auburn, WA
Matthew C C Wilkinson
Clynn James Wilkinson
Mella F Wilkinson
Vestavia, AL
Bessemer, AL
Tuscaloosa, AL
Carolyn Sue Wilkinson
Charles Edward Wilkinson
Alan T Wilkinson
Seattle, WA
Pacheco, CA
Seattle, WA
Elizabeth Jean Wilkinson
Robin L Roe
Michael T Wilkinson
West Lafayette, IN
East Lansing, MI
Indianapolis, IN
Cortney U Wilkinson
Thomasina T Wilson
Dustin D Wilkinson
Jonesboro, AR
Jonesboro, AR
Jonesboro, AR
Karen S Bayless
Darlene D Williams
Calla Mae Pack
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