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Classmates from Clyde Jander to Ron Jandoli
Clyde Jander Connie Jander David Jander Dawn Jander Debra Jander Diana Jander Donald Jander Donna Jander Donny Jander Elizabeth Jander Frank Jander Gary Jander Georgene Jander James Jander Jan Jander Jared Jander Jason Jander Jennifer Jander Joan Jander Johnny Jander Kathleen Jander Keaton Jander Kevin Jander Leonard Jander Leslie Jander Linda Jander Lisa Jander Louis Jander Lynn Jander Mark Jander Mary Jander Nicole Jander Otto Jander Paul Jander Peter Jander Ramon Jander Richard Jander Robert Jander Ryan Jander Steven Jander Susie Jander Sylvia Jander Thomas Jander Timothy Jander Uletha Jander Yorke Jander Andrea Jandera Anne Jandera Bernard Jandera Dale Jandera Dean Jandera Jacob Jandera Joellen Jandera Karen Jandera Katie Jandera Lisa Jandera Lori Jandera Vera Jandera William Jandera Adam Janderchick John Janderchick Todd Jandereski Amy Jandernal Robert Jandernal Leigh Jandernoa Mark Jandernoa Michael Jandernoa Michelle Jandernoa Nicholas Jandernoa Robert Jandernoa Terry Jandernoa Thomas Jandernoa Tyler Jandernoa Ann Janders Heinz Janders John Janders Rafer Janders Stanley Janders Thomas Janders Elaine Jandersit Robert Jandersit Jennifer Jandersits Les Jandert Chris Janderwski Deborah Janderwski David Jandes Jason Jandes Mike Jandes Susan Jandes Courtney Jandeska Jade Jandeska Michelle Jandeska Patricia Jandeska Rachel Jandeska Ruth Jandeska Sara Jandeska Shauna Jandeska Sonny Jandeska Susan Jandeska William Jandeska Henry Jandewerth Ayub Jandga Ray Jandga Ram Jandhayala Agni Jandhyala Ajay Jandhyala Chaitanya Jandhyala Durga Jandhyala Kalyan Jandhyala Krishna Jandhyala Ramesh Jandhyala Sarath Jandhyala Sasikala Jandhyala Srinivas Jandhyala Surya Jandhyala Vamsi Jandhyala Venkata Jandhyala Vikram Jandhyala Aparna Jandhyam Hgtgf Jandi Pierre Jandi Ann Jandia Satya Jandial Jack Jandick Mary Jandick Charles Jandik Christina Jandik Daniel Jandik Dawn Jandik Donna Jandik Geraldine Jandik Heath Jandik James Jandik Janice Jandik John Jandik Kathleen Jandik Katrina Jandik Linda Jandik Lois Jandik Melissa Jandik Michael Jandik Petr Jandik Richard Jandik Sandra Jandik Sharon Jandik Tomas Jandik Meena Jandir Karen Jandis Brenda Jandjel Walter Jandke Ann Jandl Anne Jandl Ashley Jandl Barbara Jandl Beatrice Jandl Beverly Jandl Brooke Jandl Charles Jandl Dale Jandl David Jandl Diane Jandl Dorothy Jandl Elizabeth Jandl George Jandl Henry Jandl Hilary Jandl James Jandl Jeff Jandl Jeffrey Jandl Jennifer Jandl Jerad Jandl Jill Jandl John Jandl Judith Jandl Katia Jandl Laura Jandl Lynda Jandl Melissa Jandl Michael Jandl Rebecca Jandl Richard Jandl Robert Jandl Stephanie Jandl Steven Jandl Thomas Jandl Will Jandl William Jandl Barry Jandla Carly Jandla Bob Jandle Laura Jandle Sean Jandle Wendi Jandle Stefan Jandler Catherine Jandly Scot Jandly Frank Jando John Jando Joseph Jando Margaret Jando Mary Jando Michael Jando Ornina Jando Paul Jando Rania Jando Rickie Jando Sargena Jando Szilveszter Jando Tina Jando Alejandro Jandoc Anna Liza Jandoc Antonio Jandoc Cherry Jandoc Clara Jandoc Davilynne Jandoc Jennifer Jandoc Joanne Jandoc Jose Jandoc Kelsey Jandoc Kimberley Jandoc Maria Jandoc Mario Jandoc Michelle Jandoc Ray Jandoc Wayne Jandoc Elizabeth Jandola Jayne Jandola John Jandola Joyce Jandola Liz Jandola Ashley Jandolenko Albert Jandoli Andrea Jandoli Carlie Jandoli Carol Jandoli Carolyn Jandoli Christopher Jandoli Douglas Jandoli Elizabeth Jandoli Frances Jandoli Karen Jandoli Lauri Jandoli Louis Jandoli Mark Jandoli Michael Jandoli Robert Jandoli Ron Jandoli