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Minooka Cmty High School ' 87
Minooka, IL
Jennifer Rowe
Thayron Byrd
How I found my job

I created my job. After working in a local floral department, I became the manager. After working with some brides over a time, I realized their was a need for an event decorating service that could allow for customization of their events, plus keeping it affordable. Now, after 10 years,  I have been making brides' weddings come true.


The kind of candy I would want to be

For me, that is hard. Because I love so many, hehehe.

I always loved rock candy, kind of like me, hard sometimes on the surface, but will crumble with emotions, and definately sweet.

Lemondrops are like me too. Kind of tart and crisp, but great at making a sour stomach feel better. Love lemon drops on a long drive.

Melt away mint chocolates, ahhhh, kind of passionate, sensual in your mouth, and leaves  a sense of satisfaction, even if you have just a little.

I guess I would have to be the candy store, because I just feel like there are to

Minooka Cmty High School ' 87
Minooka, IL
Northeastern State University ' 88
Tahlequah, OK
Minooka, IL
Thayron Byrd