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Classmates from Amelia Blacksher to Daniel Blackshire
Dana Blackshire Daniel Blackshire Amelia Blacksher Amy Blacksher Andrew Blacksher Angela Blacksher Anthony Blacksher April Blacksher Arthur Blacksher Ashley Blacksher Barbara Blacksher Becky Blacksher Benny Blacksher Betty Blacksher Beverly Blacksher Billy Blacksher Brandon Blacksher Brenda Blacksher Brian Blacksher Brisco Blacksher Broderick Blacksher Carol Blacksher Charles Blacksher Cheryl Blacksher Constance Blacksher Creshinda Blacksher Cynthia Blacksher Daniel Blacksher David Blacksher Dawn Blacksher Debbie Blacksher Deborah Blacksher Demond Blacksher Derek Blacksher Devra Blacksher Diana Blacksher Donald Blacksher Donita Blacksher Donnie Blacksher Donyell Blacksher Doreen Blacksher Earl Blacksher Elizabeth Blacksher Eric Blacksher Frank Blacksher Gary Blacksher Gene Blacksher Glenn Blacksher Gwendolyn Blacksher Harold Blacksher Heath Blacksher Heather Blacksher Henry Blacksher Herman Blacksher Ibrahim Blacksher James Blacksher Jason Blacksher Jeanie Blacksher Jeanne Blacksher Jeff Blacksher Jeffrey Blacksher Jennifer Blacksher Jesse Blacksher Jimmy Blacksher Joe Blacksher John Blacksher Johnathan Blacksher Joseph Blacksher Josh Blacksher Joshua Blacksher Jowea Blacksher Julie Blacksher Justin Blacksher Karen Blacksher Karon Blacksher Kathleen Blacksher Kathy Blacksher Kenyatta Blacksher Keve Blacksher Kevin Blacksher Kia Blacksher Kiara Blacksher Kimbra Blacksher Kirk Blacksher Kirstie Blacksher Kome Blacksher Kyneetra Blacksher Larry Blacksher Laura Blacksher Leonard Blacksher Linda Blacksher Lindsey Blacksher Lisa Blacksher Lorenzo Blacksher Lori Blacksher Marcus Blacksher Marjorie Blacksher Marvin Blacksher Mary Blacksher Matthew Blacksher Melanie Blacksher Melvin Blacksher Michael Blacksher Michelle Blacksher Natasha Blacksher Nathan Blacksher Nicholas Blacksher Orillous Blacksher Otis Blacksher Pat Blacksher Patricia Blacksher Paul Blacksher Peggy Blacksher Rahman Blacksher Rita Blacksher Robert Blacksher Rodney Blacksher Ronnie Blacksher Rose Blacksher Samuela Blacksher Sandra Blacksher Sarah Blacksher Scott Blacksher Shelly Blacksher Sherry Blacksher Sheryl Blacksher Sonja Blacksher Stacy Blacksher Steve Blacksher Steven Blacksher Susan Blacksher Sylvia Blacksher Tameka Blacksher Tanya Blacksher Terry Blacksher Tinna Blacksher Todd Blacksher Toliutafa Blacksher Trisha Blacksher Valerie Blacksher Veria Blacksher Victoria Blacksher Wanda Blacksher Wesley Blacksher William Blacksher Yvette Blacksher Austin Blackshere Barbara Blackshere Cathy Blackshere Charles Blackshere Charlotte Blackshere Cordell Blackshere Darick Blackshere Darius Blackshere Deborah Blackshere Delores Blackshere Donna Blackshere Dustin Blackshere Edward Blackshere Frank Blackshere George Blackshere Heidi Blackshere Jacob Blackshere James Blackshere Janese Blackshere Joe Blackshere Justin Blackshere Kyle Blackshere Linda Blackshere Louis Blackshere Marilyn Blackshere Mark Blackshere Michelle Blackshere Mike Blackshere Solomon Blackshere Susan Blackshere Terri Blackshere Toni Blackshere Emmitt Blackshir Gregory Blackshir Aaron Blackshire Ada Blackshire Adrian Blackshire Akeem Blackshire Amanda Blackshire Andre Blackshire Andrea Blackshire Angela Blackshire Angila Blackshire Anita Blackshire Anna Blackshire Anna Jane Blackshire Annette Blackshire Annie Blackshire Anthony Blackshire Antoine Blackshire Archie Blackshire Argie Blackshire Arliss Blackshire Arneesta Blackshire Arthur Blackshire Artis Blackshire Ashley Blackshire Barbara Blackshire Beatrice Blackshire Bennie Blackshire Bernard Blackshire Bernice Blackshire Betty Blackshire Beverly Blackshire Billie Blackshire Billy Blackshire Bobby Blackshire Bradley Blackshire Brandon Blackshire Brenda Blackshire Brian Blackshire Briana Blackshire Brianna Blackshire Brittany Blackshire Calvin Blackshire Carl Blackshire Carla Blackshire Carlos Blackshire Carol Blackshire Carolyn Blackshire Casondra Blackshire Cassandra Blackshire Cedric Blackshire Chad Blackshire Chanika Blackshire Chanton Blackshire Charlene Blackshire Charles Blackshire Charlie Blackshire Chris Blackshire Christina Blackshire Christopher Blackshire Clara Blackshire Claudine Blackshire Clemmie Blackshire Craig Blackshire Crystal Blackshire Curtis Blackshire Cynthia Blackshire Dagmar Blackshire Dale Blackshire