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Mapleton High School ' 76
Mapleton , OR
Springfield, OR
About My School Life I have nothing but fond memories of Mapleton.Am thankful and proud to have gone to a small school.
About My Personal Life I am currently working for Comcast.Have been there for 25 years,I'm single,no children.
Baxter Springs High School ' 80
Baxter Springs , KS
Marc Garrison
Michael Reynolds
Richard Buske
What I want to say to the world

Help stop child and elderly abuse! put a micro chip in the abusers (when they are caught) if you really want to let them live that bad! IF NOT.....erect a wall......line them all up...and clean up that mess.....instead of the messes they leave behind...WHEN they all get probation instead of...LIFE! either way...theres a big mess to clean rather....personally....get a bucket of water and WASH AN ABUSERS BRAINS off a wall! That my mind...means....just shoot em all! i dont want to deal with them and i sure as hell dont want to support them...(if ever they do FINALLY..get life in prison). Anyone that can look at a baby and think those kind of thoughts dont deserve to live! A thief gets more time than they do! hell....if "things" are more important than a child...i think some people need to rethink some values. For heavens sake...we have better security in the airports! Our most innocent victims (chi

Brenham High School ' 64
Brenham , TX
Howard Paul Burgess
Barbara Surovik
Donna Thiel
About My Personal Life "One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks."
Dondero High School ' 69
Royal Oak , MI
North Marion ' 79
Sparr , FL
About My Personal Life +
Arvada Senior High School ' 76
Arvada , CO
About My Personal Life I have been married to the same man for 20 years. I live in Huntsville, AL.
Angleton High School ' 68
Angleton , TX
About My Personal Life Well I lived in Angleton all my life until I married Jimmy Lindsey and we now live in Eunice.La.for the past 8 yrs. and I love it here.My Mom and one daughter still lives in Angleton so I do go back quit a bit.Linda Vance Lindsey. Some might have known me by Linda Lewis too back then.
Las Cruces High School ' 68
Las Cruces , NM
Terry Riggs
Roxana Senior High School ' 67
Roxana , IL
Larry Patterson
Nelma Whiterker
Stephanie Cuthrell
South Fork High School ' 72
Miranda , CA
Jean Hayes
Camden High School ' 65
Camden , SC
Cortez High School ' 72
Phoenix , AZ
Richwood High School ' 65
Richwood , WV
Duluth High School ' 84
Duluth , GA
School Without Walls ' 75
Washington , DC
Central Continuation High Sch ' 91
Barstow , CA
Tift Co High School ' 78
Tifton , GA
Shelby High School ' 64
Shelby , NC
Fenger Academy High School ' 77
Chicago , IL
Las Cruces High School ' 69
Las Cruces , NM
Grapevine High School ' 77
Grapevine , TX
Gardena Senior High School ' 75
Gardena , CA
Saint Paul, MN
Jackson, MS
Bolton, MS
Laura Ann Hinnant
Thomas Ponce De Leon
Dacia F Thomas
Central Point, OR
Central Point, OR
Central Point, OR
Sherry L Matthews
Jennifer Ann Blaschka
Karl Lee Lindsey
Memphis, TN
Memphis, TN
Antonio R Brim
Pamela D Lindsey
Shelia M Linsey
Lahaina, HI
Lahaina, HI
Gena M Hashimura
Carrie Ann Lindsey
Mary Ann Oasay Lindsey
Nerstrand, MN
San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX
Laqueta Mae Lindsey
Benjamin G Lindsey
Timothy Chris Lindsey
Rapid City, SD
Katherine A Lindsley
Sony J Hartwell
Dorothy Elaine Meiners
Smyrna, GA
Smyrna, GA
Melinda Dawn Lindsey
Preston L Lindsey
Mount Orab, OH
Williamsburg, OH
Williamsburg, OH
Laura Ann Holt
Vivian G Lindsey
Gerald W Lindsey
Placentia, CA
Juli Ann Jones
Michael James Lindsey
Pittsboro, NC
Greensboro, NC
Greensboro, NC
Terry Ray Lindsey
Joshua Matthew Lindsey
Richard Louis Lindsey
Athens, GA
Atlanta, GA
Athens, GA
Diane B Mcclain
Howell Dean Mcclain
William Charles Lindsey
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Doris J Lindsey
Brenda L Lindsey
Takisha L Lindsey
North Port Carrier Annex, FL
North Port, FL
North Port, FL
George Harold Lindsey
Scott Kendal Lindsey
Thomasville, AL
David Ronald Lindsey
Helen Pledger
Milton Levert Pledger
Lakewood, WA
Graham, WA
Reginald E Lindsey
Slidell, LA
Violet, LA
Armond A Lindsey
Stephanie Rebec Lindsey
Armond Anthony Lindsey
Newport News, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
Iowa City, IA
Lyndal E Lindsey
Katherine Voda Lindsey
Michael Edwin Lindsey
Fort Smith, AR
Fort Smith, AR
Van Buren, AR
Deborah M Lindsey
Lee Ann Pate
Willie Lee Lindsey
Ridgeland, MS
Alexandria, LA
Jackson, MS
Sonya Yolette Buckner
Thad Lee Lyndsey
Natalie Nicole Lindsey
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Gloria A Baltimore
Moretta Jones Fair
Steve B Lindsey
Marana, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Marana, AZ
Hallie R Hernandez
Maia T Lindsey
Gerae D Lindsey
Orem, UT
Provo, UT
Provo, UT
Stacy Erin Maestas
Matt D Lindsey
Susan R Lindsey
Maywood, IL
Maywood, IL
Maywood, IL
Hugh H Lindsey
Barbara N Lindsey
Michael W Lindsey
Rector, AR
Kristy Lynette Lindsey
John Wheeler Lindsey
Timmy Lindsey
Livingston, TX
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Gary Grimes Brown
Alisa H Lindsey
David K Lindsey
Portland, OR
Springdale, AR
Springdale, AR
Debra P Wadley
Deborah F Dodds
Newport, PA
New Milford, PA
Scranton, PA
Valerie M Kuhar
Andrew D Lindsey
Donald L Lindsey
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Avalon, PA
David T Lindsey
Thomas D Lindsey
Richard J Lindsey
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