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Newport High School ' 85
Newport, KY
Northern Kentucky University ' 87
Highland Hght, KY
Bellevue, KY
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith
What's Changed Most

Hey Everyone;

I am sure most of you d

on't remember me.

I never talked much to anyone, or participated much in school.

I was very-very shy.

Anywho; I am a new person now!!

I have 2 girls now.

Melissa is 19 and is going to give me my first grandbaby very soon.

She is due on her 20th birthday on December 1st.

She is also having a girl.

Maryah was 13 in May and is excited about her first niece.

I have lived in Monticello ky for the past twenty something years, then recently moved to Cobbtown Georgia which is next to Savanna and right on the Florida line and we stayed there for a while, now I recently moved back to Bellevue.

I was just wandering what everyone has been up to since sc

North Whitfield High School ' 83
Dalton, GA
Cohutta, GA
Lisa Smith
Public speaking I am not afraid of anything. I can be someones best friend or worst enemy, But I prefer to have friends. I have 2 beautiful daughters, 21 and 18 months old.  I drive a high profile vehical...yea that is fun. I am simple and down to earth.and I live in the country with animals, and lots of space. I am semi happy.
Grand Blanc High School ' 83
Grand Blanc, MI
Mott Cmty College ' 87
Flint, MI
Grand Blanc, MI
Rod Anderson
Robert Wheeler
Michelle Abbott
My Life Summary

Married at age 20, Divorced at age 25.   Raised 3 children with out any help from the x.  Moved upnorth to Ludington Michigan and bought a house on 10 Acres.  Raised my Kids.  Left Michigan and moved to Florida.  At age 43 children grown and gone.  Feeling it might be time to finally try mariage again.  What do ya think.  Only if I can find a man worthy.



Take care everyone.


Lifes too short.

John Jay High School ' 00
San Antonio, TX
Fl Metropolitan Univ, Orlando ' 08
Orlando, FL
Hutto, TX
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Charles Smith
Steven Owens
Kimberly Naticchioni
About My School Life After school i met my hubby and got married in 2002 and then had my daughter. Now i stay at home and take care of her.
About My Work Life I stay at home ant taken care of my daughter
About My Personal Life i have a daughter. she was born in 2003. been married for over 5 years now. If you know me or think you know me you can email me at
Vineland High School ' 77
Vineland, NJ
Rowan University, Glassboro ' 98
Glassboro, NJ
Landisville, NJ
Gail Ressler
Thomas M Perrotti
Robert Gosman
About My Personal Life There is a lot to me. I never fail to enjoy that fact that I am still alive today with two amazing daughters. I am a teacher at a high school and it is my dream job. If you want to know anything, just ask.....
Bellmont High School ' 85
Decatur, IN
Capella University ' 09
Minneapolis, MN
Tri-state Univ, Fort Wayne ' 07
Fort Wayne, IN
Decatur, IN
Susan Nagy
Barbara Johnson
Thomas Van Buskirk
adoption Do you know what it is like to know that the person that gave birth to you gave you up and there is no reason for it.  I feel that I really don't belong anywhere in life, I'm not complete. Don't get me wrong the family that adopted me is very sweet and kind.  But I want to know who my real family is and what they look like.  How would you feel if you were walking down the street and think you saw someone that looked just like you?  I just want to know my family is that so wrong?  I feel in a way that my mother loved me because she gave me up when she could have aborted me, but she didn't why?
Flushing High School ' 76
Flushing, NY
Ny Inst Of Business Tech ' 08
New York, NY
Flushing, NY
Lisa Shapiro
Nancy Lorenz
Cindy Gale
About My Work Life Married for more than 28 years. Have 1 married daughter and 3 daughters in college. Great husband and a great cat.
About My Personal Life Married 30 years with 4 kids....still married! Live in the Flushing area and have successful Plumbing and Heating Business.   Going to be a Grandma any day now.....March 27th, 2007 today.
Haverling Jr Sr High School ' 99
Bath, NY
Elmira, NY
Paulette Smith
About My Personal Life My life is going pretty good. There are some things going on that are quite crazy but whose life isn't
Serrano High School ' 03
Phelan, CA
San Bernardino, CA
Getting married My Madin maiden name is Crane
Monticello School ' 81
Monticello, KY
Central Texas College ' 92
Killeen, TX
Monticello, KY
Lakeland, FL
Winter Haven, FL
About My School Life Hmmm...
About My Personal Life I would love to hear from some old friends... I am married to a wonderful man. We've been married for a little over a year. I have 2 children from a previous marriage--Scott is 21 and Ashley is 19. I also have 2 beautiful grandchildren. Hailey is 2 1/2 and Daniel is 6 months old. I live in Tampa, Florida and drive an hour and a half to work every day. But it's worth it-- I love my job and the people I work with. I love music, from heavy metal to classical. I still play the keyboards; music is a big part of my life. My husband is a musician also and plays several instruments.
About My Work Life I love my job, even though it keeps me very busy.
Smyrna High School ' 96
Smyrna, DE
Bristol, CT
Reno, NV
Providence, RI
About My Personal Life moving around the globe!!
Martinsville High School ' 87
Martinsville, VA
Hohenwald, TN
About My Personal Life

