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City: > Ralph Pruitt - Lisa Purks > Oscar Pulley - Wilma Pulley
Classmates from Oscar Pulley to Wilma Pulley
Susan Pulley Susie Pulley Suzy Pulley Sylvester Pulley Sylvia Pulley Tabitha Pulley Tachico Pulley Tamara Pulley Tami Pulley Tamika Pulley Tammi Pulley Tammie Pulley Tammy Pulley Tanga Pulley Tanya Pulley Tara Pulley Tasha Pulley Tashanna Pulley Ted Pulley Teena Pulley Temietrius Pulley Tena Pulley Tennile Pulley Teresa Pulley Terrance Pulley Terri Pulley Terrie Pulley Terry Pulley Thelma Pulley Theodore Pulley Theresa Pulley Thomas Pulley Thurman Pulley Tiarra Pulley Tieasha Pulley Tifanie Pulley Tiffanie Pulley Tiffany Pulley Tilden Pulley Tim Pulley Timmy Pulley Timothy Pulley Tina Pulley Tish Pulley Todd Pulley Tom Pulley Tommy Pulley Toney Pulley Toni Pulley Tony Pulley Tonya Pulley Trace Pulley Tracey Pulley Tracy Pulley Tramaine Pulley Travis Pulley Trent Pulley Trey Pulley Tricia Pulley Trina Pulley Tristan Pulley Troy Pulley Twila Pulley Tyler Pulley Tylisha Pulley Tyron Pulley Tyrone Pulley Vaden Pulley Valerie Pulley Vanessa Pulley Velma Pulley Vera Pulley Vernell Pulley Veronica Pulley Vicki Pulley Vickie Pulley Vicky Pulley Victoria Pulley Vincent Pulley Violet Pulley Virgil Pulley Virginia Pulley Vivian Pulley Wallace Pulley Walter Pulley Wanda Pulley Warren Pulley Wayne Pulley Weldon Pulley Wendell Pulley Wendy Pulley Wesley Pulley Wilbur Pulley Will Pulley Willard Pulley William Pulley Willie Pulley Wilma Pulley Oscar Pulley Otis Pulley Oura Pulley Paige Pulley Pam Pulley Pamela Pulley Paris Pulley Pat Pulley Patricia Pulley Patrick Pulley Patsy Pulley Pattie Pulley Patty Pulley Paul Pulley Paula Pulley Paulette Pulley Pauline Pulley Pearl Pulley Peggy Pulley Penelope Pulley Penny Pulley Percy Pulley Perry Pulley Pete Pulley Phil Pulley Philip Pulley Phillip Pulley Phyllis Pulley Portia Pulley Precious Pulley Preston Pulley Prudence Pulley Pulley Pulley Queronte Pulley Rachel Pulley Ragan Pulley Ralph Pulley Ramone Pulley Randall Pulley Randy Pulley Raneshia Pulley Raquel Pulley Ray Pulley Raymond Pulley Rebecca Pulley Reggie Pulley Regina Pulley Reginald Pulley Renalda Pulley Renee Pulley Resshena Pulley Rex Pulley Rhet Pulley Rhonda Pulley Rich Pulley Richard Pulley Rick Pulley Rickey Pulley Rickie Pulley Ricky Pulley Rico Pulley Rikki Pulley Rita Pulley Rob Pulley Robert Pulley Roberta Pulley Robin Pulley Robyn Pulley Rockey Pulley Rocksy Pulley Rocky Pulley Rodney Pulley Roger Pulley Roland Pulley Ron Pulley Ronald Pulley Ronda Pulley Ronetta Pulley Ronnell Pulley Ronnie Pulley Roosevelt Pulley Rosa Pulley Rose Pulley Roy Pulley Rubby Pulley Ruby Pulley Russell Pulley Ruth Pulley Ryan Pulley Sabrina Pulley Safraunya Pulley Sally Pulley Sam Pulley Samantha Pulley Samara Pulley Sammie Pulley Samuel Pulley Sandra Pulley Sandy Pulley Sara Pulley Sarah Pulley Saundra Pulley Scott Pulley Scottie Pulley Scotty Pulley Sean Pulley Seande Pulley Serena Pulley Shad Pulley Shane Pulley Shanice Pulley Shanna Pulley Shannon Pulley Sharon Pulley Sharron Pulley Sharyn Pulley Shaun Pulley Shauna Pulley Shavon Pulley Shawn Pulley Shawnda Pulley Sheila Pulley Shelby Pulley Shelia Pulley Shelley Pulley Shelton Pulley Sheri Pulley Sherie Pulley Sherita Pulley Sherman Pulley Sherri Pulley Sherry Pulley Sheryl Pulley Shirley Pulley Shonda Pulley Shykera Pulley Skip Pulley Sonya Pulley Spencer Pulley Stacey Pulley Stacie Pulley Stacy Pulley Stanley Pulley Stella Pulley Stephanie Pulley Stephen Pulley Stephenie Pulley Sterling Pulley Steve Pulley Steven Pulley Stewart Pulley