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J Sterling Morton East Hs ' 87
Cicero, IL
Mary Eliopoulos
Adriana Martinez
About My Personal Life I have two girls, one is 4 1/2 and the other is 1 yr old. We have a family owned business which I help manage. I work in the Gold Coast area. I'd really like to here from anyone that might remember me.
Shorewood High School ' 95
Shorewood, WI
Stacey Leonardelli
About My Personal Life SAHM w/ 3 kids.
Dr Pedro Perea Fajardo ' 75
Mayaguez, PR
About My Personal Life Special Ed.Teacher for Pre- school level
Loretto Academy High School ' 68
El Paso, TX
About My Personal Life Grandmother...Looking for old friends
Central Union High School ' 79
El Centro, CA
About My Personal Life Currently I work for a local pharamacy and I am active in all of my children's schools. My middle son and I are taking a trip to Washington, D.C. in April and my daughter who is a sophmore at Central, will be traveling to Mardi-Gras in Feb. of 2002 with the band and I hope to go with her. My husband of 17 yrs and I are planning a trip to Canada in the near future.
Temescal Canyon High School ' 08
Lake Elsinore, CA
Lake Elsinore, CA
Routers Dennis
Bobby Malette
Joseph Rodriguez
E C Goodwin Reg Voc Tech Sch ' 93
New Britain, CT
Goodwin College ' 08
East Hartford, CT
New Britain, CT
Linda Fellows
Roman Lisette
Eugene Roman
Holy Name Cathedral ' 73
Chicago, IL
Shirley Bradley
Javier Cantu
Sonia Gonzalez
Ladislao Martinez ' 96
Vega Alta, PR
Carmen Medina
Sue Bent
Felicia Cossifos
Woodrow Wilson Sr High School ' 87
Los Angeles, CA
Dale Prokupek
Pete Navarro
Miguel Gutierrez
Bell Gardens High School ' 88
Bell Gardens, CA
Bell Senior High School ' 93
Bell, CA
William H Taft High School ' 03
Bronx, NY
Ft Lupton High School ' 95
Fort Lupton, CO
El Rancho High School ' 75
Pico Rivera, CA
Rock Island, IL
Riverside, IL
Teresa M Vazquez
Gerardo P Vazquez
Houston, TX
Jose Rene Vasquez
Lilia J Vasquez
Karina Arreguin
San Pedro, CA
Oscar Correa
Salvador E Correa
Lina Lina Correa
San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX
Michelle M Barrera
Delores Salazar
Shannon R Dy
Orlando, FL
Nereida D Fonseca
Richard Fonseca Fonseca
Maria Fonseca
Fontana, CA
San Bernardino, CA
Cynthia Vasquez
Ignacio V Vazquez
Alejandro Vazquez Vazquez
Kissimmee, FL
Kissimmee, FL
Kissimmee, FL
Richard Aviles
Fernando Vazquez
Maria Coc Vazquez
Spring, TX
Joseph J Vazquez
Sarah H Vazquez
Orlando, FL
Daisy E Vazquez
Gabriel V Mercado
Oscar G Vazquez
Bakersfield, CA
Armando Garcia
Miguel Angel Garcia
Ruth Garcia
Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA
Emilio E Flores
Martin O Flores
Edgar Flores
Kissimmee, FL
Orlando, FL
Lorain, OH
Lourdes T Rodriguez
Alexander Claudio Torres
Carmen Leyda Torres
Bronx, NY
Bronx, NY
Bronx, NY
Diana Vasquez
Ybelka Vasquez
Frank Lee Vazquez
Marshville, NC
Oviedo, FL
Huntersville, NC
Gloria V Morales
Hector Louis Vazquez
Salvador T Tapia
Prescott, AZ
Redondo Beach, CA
Prescott, AZ
Federico M Vasquez
Marc S Wauters
Victor R Vasquez
Miami, FL
Miami, FL
Miami, FL
Rola Vasquez
Maritza Vasquez Paredes
Elba Vasquez
Fabens, TX
Smithfield, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Leticia Vazquez Velazquez
Lucio Vazquez
Eli Medina Vasquez
Garland, TX
Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
Alicia R Vazquez
Miguel Angel Vasquez
Albertina Vazquez
Hollywood, FL
Hollywood, FL
Hollywood, FL
Migdalia Adorno Vazquez
Armando Camacho Vazquez
Mark S Ritzman
Bronx, NY
Bronx, NY
Bronx, NY
Herminio Alicea
Damaris Diaz
Elena M Vazquez
Hawkins, TX
Tyler, TX
Tyler, TX
Edgar A Hernandez
Carlotta H Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez
San Diego, CA
Bedford, TX
San Diego, CA
Alain A Vazquez
Dene Elson Colwill
Julie Daun Adkins
Bakersfield, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Carpinteria, CA
Mary Sanchez Burdett
Mickie M Cervantes
Julia Ann Hernandez
Omaha, NE
Omaha, NE
Omaha, NE
David R Calderon
Courtney L Dagata
Stratford, CT
Theresa L Pallo
Dennis M Buczek
Cecelia R Buczek
Glendale, AZ
San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
Daniel Omar Almazan
Raquel B Almazan
Teresa M Almazan
Swanton, OH
Stryker, OH
Stryker, OH
Kenneth Allen Adkins
Charles Clint Clauson
Bertha Ann Clauson
Mabton, WA
Mabton, WA
Mabton, WA
Glen Edward Espersen
Alberto Q Vazquez
Toa Baja, PR
Orlando, FL
Deborah Doncel
William Doncel
Santa Maria, CA
Santa Maria, CA
Roberto Aguilar Vazquez
Amada Valle
Chantal Vasquez
Lake Forest, CA
Lake Forest, CA
Santa Ana, CA
Marcelino Vasquez
Orlando, FL
New York, NY
New York, NY
Martha Perez
Jose E Vasquez
Jose A Vasquez
El Sobrante, CA
El Sobrante, CA
Richmond, CA
Victoria J Shannahan
James Francis Shannahan
Jesus L Vazquez
El Paso, TX
El Paso, TX
El Paso, TX
Henry P Vasquez
Eddie Vasquez
Julissa A Vazquez
Long Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA
Genaro J Barrios
Maria D Barrios
Maria E Barrios
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