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Classmates from Mark Pefferle to Dominic Pefine
Mark Pefferle Nancy Pefferle Dana Pefferly Greg Pefferly Austin Pefferman Carol Pefferman David Pefferman Diane Pefferman Eileen Pefferman Frank Pefferman Heidi Pefferman Herbert Pefferman Holly Pefferman James Pefferman John Pefferman Kristy Pefferman Margaret Pefferman Mark Pefferman Nicole Pefferman Patricia Pefferman Raymond Pefferman Ronald Pefferman Shirley Pefferman Suzanne Pefferman Theodore Pefferman Theresa Pefferman Thomas Pefferman Travis Pefferman Adam Peffers Aileen Peffers Andrew Peffers Anne Peffers Aprile Peffers Barbara Peffers Bob Peffers Brent Peffers Bruce Peffers Carrie Peffers Chandra Peffers Charles Peffers Chris Peffers Cynthia Peffers Daniel Peffers Dave Peffers David Peffers Denette Peffers Dennis Peffers Diana Peffers Dolores Peffers Donna Peffers Fe Peffers Gary Peffers Gayle Peffers Gerald Peffers Geri Peffers Gerry Peffers Greg Peffers Gregory Peffers Helen Peffers James Peffers Janet Peffers Jason Peffers Jeramy Peffers Joseph Peffers Karen Peffers Katherine Peffers Kathy Peffers Kevin Peffers Kiley Peffers Kimra Peffers Kirk Peffers Lee Peffers Lori Peffers Luke Peffers Marilyn Peffers Mark Peffers Matthew Peffers Melanie Peffers Melissa Peffers Michael Peffers Nathaniel Peffers Otis Peffers Pam Peffers Paul Peffers Peter Peffers Philip Peffers Rita Peffers Robert Peffers Russell Peffers Samuel Peffers Scott Peffers Shirley Peffers Susan Peffers Thomas Peffers Tiffiany Peffers Walter Peffers Allison Peffle Robert Peffle Allison Peffley Amanda Peffley Ammon Peffley Amy Peffley Andrew Peffley Angela Peffley Anthony Peffley Arthur Peffley Benjamin Peffley Bernard Peffley Bonnie Peffley Breanne Peffley Brenda Peffley Brian Peffley Brianna Peffley Carl Peffley Carol Peffley Carolyn Peffley Carrie Peffley Cassandra Peffley Charles Peffley Cheryl Peffley Christopher Peffley Cindy Peffley Cynthia Peffley Dan Peffley Daniel Peffley David Peffley Dawn Peffley Deborah Peffley Delores Peffley Dennis Peffley Dianna Peffley Dolores Peffley Donald Peffley Donna Peffley Elizabeth Peffley Eric Peffley Erin Peffley Ernest Peffley Eugene Peffley Gary Peffley George Peffley Gerald Peffley Geraldine Peffley Harold Peffley Heather Peffley James Peffley Jeanne Peffley Jennifer Peffley Jim Peffley Joan Peffley Joe Peffley John Peffley Joseph Peffley Joshua Peffley Joyce Peffley Karen Peffley Karla Peffley Kathleen Peffley Kathy Peffley Ken Peffley Kenneth Peffley Kenny Peffley Kim Peffley Kimberly Peffley Laura Peffley Lauren Peffley Leroy Peffley Linda Peffley Lisa Peffley Loretta Peffley Lynn Peffley Lynnette Peffley Mark Peffley Mary Peffley Matthew Peffley Melissa Peffley Melody Peffley Michael Peffley Michelle Peffley Mike Peffley Millie Peffley Morgan Peffley Nancy Peffley Nathan Peffley Nicholas Peffley Nichole Peffley Nicole Peffley Oscar Peffley Pamela Peffley Patricia Peffley Paul Peffley Phyllis Peffley Rebecca Peffley Richard Peffley Robert Peffley Roger Peffley Ron Peffley Roy Peffley Sally Peffley Sandy Peffley Sara Peffley Sarah Peffley Scott Peffley Sharon Peffley Shelly Peffley Stanley Peffley Stephanie Peffley Steven Peffley Sue Peffley Susan Peffley Tara Peffley Thomas Peffley Tim Peffley Timothy Peffley Tina Peffley Todd Peffley Tracy Peffley Wendy Peffley William Peffley Anita Peffly Brian Peffly Byron Peffly Carla Peffly Christy Peffly David Peffly Dawn Peffly Erin Peffly Gary Peffly James Peffly Jessica Peffly Marilyn Peffly Mary Peffly Nancy Peffly Naomi Peffly Paul Peffly Randy Peffly Raymond Peffly Richard Peffly Roger Peffly Ruth Peffly Sandra Peffly Stephen Peffly Steven Peffly Thomas Peffly Tim Peffly Travis Peffly William Peffly Christine Pefine Darlene Pefine Dominic Pefine