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Classmates from Jason Gleaves to Walter Gleba
Jason Gleaves Jean Gleaves Jeanette Gleaves Jeff Gleaves Jeffery Gleaves Jeffrey Gleaves Jennifer Gleaves Jerrell Gleaves Jesse Gleaves Jessica Gleaves Joe Gleaves John Gleaves Johnnie Gleaves Jonathan Gleaves Joseph Gleaves Joshua Gleaves Justin Gleaves Katherine Gleaves Kathleen Gleaves Kathryn Gleaves Kathy Gleaves Kay Gleaves Kenneth Gleaves Kevin Gleaves Khisha Gleaves Kim Gleaves Kimberly Gleaves Kristy Gleaves Lani Gleaves Larentina Gleaves Larry Gleaves Laura Gleaves Lauri Gleaves Leonard Gleaves Leroy Gleaves Leslie Gleaves Linda Gleaves Lindsay Gleaves Lisa Gleaves Lloyd Gleaves Lois Gleaves Lori Gleaves Lorraine Gleaves Lydia Gleaves Mamie Gleaves Marcel Gleaves Marcus Gleaves Marie Gleaves Marilyn Gleaves Mark Gleaves Marquis Gleaves Martin Gleaves Marvin Gleaves Mary Gleaves Matthew Gleaves Megan Gleaves Melissa Gleaves Meredith Gleaves Michael Gleaves Michelle Gleaves Mike Gleaves Missy Gleaves Nadine Gleaves Nancy Gleaves Narita Gleaves Nathan Gleaves Nicholas Gleaves Owen Gleaves Pat Gleaves Patricia Gleaves Paul Gleaves Phillip Gleaves Rachel Gleaves Randall Gleaves Ray Gleaves Raymond Gleaves Rebecca Gleaves Regina Gleaves Renee Gleaves Rhonda Gleaves Richard Gleaves Rick Gleaves Rita Gleaves Robert Gleaves Robin Gleaves Ron Gleaves Ronald Gleaves Roy Gleaves Ruby Gleaves Ruth Gleaves Ryan Gleaves Sam Gleaves Samuel Gleaves Sandra Gleaves Sara Gleaves Sarah Gleaves Scott Gleaves Sean Gleaves Sharon Gleaves Sheila Gleaves Sherri Gleaves Sherry Gleaves Shirley Gleaves Skylar Gleaves Solomon Gleaves Stephanie Gleaves Stephen Gleaves Susan Gleaves Tammie Gleaves Tammy Gleaves Tania Gleaves Tara Gleaves Terry Gleaves Thanya Gleaves Thomas Gleaves Tim Gleaves Todd Gleaves Tommy Gleaves Tracy Gleaves Travis Gleaves Tricia Gleaves Troy Gleaves Vanessa Gleaves Vaughn Gleaves Virginia Gleaves Vivian Gleaves Wendy Gleaves Wilita Gleaves William Gleaves Winnie Gleaves Yvonne Gleaves Zellburge Gleaves Joseph Gleavey Patrick Gleavey Phillip Gleavey Tammy Gleavey Ann Gleavy Bob Gleavy Brian Gleavy Catherine Gleavy Danielle Gleavy Donna Gleavy Eileen Gleavy Holly Gleavy John Gleavy Maureen Gleavy Thomas Gleavy Betty Gleb Daniel Gleb Donna Gleb Elizabeth Gleb Glenna Gleb James Gleb Janet Gleb Jennifer Gleb Joseph Gleb Katherine Gleb Michael Gleb Richard Gleb Robert Gleb Robin Gleb Roxanne Gleb Walter Gleb Amy Gleba Anita Gleba Anne Gleba Barbara Gleba Betty Gleba Brian Gleba Bruce Gleba Carol Gleba Catherine Gleba Cathie Gleba Charles Gleba Charlotte Gleba Chester Gleba Christine Gleba Christopher Gleba Colby Gleba Czeslaw Gleba Daniel Gleba Daria Gleba Dariusz Gleba Darlene Gleba David Gleba Debra Gleba Delfina Gleba Denise Gleba Dennis Gleba Diane Gleba Dorothy Gleba Ed Gleba Edward Gleba Eileen Gleba Eleanore Gleba Elizabeth Gleba Eugene Gleba Eva Gleba Frank Gleba Gary Gleba Gerald Gleba Gregg Gleba Gregory Gleba Halina Gleba Henry Gleba Jaime Gleba James Gleba Jane Gleba Jason Gleba Jean Gleba Jeanette Gleba Jeffrey Gleba Jennifer Gleba Jessica Gleba Jill Gleba John Gleba Joseph Gleba Judy Gleba Keith Gleba Kody Gleba Larry Gleba Lawrence Gleba Linda Gleba Lucy Gleba Mark Gleba Marty Gleba Mary Gleba Matthew Gleba Melissa Gleba Michael Gleba Michelle Gleba Mike Gleba Nicole Gleba Paul Gleba Rebecca Gleba Richard Gleba Robert Gleba Ronald Gleba Ruth Gleba Samantha Gleba Sandra Gleba Scott Gleba Sean Gleba Sophie Gleba Stanley Gleba Stephen Gleba Susan Gleba Sydney Gleba Thomas Gleba Walter Gleba