In 2006 our family moved back to Martinsville.  The kids love having resident grandparents!  India is now 13, and David 8.


I hope everyone is well.  You can find me at face book.



Turner Ashby High School ' 80
Bridgewater, VA
Diana Flick
Kristy Johnson
Danny Moyers
Mountains vs. beach vacations

The Beach!  I am definately a Sun person.  I love the surf and sand and of course the sea food.

My favorite vacation was when my husband took me to St. Lucia.  My sis and bro-in-law went as well.

We went horseback riding on the beach, took the saddles off and went into the ocean with the horses!  It was awesome!

The Outter Banks is a yearly  favorite vacationing spot.  I think I got about 80 pds of shells last summer!  My back yard is done up in a beach theme, shells and all.

I love the beach!!!

Marcus-meriden-cleghorn Hs ' 87
Marcus, IA
Gary Hoops
Have you ever had a recurring dream? yes
Webster Academy ' 93
Springfield, IL
Renee Carlow
Renee Carlow
Past Family

Well my memories of my Family are all i have and a few photo's that keep my spirit alive.I remember my Mother's warm smile and compassion and her strong will to live and to fight the battle of cancer that took her and my Father both.My Father's stern beliefs and his onryness.My Brothers fight and willingness to live after his beating in 99.The party's we used to have as younger adults.The fishing trip's we used to take the fight's we used to have and the love we all had for each other.I used to go to my Mom in the morning time and we would sit and have coffee and look over Avon book's b-cause that what she did when she retired from Dcca.(State).She sold Avon lol.

I miss there advise and there love out of all.Now memories of my Baby's oh ya there so special to me in everyway i can't explain.Brenden was not only my son but my buddy he was my angel and my steping stone.He held me up when i fel

Matoaka High School ' 86
Matoaka, WV
Onia Snider
Who I Last Got Angry With

a friend

What are your top 3 flavors of ice cream?

rockyroad,neapolitan,cookies and cream

Hallsville High School ' 93
Hallsville, TX
Kirk Coleman
Melissa Evans
Randi Rowe
About Me...

I'm married and a stay at home Mom with four kids, Felisha 14, Allison 9, Brandon 7 and Timberlee will be 3 on Feb. 18th. I live in Dallas and very active in my childrens school. I volunteer most of my free time at thier school.


I will attend college when Timberlee starts Kindergarden. I will go for a Nursing degree more than likely. I have worked in the Medical field before as a Certified Nurses Assistant.


My husband, Tim is a Stand Up Comedian and works for Comedy Defensive Driving, as a DSI, DSIT, IDC-DSIT -- Driving Safety Instuctor & Trainer.


I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well. I would love to hear from anyone from school. If you would like to talk just email me.

Sequoia High School ' 86
Redwood City, CA
Paul Coats
Michael Sampson
Susan Seitz-west
Love and money i would rather havee love because money doenst always make you happy but love does
What's Changed Most Nothing at All   Smile
Bella Vista High School ' 83
Fair Oaks, CA
Lisa Ellis
Arthur Mcdonald
James Curtis
Family vs. career

Married for 23 years, two children in College, one in Jr High.  My son is in Montana.  My Oldest is going to college locally.  Live in Roseville and have for 21 years.


Working from my home as a Real Estate Agent and just started a Sports equipment and apparel business.


If you need any sports equipment or business apparel, I would love to help.]



