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Classmates from Nicole Barriger to Julia Barrilleaux
Nicole Barriger Norman Barriger Pat Barriger Patricia Barriger Paul Barriger Randy Barriger Raymond Barriger Rhonda Barriger Richard Barriger Robert Barriger Roger Barriger Russell Barriger Ryan Barriger Sally Barriger Samuel Barriger Sandra Barriger Sandy Barriger Sarah Barriger Scott Barriger Sonya Barriger Steven Barriger Susan Barriger Talitha Barriger Tamara Barriger Terry Barriger Thomas Barriger Todd Barriger Tracey Barriger Tyler Barriger Vicki Barriger Viola Barriger Wade Barriger William Barriger Brandi Barrigher Christopher Barrigher David Barrigher Donetta Barrigher Earl Barrigher Francis Barrigher George Barrigher Rachel Barrigher Robert Barrigher Stephen Barrigher Dwight Barrigo Anahi Barriguete Ernesto Barriguete Alpha Barril Amelia Barril Angela Barril Carol Barril Dennis Barril Diana Barril Edmund Barril Florentino Barril Francine Barril Kelly Barril Linda Barril Maria Barril Ramona Barril Ursula Barril Walter Barril Amelia Barrila Christina Barrila Craig Barrila Francis Barrila Frank Barrila Janet Barrila Jennifer Barrila Joe Barrila Linda Barrila Marco Barrila Mark Barrila Michele Barrila Renato Barrila Robert Barrila Sarah Barrila Alan Barrile Amelie Barrile Amy Barrile Angela Barrile Anthony Barrile Araka Barrile Arlene Barrile Bryan Barrile Carol Barrile Cheri Barrile Christine Barrile Christopher Barrile Clara Barrile Dan Barrile David Barrile Dawn Barrile Debbie Barrile Diana Barrile Diane Barrile Elizabeth Barrile Erik Barrile Frank Barrile Gail Barrile Gladys Barrile James Barrile Janet Barrile Janice Barrile Jean Barrile Jennifer Barrile Jessica Barrile Jillian Barrile Joe Barrile John Barrile Joseph Barrile Kimberly Barrile Leo Barrile Linda Barrile Luigi Barrile Marco Barrile Mark Barrile Mary Barrile Matthew Barrile Melody Barrile Michael Barrile Mike Barrile Nicholas Barrile Nick Barrile Nicole Barrile Paul Barrile Phillip Barrile Raul Barrile Richard Barrile Robert Barrile Rose Barrile Ruth Barrile Scott Barrile Shelly Barrile Sue Barrile Thomas Barrile Toni Barrile Tony Barrile Vincent Barrile Elida Barrileros Miguel Barrilla Melody Barrillas Susan Barrille David Barrilleau Adam Barrilleaux Aimee Barrilleaux Alcide Barrilleaux Allen Barrilleaux Allie Barrilleaux Alvin Barrilleaux Amanda Barrilleaux Amy Barrilleaux Andy Barrilleaux Angela Barrilleaux Archie Barrilleaux Arlan Barrilleaux Arthur Barrilleaux Barbara Barrilleaux Barry Barrilleaux Bart Barrilleaux Bear Barrilleaux Beau Barrilleaux Bernie Barrilleaux Beth Barrilleaux Betty Barrilleaux Blaine Barrilleaux Blaize Barrilleaux Blake Barrilleaux Bonnie Barrilleaux Brady Barrilleaux Brandon Barrilleaux Brenda Barrilleaux Brent Barrilleaux Brian Barrilleaux Brigitte Barrilleaux Brittany Barrilleaux Bryan Barrilleaux Burt Barrilleaux Caleb Barrilleaux Callie Barrilleaux Calvin Barrilleaux Carla Barrilleaux Carol Barrilleaux Casey Barrilleaux Cathy Barrilleaux Chad Barrilleaux Charlotte Barrilleaux Chester Barrilleaux Chris Barrilleaux Christopher Barrilleaux Colin Barrilleaux Connie Barrilleaux Courtney Barrilleaux Craig Barrilleaux Crystal Barrilleaux Daniel Barrilleaux Danny Barrilleaux Darlene Barrilleaux David Barrilleaux Deanna Barrilleaux Deborah Barrilleaux Dennis Barrilleaux Diane Barrilleaux Dolyn Barrilleaux Don Barrilleaux Donald Barrilleaux Donna Barrilleaux Doris Barrilleaux Drue Barrilleaux Dwayne Barrilleaux Ed Barrilleaux Edgar Barrilleaux Edward Barrilleaux Elizabeth Barrilleaux Elton Barrilleaux Eric Barrilleaux Erin Barrilleaux Ernest Barrilleaux Evelyn Barrilleaux Gary Barrilleaux Gavin Barrilleaux Gerald Barrilleaux Giselle Barrilleaux Glen Barrilleaux Gretchen Barrilleaux Gwendolyn Barrilleaux Hope Barrilleaux Hunter Barrilleaux Hyon Barrilleaux Ian Barrilleaux Jaime Barrilleaux James Barrilleaux Jamie Barrilleaux Jane Barrilleaux Janice Barrilleaux Jefferson Barrilleaux Jennifer Barrilleaux Jerry Barrilleaux Jessica Barrilleaux Jill Barrilleaux Joann Barrilleaux Jodie Barrilleaux Jody Barrilleaux John Barrilleaux Johnnie Barrilleaux Jon Barrilleaux Joni Barrilleaux Joseph Barrilleaux Jude Barrilleaux Julia Barrilleaux