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Classmates from Stephanie Shand to Jamey Shandley
Stephanie Shand Stephen Shand Sterling Shand Steve Shand Steven Shand Sue Shand Susan Shand Susanne Shand Syzhorra Shand Tamara Shand Tami Shand Tammy Shand Teresa Shand Terri Shand Terry Shand Theresa Shand Thomas Shand Tim Shand Timothy Shand Tina Shand Tracy Shand Trecia Shand Trevor Shand Valarie Shand Vanda Shand Velma Shand Veronica Shand Vilma Shand Vincent Shand Virginia Shand Warren Shand Wayne Shand Wendy Shand Wesley Shand Will Shand William Shand Youlette Shand Yvonne Shand Alyssa Shanda Beth Shanda Bob Shanda Chris Shanda David Shanda Heather Shanda James Shanda Jason Shanda Jennifer Shanda John Shanda Karen Shanda Marie Shanda Michael Shanda Patricia Shanda Phillip Shanda Smith Shanda Tina Shanda Rajesh Shandal Albert Shandalala Anna Shandale Scott Shandalei Gary Shandalov Lev Shandalov Johanna Shandalow Keith Shandalow Tekida Shandanah Kersey Shande Patricia Shande John Shandel Joseph Shandel Mary Shandel Michael Shandel Patricia Shandel Deborah Shandell Frederick Shandell Hildy Shandell Jason Shandell Jonathan Shandell Bonnie Shandelson Seymour Shandelson Sudha Shandelya Allen Shander Benjamin Shander Brian Shander Carole Shander Caryl Shander Christine Shander David Shander Doug Shander Douglas Shander Edward Shander Erica Shander Ernest Shander Fred Shander Gavin Shander Helen Shander James Shander Jason Shander Jean Shander John Shander Joseph Shander Linda Shander Richard Shander Rita Shander Robert Shander Sandra Shander Scott Shander Stephen Shander Steven Shander Tracey Shander Brian Shandera Dale Shandera Danielle Shandera David Shandera Deborah Shandera Debra Shandera Donald Shandera Ed Shandera Gary Shandera Joe Shandera John Shandera Josh Shandera Juanita Shandera Kelli Shandera Kelly Shandera Kevin Shandera Mary Shandera Melissa Shandera Nanci Shandera Natalie Shandera Nathan Shandera Patrick Shandera Patsi Shandera Robert Shandera Shane Shandera Sheryl Shandera Teresa Shandera Thomas Shandera Travis Shandera Wayne Shandera William Shandera Donna Shanders Gary Shanders Jennifer Shanders Joseph Shanders Kaitlin Shanders Kevin Shanders Laura Shanders Megan Shanders Michael Shanders Patrick Shanders Richard Shanders Robert Shanders Tammy Shanders Beth Shandersky Cameron Shandersky Christopher Shandersky Ingrid Shandersky Michael Shandersky Susan Shandersky Adina Shanderson Miriam Shanderson Ronald Shanderson Greg Shanderuk Armen Shandi Connie Shandick John Shandick Larry Shandick Noah Shandick Richard Shandick Michael Shandik Robert Shandik Katy Shandil Mridu Shandil Prakashni Shandil Sujay Shandil Jason Shandilis Jonathan Shandilis Akash Shandilya Lakshmi Shandilya Lok Shandilya Neelima Shandilya Suresh Shandilya Ed Shandis Jessica Shandis Robert Shandis Carri Shandlay Cathe Shandle Deojinae Shandle Donna Shandle Katie Shandle Linda Shandle Randy Shandle Shirley Shandle Stuart Shandle Thomas Shandle Traci Shandle Adam Shandler Alan Shandler Amy Shandler Barry Shandler Bruce Shandler Cathy Shandler Chad Shandler Craig Shandler Fred Shandler Freddie Shandler Garett Shandler Heather Shandler Helen Shandler Jack Shandler Jason Shandler Jeff Shandler John Shandler Judith Shandler Kay Shandler Loro Shandler Marc Shandler Marvin Shandler Michael Shandler Michelle Shandler Phyllis Shandler Rachel Shandler Rebecca Shandler Ron Shandler Scot Shandler Scott Shandler Sharon Shandler Susan Shandler Wade Shandler Zachary Shandler Deborah Shandles Elizabeth Shandles Margo Shandles Alisha Shandley Anne Shandley Beth Shandley Brandon Shandley Brian Shandley Carolyn Shandley Charles Shandley Chris Shandley Cody Shandley Colton Shandley David Shandley Dennis Shandley Donald Shandley Donna Shandley Emily Shandley Granberry Shandley Jack Shandley Jamey Shandley