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Classmates from Nathan Betzen to Becke Betzler
Nathan Betzen Patricia Betzen Patrick Betzen Paul Betzen Phil Betzen Ray Betzen Rebecca Betzen Ronald Betzen Selena Betzen Sonja Betzen Stephen Betzen Terry Betzen Thomas Betzen Todd Betzen Eric Betzenberger Richard Betzendahl Darrick Betzenderfer Lars Betzenderfer Joseph Betzendorfer Patti Betzendorfer Renee Betzendorfer Felicia Betzenhauser Paul Betzenhauser Geraldine Betzenheimer Allen Betzer Amanda Betzer Amber Betzer Amy Betzer Andrew Betzer Ann Betzer April Betzer Arnold Betzer Ashley Betzer Autumn Betzer Barbara Betzer Betty Betzer Bob Betzer Bradley Betzer Brittany Betzer Bruce Betzer Carl Betzer Carol Betzer Cassie Betzer Charles Betzer Chris Betzer Christina Betzer Christopher Betzer Christy Betzer Cory Betzer Courtney Betzer Craig Betzer Cynthia Betzer Daniel Betzer David Betzer Dean Betzer Delbert Betzer Delores Betzer Dennis Betzer Diana Betzer Diane Betzer Donald Betzer Donna Betzer Douglas Betzer Dustin Betzer Edward Betzer Elizabeth Betzer Ellen Betzer Eric Betzer Frank Betzer Gary Betzer George Betzer Gerald Betzer Gina Betzer Ginger Betzer Harold Betzer Heather Betzer Holly Betzer Isobel Betzer James Betzer Jane Betzer Jason Betzer Jeff Betzer Jennifer Betzer Jerry Betzer Joey Betzer John Betzer Johnny Betzer Jonn Betzer Jordan Betzer Joshua Betzer Julie Betzer Justin Betzer Karen Betzer Kari Betzer Katherine Betzer Kathy Betzer Kelly Betzer Kenneth Betzer Kevin Betzer Kim Betzer Kimberly Betzer Krystina Betzer Lawrence Betzer Linda Betzer Lisa Betzer Lois Betzer Marcy Betzer Marie Betzer Mark Betzer Mary Betzer Melissa Betzer Michael Betzer Nancy Betzer Patricia Betzer Peggy Betzer Randy Betzer Richard Betzer Rick Betzer Robert Betzer Rodney Betzer Ron Betzer Ronald Betzer Sara Betzer Sarah Betzer Scott Betzer Shane Betzer Sherry Betzer Steven Betzer Sue Betzer Susan Betzer Terry Betzer Thomas Betzer Tiffany Betzer Tim Betzer Todd Betzer Virginia Betzer Wayne Betzer Wendy Betzer William Betzer Cindy Betzer Pharis Barbara Betzger Harold Betzger Kristen Betzger Amy Betzhold Catherine Betzhold David Betzhold Ellen Betzhold James Betzhold Janice Betzhold Jeremy Betzhold John Betzhold Judith Betzhold Kevin Betzhold Kimberly Betzhold Larry Betzhold Lynda Betzhold Michael Betzhold Pamela Betzhold Ryan Betzhold Sharon Betzhold William Betzhold Betzibba Betzibba James Betzig Jane Betzig John Betzig Michael Betzig Robert Betzig Tracy Betzig Vicky Betzig William Betzig Britta Betzin Amy Betzina Billie Betzina Colleen Betzina John Betzina Kim Betzina Kirk Betzina Amanda Betzing Anne Betzing Barbara Betzing Betty Betzing Carol Betzing Chassity Betzing Cheryl Betzing Christine Betzing Clayton Betzing Colleen Betzing David Betzing Diana Betzing Donald Betzing Earl Betzing Gregory Betzing Jacqueline Betzing James Betzing Jeffrey Betzing John Betzing Joseph Betzing Justin Betzing Karen Betzing Katherine Betzing Katie Betzing Kenneth Betzing Kevin Betzing Kim Betzing Kimberly Betzing Linda Betzing Mark Betzing Michael Betzing Patricia Betzing Peter Betzing Renee Betzing Robert Betzing Ryan Betzing Sharon Betzing Stephanie Betzing Steve Betzing Steven Betzing Tammy Betzing Trevor Betzing William Betzing Bonnie Betzinger Bradley Betzinger Daniel Betzinger Dianne Betzinger Gloria Betzinger Helen Betzinger John Betzinger Michael Betzinger Patricia Betzinger Peggy Betzinger Robert Betzinger Roger Betzinger Steven Betzinger Maria Betzios Peter Betzios Barbara Betzko Clair Betzko John Betzko Tammy Betzko Timothy Betzle Adam Betzler Amanda Betzler Amy Betzler Anna Betzler Anthony Betzler Arnold Betzler Barbara Betzler Becke Betzler