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Classmates from Dwayne Rugg to Ron Rugg
Dwayne Rugg Earl Rugg Ed Rugg Edith Rugg Edward Rugg Edwin Rugg Eileen Rugg Elaine Rugg Eleanor Rugg Elizabeth Rugg Ellen Rugg Emily Rugg Eric Rugg Erica Rugg Erin Rugg Ernestine Rugg Ethel Rugg Eugene Rugg Evelyn Rugg Frances Rugg Francis Rugg Frank Rugg Fred Rugg Frederic Rugg Gale Rugg Garrett Rugg Gary Rugg Gavin Rugg George Rugg Gerald Rugg Glen Rugg Glenn Rugg Gloria Rugg Gordon Rugg Gregory Rugg Gretchen Rugg Hallie Rugg Hanna Rugg Hannah Rugg Harold Rugg Harriet Rugg Harry Rugg Heather Rugg Heidi Rugg Helen Rugg Henry Rugg Holly Rugg Ian Rugg Ike Rugg Irene Rugg Isaac Rugg Jack Rugg Jacob Rugg Jacqueline Rugg Jaime Rugg James Rugg Jameson Rugg Jamie Rugg Jan Rugg Janelle Rugg Janet Rugg Janice Rugg Jared Rugg Jason Rugg Jay Rugg Jayne Rugg Jean Rugg Jeanette Rugg Jeanifer Rugg Jeanne Rugg Jeannette Rugg Jeff Rugg Jeffery Rugg Jeffrey Rugg Jennifer Rugg Jenny Rugg Jereimy Rugg Jeremy Rugg Jerry Rugg Jesse Rugg Jessica Rugg Jill Rugg Jillian Rugg Jim Rugg Joan Rugg Joanna Rugg Joanne Rugg Jodi Rugg Joe Rugg Joel Rugg John Rugg Jon Rugg Jonathan Rugg Jonathon Rugg Jordan Rugg Joseph Rugg Joshua Rugg Joy Rugg Judith Rugg Judy Rugg Julia Rugg Julie Rugg June Rugg Justian Rugg Justin Rugg Kara Rugg Karen Rugg Karrie Rugg Katherine Rugg Kathleen Rugg Kathryn Rugg Kathy Rugg Katie Rugg Katrina Rugg Katy Rugg Kay Rugg Kayla Rugg Keith Rugg Kelley Rugg Kelly Rugg Kemberli Rugg Ken Rugg Kenneth Rugg Keri Rugg Kerry Rugg Kevin Rugg Kiersten Rugg Kim Rugg Kimberly Rugg Korey Rugg Kristen Rugg Kristin Rugg Kristine Rugg Kristl Rugg Krystal Rugg Krystina Rugg Kyle Rugg Larry Rugg Laura Rugg Lauren Rugg Lauri Rugg Lawrence Rugg Leah Rugg Legrand Rugg Lennie Rugg Leona Rugg Les Rugg Leslie Rugg Lester Rugg Linda Rugg Lisa Rugg Lloyd Rugg Lois Rugg Lori Rugg Lorry Rugg Louann Rugg Louis Rugg Lowell Rugg Lucille Rugg Lyn Rugg Lynda Rugg Lynn Rugg Mae Rugg Marc Rugg Marcia Rugg Marcus Rugg Margaret Rugg Maria Rugg Marie Rugg Marilyn Rugg Marjorie Rugg Mark Rugg Marla Rugg Marsha Rugg Marshall Rugg Martha Rugg Martin Rugg Mary Rugg Matt Rugg Matthew Rugg Maureen Rugg Megan Rugg Melanie Rugg Melinda Rugg Melissa Rugg Melody Rugg Melvin Rugg Meredith Rugg Merle Rugg Michael Rugg Michelle Rugg Mike Rugg Mildred Rugg Mindy Rugg Misty Rugg Mitchell Rugg Mj Rugg Molly Rugg Monica Rugg Monte Rugg Morgan Rugg Mory Rugg Nadine Rugg Nancy Rugg Natalie Rugg Nathan Rugg Nathaniel Rugg Neil Rugg Nell Rugg Nicholas Rugg Nichole Rugg Nick Rugg Nicki Rugg Nicol Rugg Nicole Rugg Nolan Rugg Norma Rugg Norman Rugg Pam Rugg Pamela Rugg Pat Rugg Patricia Rugg Patrick Rugg Paul Rugg Paula Rugg Penny Rugg Peter Rugg Phillip Rugg Phyllis Rugg Rachael Rugg Rachel Rugg Ralph Rugg Randall Rugg Randy Rugg Ray Rugg Raymond Rugg Rebecca Rugg Reese Rugg Renee Rugg Rex Rugg Rhonda Rugg Richard Rugg Rick Rugg Robert Rugg Robin Rugg Roderick Rugg Rodney Rugg Roger Rugg Ron Rugg