Samuel W Wolfson High School ' 85
Jacksonville, FL
Lori Bishop
Keith Hewitt
John Tucker
About My School Life I loved Chorus! It was my life! All my friends were in concert chorus and we had a great time! David Nipper and John Tucker were my best friends! We had so much fun at Six Flags when we were in Jr. High at Dupont. I left Wolfson mid way thru 10th grade. Charlene Cline, Cheryl Smith, Karen Cox and I were all in the soprano section.
About My Personal Life I'm married and have 2 kids (my son is 15 and daughter is 14). I live in Coupeville,Washington on Whidbey Island. I sell real estate. I love music and a good laugh! I married my husband, Bill in 1990 and we lived in Middleburg, Florida for 9 years until he was transferred to Atsugi, Japan. We lived there for 3 years and then we transferred to Whidbey Island, Washington where we have been since 2002.
About My Work Life I sell real estate. I'm in the process of writing 3 different novels (if I can ever get them finished). I've recently started a commercial cleaning company in Florida with my sister, Tamm
Tarpon Springs High School ' 89
Tarpon Springs, FL
Nicole Adams
About My Personal Life TSHS
Attleboro High School ' 86
Attleboro, MA
Dan Kennedy
Christie Lumnah
About My Personal Life I moved to Florida 2 years ago. I am married, and have two wonderful girls. Hope to see you at the Reunion. Please contact me. Lisa 352-666-1384
Antioch Senior High School ' 96
Antioch, CA
Jenifer Vialpando-chavez
About My Personal Life I am married with 2 beautiful daughter
Mayo High School ' 86
Rochester, MN
Michelle Sandoval
About My Personal Life Married with 3 Children
Stuarts Draft High School ' 89
Stuarts Draft, VA
Timothy Swink
Robert Agnor
Chuck Baugher
About My Personal Life I have a wonderful home and a wonderful family. We are living in the Fishersville, Va, area. We have been here for 2 years now. We are really enjoying our time together as a family, as well as, getting to know our neighbors. Just looking to catch up with old friends and reconnect. Good Luck and God Bless everyone that reads this...that we all may find whatever or whomever we are looking for.
About My School Life I was involved in band and many sports, such as: basketball, volleyball,softball,and some track. I worked for Kroger's (on Arch Ave) in Waynesboro, VA, while in high school. I married very young, at the age of 17, while I was a senior. I withdrew myself from school after the second semester...and went immediately to get my GED. I received this the same time all my other classmates did, however, without attending the ceremonies.
About My Work Life I worked a Alcoa Building Products for almost 5 years, then I took a break from work for approxima
Franklin High School ' 87
Reisterstown, MD
Kevin Dussart
About My Personal Life Life is all about living. Live each day as if it was your last! Don't judge others, life is to short. Love them for who they are. True friends are always there, no matter what life throws at them. Live, laugh, love.
Arlington High School ' 81
Riverside, CA
Jeffery Lydon
Jeff Lydon
Marcelo Garcia Jr.
About My Work Life For 18 years I owned and operated GLS Carpet Care, a carpet and upholstery cleaning company. Then in 2003, we began to manufacture a revolutionary tool for carpet cleaners and opened GreenGlides. The response has beeen phenomenal and the growth exponential, maybe someday we can stop growing and pull a profit from it...but for now we live for the business.
About My Personal Life I have four wonderful kids; Valerie- 24, Tanner-19, Savannah-14 and Colton- 13. The oldest two have moved out, so now I just have two at home. I work from home on our manufacturing business which keeps me super busy. Hardly any time to sleep, much less have outside activities, but such is life with a new company. I recently married (9/05) and we work together in the business. You can check our website for recent pics click on the 'about us' section.
King George High School ' 98
King George, VA
Jeremy Melber
About My Personal Life Nothing much to say... married almost 5 years, wonderful 3 1/2 year old daughter, living in King George again, Texas has been post-poned indef.  Baby number two due in December 07.  Hopefully house is built by then :-)
Greater New Bedford Reg ' 90
New Bedford, MA
Lilia Amaral
Other If anyone is looking for me from the class of 1990 at voke tech in new bedford,massachusetts. contact me at this email address: will get back to you.
Haddon Twp Jr Sr High School ' 95
Westmont, NJ
Lisa Ellefsen
Marco Cabrera
Sal Caccavale
About My Personal Life Hey all, it said I had to write something. SOMETHING. Feel free to email me at
