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Classmates from Gail Shafran to Irene Shaft
Gail Shafran Hani Shafran Hannah Shafran Harriet Shafran Harrison Shafran Howard Shafran Igor Shafran Irina Shafran Israel Shafran Jack Shafran Jacob Shafran James Shafran Jane Shafran Jared Shafran Jason Shafran Jeff Shafran Jeffery Shafran Jeffrey Shafran Jennifer Shafran Jerry Shafran Jessica Shafran Jody Shafran Joe Shafran Joel Shafran John Shafran Joseph Shafran Joshua Shafran Joyce Shafran Julie Shafran Justin Shafran Lesley Shafran Linda Shafran Lisa Shafran Marc Shafran Margaret Shafran Marianna Shafran Mark Shafran Marvin Shafran Mary Shafran Matthew Shafran Michael Shafran Michelle Shafran Mikhail Shafran Morris Shafran Nancy Shafran Nathan Shafran Nicholas Shafran Ofir Shafran Olga Shafran Paul Shafran Peter Shafran Phyllis Shafran Rachel Shafran Randi Shafran Richard Shafran Robert Shafran Ronald Shafran Samuel Shafran Sandra Shafran Sara Shafran Scott Shafran Shane Shafran Sharon Shafran Shea Shafran Sid Shafran Sol Shafran Stephanie Shafran Stephen Shafran Steve Shafran Steven Shafran Susan Shafran Sylvia Shafran Tamar Shafran Theodore Shafran Thomas Shafran Timour Shafran Tom Shafran Wally Shafran Zachary Shafran Barbara Shafranek Brian Shafranek Brooke Shafranek Carol Shafranek Charles Shafranek David Shafranek Donna Shafranek Elly Shafranek Heidi Shafranek Kyle Shafranek Paul Shafranek Richard Shafranek Scott Shafranek Sharon Shafranek Shirley Shafranek William Shafranek Joseph Shafranich Mark Shafranich Rhonda Shafranich William Shafranich Serhii Shafraniuk Josephine Shafranko Vladimir Shafranovich Alina Shafranskaya Kristin Shafranske Aldona Shafranski Angela Shafranski Ashley Shafranski Barbara Shafranski Brandon Shafranski Daniel Shafranski Deatta Shafranski Debra Shafranski Frank Shafranski James Shafranski Jean Shafranski Jeffery Shafranski Jill Shafranski John Shafranski Jordan Shafranski Kristy Shafranski Lisa Shafranski Mark Shafranski Paul Shafranski Scott Shafranski Sue Shafranski Susan Shafranski Tanya Shafranski Therese Shafranski Boris Shafransky Cynthia Shafransky David Shafransky Edward Shafransky Hannah Shafransky Polina Shafransky Susan Shafransky William Shafransky Betty Shafrath Claudia Shafrath Joseph Shafrath Mark Shafrath Anette Shafrazian Fred Shafrazian Barry Shafrin David Shafrin Howard Shafrin Jack Shafrin Jason Shafrin Jerry Shafrin Michael Shafrin Stacie Shafrin Amit Shafrir Avishai Shafrir Doron Shafrir Michael Shafrir Michelle Shafrir Moshe Shafrir Shulamit Shafrir Gregory Shafritz Ivan Shafritz Jane Shafritz Jay Shafritz Jeff Shafritz Leah Shafritz Richard Shafritz Sam Shafritz Amy Shafron Barry Shafron Daniel Shafron David Shafron Fred Shafron Howard Shafron Jacqueline Shafron Jason Shafron Joan Shafron John Shafron Joseph Shafron Joyce Shafron Judy Shafron Kristen Shafron Lawrence Shafron Margaret Shafron Margot Shafron Melanie Shafron Rebecca Shafron Robert Shafron Susan Shafron Thomas Shafron Tom Shafron Frank Shafroth Peter Shafroth Will Shafroth Amr Shafshak Alice Shafsky Ben Shafsky Jennifer Shafsky Susan Shafsky Chad Shafstall Jeremy Shafstall John Shafstall Alexis Shaft Amy Shaft Angela Shaft Arthur Shaft Barry Shaft Bill Shaft Bob Shaft Bradley Shaft Brian Shaft Bruce Shaft Cam Shaft Carol Shaft Chad Shaft Chris Shaft Christine Shaft Cindy Shaft Connie Shaft Craig Shaft Crank Shaft Cynthia Shaft Dale Shaft Damarius Shaft Daniel Shaft David Shaft Debbie Shaft Diana Shaft Don Shaft Donald Shaft Donna Shaft Dorothy Shaft Dustin Shaft Edith Shaft Elaine Shaft Elizabeth Shaft Erick Shaft Evelyn Shaft Frank Shaft Fred Shaft Gary Shaft Gerald Shaft Gloria Shaft Grant Shaft Harry Shaft Hayden Shaft Heather Shaft Heidi Shaft Irene Shaft