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Classmates from Lori Shave to Brent Shaver
Lori Shave Margaret Shave Marlene Shave Mary Shave Maryjane Shave Megan Shave Michael Shave Michele Shave Michelle Shave Muriel Shave Nancy Shave Nelson Shave Patricia Shave Paul Shave Prescott Shave Rebecca Shave Richard Shave Robert Shave Rolf Shave Ronald Shave Ruth Shave Ryan Shave Samantha Shave Sandra Shave Shirley Shave Stephen Shave Stuart Shave Susan Shave Theresa Shave Thomas Shave Tim Shave Victoria Shave Virginia Shave Walter Shave Warren Shave Wendy Shave William Shave Zachary Shave William Shave Jr Barbara Shavel Cheryl Shavel David Shavel Debbie Shavel Debra Shavel Elishia Shavel Ginger Shavel Helene Shavel James Shavel Janet Shavel Jerome Shavel Jesse Shavel John Shavel Lee Shavel Loretta Shavel Marc Shavel Marjorie Shavel Michael Shavel Patricia Shavel Richard Shavel Scott Shavel Steven Shavel Thoma Shavel Thomas Shavel Yuliya Shavel Tega Shavelashvili John Shavelin Sarah Shavelin Catherine Shavell Cody Shavell David Shavell Donna Shavell Jennifer Shavell Louis Shavell Marc Shavell Mark Shavell Mike Shavell Roberta Shavell Steven Shavell Wade Shavell Zalman Shavell Chrys Shavelli Maggie Shavelli Amy Shavelson Bernard Shavelson Bob Shavelson Brian Shavelson Claudia Shavelson David Shavelson Dean Shavelson Eric Shavelson Harvey Shavelson Jeffrey Shavelson Kenneth Shavelson Kim Shavelson Lisa Shavelson Lonny Shavelson Michael Shavelson Richard Shavelson Robert Shavelson Rosina Shavelson Karen Shaven Michael Shaven Scott Shaven Edward Shavender Kimberly Shavender Richard Shavender Vincent Shavender Paul Shavens Ronald Shavens Trina Shavens Brian Shavensky David Shavensky Donald Shavensky Kathy Shavensky Michael Shavensky Rick Shavensky Aaran Shaver Aaron Shaver Abigail Shaver Ada Shaver Adam Shaver Addie Shaver Adriana Shaver Adrienne Shaver Agnes Shaver Aimee Shaver Alan Shaver Alanna Shaver Albert Shaver Alex Shaver Alexander Shaver Alexandra Shaver Alexis Shaver Alexius Shaver Alfie Shaver Alford Shaver Alfred Shaver Alfredda Shaver Ali Shaver Alice Shaver Alicia Shaver Allan Shaver Allen Shaver Allen J Shaver Allison Shaver Ally Shaver Allyne Shaver Alma Shaver Alta Shaver Althea Shaver Alvin Shaver Alyce Shaver Alyssa Shaver Amanda Shaver Amber Shaver Ambrea Shaver Amie Shaver Amy Shaver Ana Shaver Anastacia Shaver Andrea Shaver Andrew Shaver Andy Shaver Angel Shaver Angela Shaver Angelica Shaver Angelina Shaver Angeline Shaver Angelynn Shaver Angie Shaver Anissa Shaver Anita Shaver Ann Shaver Anna Shaver Anne Shaver Annette Shaver Annie Shaver Anthony Shaver April Shaver Araceli Shaver Archie Shaver Argil Shaver Ariana Shaver Arlene Shaver Arlie Shaver Arlo Shaver Arnold Shaver Arria Shaver Arthur Shaver Ashby Shaver Ashley Shaver Aubrey Shaver Audra Shaver Audrey Shaver Austin Shaver Autumn Shaver Avolene Shaver Babette Shaver Barb Shaver Barbara Shaver Barry Shaver Basil Shaver Bayard Shaver Beatrice Shaver Beau Shaver Becky Shaver Belinda Shaver Ben Shaver Benjamin Shaver Bennie Shaver Bernard Shaver Bernice Shaver Bertha Shaver Beth Shaver Bethany Shaver Betsy Shaver Bette Shaver Betty Shaver Beulah Shaver Bev Shaver Beverley Shaver Beverly Shaver Bevilane Shaver Bewey Shaver Bill Shaver Billie Shaver Billijoe Shaver Billy Shaver Blaine Shaver Blake Shaver Bob Shaver Bobbi Shaver Bobbie Shaver Bobby Shaver Bonita Shaver Bonnie Shaver Bonny Shaver Boruch Shaver Brad Shaver Bradford Shaver Bradley Shaver Brandi Shaver Brandie Shaver Brandon Shaver Brandy Shaver Brenda Shaver Brendan Shaver Brent Shaver