Newport Alternative High Sch ' 84
Newport, KY
David Burton
David Burton
William Hall
About My Work Life I guess I can't complain. I had a rough start and "humble begining's" as a youngster; But after I matured my life really started working for me.
About My Personal Life There have been up's and there have been down's. Now that I am older and more mature everything in my life is more stable and happy. I have 2 beautiful daughter's that are 17(yrs) and 10(yrs). I own my own home,I have a dependable auto, a great job in managment so I guess I can't complain.
About My School Life It was rough! But I got through it and I got over it and I am now a better person and a better mother for it.
Bolingbrook High School ' 96
Bolingbrook, IL
Joliet Junior College ' 11
Joliet, IL
Johanna Osten
Favorite walking tour or hiking trail Walking Tour
First time I ditched class I wanted to have boys over at the house. I think I was a sophmore. That was the worst decision I made because they pulled the car into the garage so my neighbors wouldnt notice the car & when they did that they stole my fathers chain saw, electric razor, & some sunglasses.
My best subjects at school Math, English & writing
My namesake My mom shares her birthday with Elvis & she was always a big fan so I was named after Lisa Marie Presley.
The kind of candy I would want to be Dove dark chocolate bar sipped in peanut butter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
My favorite sweets Anything that involves dark chocolate
Minor High School ' 85
Adamsville, AL
Carolyn Ray
Shawndy Baird
About My Personal Life Happily married for 11 years with 2 children.
Wheaton North High School ' 79
Wheaton, IL
Mary Sparkman
About My Personal Life I have been married for 21 years to Perry Smith, from Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, Il. We live in Tucson, Arizona and are both Realtors. We have 3 daughters that are 17, 15 and 12.
Aurora East High ' 94
Aurora, IL
Colleen Berrios
Andrea Mills
About My Personal Life i recenty live in oswego looking for old friends on here to catch up with
Birch Run High School ' 01
Birch Run, MI
Jeramy Ryan
About My Personal Life I moved to L.A. in 2003. I am an Architectural Designer for a small firm in Malibu. I have been with my boyfriend, Michael who is a professional stuntman since October 2003.
Benton Harbor High School ' 87
Benton Harbor, MI
Annette Page
About My Personal Life keeping it real
Alleman High School ' 92
Rock Island, IL
Kim Dillender
About My Personal Life I am the office manager of a busy Occuaptional Health clinic in Davenport
Owasso Senior High School ' 84
Owasso, OK
Cindy Hoover
Randall Simpson
About My Personal Life currently a student finishing my degree in education, happily married for 15 years
Liberal High School ' 88
Liberal, KS
Paul J-m
About My Personal Life Vice President of Operations for a Real Estate Investment Firm just outside of New York City.
Southview High School ' 87
Sylvania, OH
Dave Eisel
Gavin Bodell
About My Personal Life restaraunt manager
James Madison High School ' 78
Vienna, VA
Susan Spencer-ray
About My Personal Life Happily married, raising our kids and still in NoVa (happily!). Not working outside the home at this time. Keeping busy with normal MOM-stuff!
Crescent Valley High School ' 85
Corvallis, OR
Scott Baxter
Carla Schmidt
About My Personal Life Living, working, and going to school in Salem Oregon
Angleton High School ' 87
Angleton, TX
Nicole Polleck
About My Personal Life everything
Coatesville Area Sr High Sch ' 73
Coatesville, PA
Kathy Blevins
Alan Chilcote
Donna Closson
About My Personal Life I work as a Socialworker, doing casemanagement for AFC homes.
Roscommon High School ' 80
Roscommon, MI
Patty Janisse
About My Personal Life I live in Grand Blanc, MI and work for a homebuilder in their Information Systems department.
Moberly Senior High School ' 84
Moberly, MO
Cindy Hawkey
Julie Schultz
About My Personal Life I'm a busy, self-employed, "cheer" mom. No time for much of anything else!
Chatham Hall ' 83
Chatham, VA
Elizabeth Dickerson
About My Personal Life I am VP- of Clinical Services for a physician practice management group in Davidson, NC. I just had my second son 10 weeks ago, and will start back to work in 2 weeks.
Miami Springs Sr High School ' 80
Miami Springs, FL
Traci Melgar
About My Personal Life i am working as a teacher and tutoring children at my church on the side.
Jacksonville High School ' 93
Jacksonville, NC
Dale Lackey
About My Personal Life I have a great 3 year old boy. I am currently a teacher at Hunters Creek Middle School. Yes-I moved back to Jacksonville.