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Classmates from Anthony Galantino to Dominic Galardi
Liz Galarce Luis Galarce Maria Galarce Michael Galarce Monica Galarce Tony Galarce Martin Galarcep Christine Galard Danny Galard Joanne Galard Michael Galard Deandra Galarde Ernesto Galarde Francisca Galarde John Galarde Michael Galarde Scott Galarde Vicki Galarde Alexander Galardi Amanda Galardi Andrew Galardi Angela Galardi Angelo Galardi Anna Galardi Anthony Galardi Ashley Galardi Bob Galardi Charisse Galardi Charles Galardi Cheryl Galardi Chris Galardi Christopher Galardi Danielle Galardi Dante Galardi Darryl Galardi David Galardi Debra Galardi Diane Galardi Dino Galardi Dominic Galardi Anthony Galantino Carl Galantino Elizabeth Galantino Frank Galantino Gina Galantino Guy Galantino Isabel Galantino James Galantino Jim Galantino Joseph Galantino Louis Galantino Marianne Galantino Mary Galantino Michael Galantino Nicholas Galantino Nick Galantino Peter Galantino Ruth Galantino Vincent Galantino William Galantino Chuck Galantis Emily Galantis James Galantis Mavis Galantis Nick Galantis Nikki Galantis Zachary Galantis Ellery Galanto Elsa Galanto Filomeno Galanto Geraldine Galanto Jeanette Galanto Jeffrey Galanto John Galanto Jose Galanto Joseph Galanto Josephine Galanto Justin Galanto Leilani Galanto Marc Galanto Maria Galanto Marilyn Galanto Nancy Galanto Randolph Galanto Rommel Galanto Rose Galanto Russell Galanto Victor Galanto Barbara Galantowicz David Galantowicz Dawn Galantowicz Florian Galantowicz Gavin Galantowicz Gregory Galantowicz John Galantowicz Larry Galantowicz Maarten Galantowicz Mark Galantowicz Mary Galantowicz Paul Galantowicz Roman Galantowicz Sharon Galantowicz Suzanne Galantowicz Thomas Galantowicz Daniel Galantucci James Galantucci Jason Galantucci Robert Galantucci Ryan Galantucci Brandon Galantuomini David Galantuomini Ryan Galantuomini Chris Galantuomo Al Galanty Allan Galanty Andrew Galanty Barbara Galanty Brenda Galanty Catherine Galanty David Galanty Deborah Galanty Edward Galanty Ellen Galanty Gail Galanty Gary Galanty Heather Galanty Jennifer Galanty Jessica Galanty Joel Galanty Joseph Galanty Laura Galanty Lenny Galanty Leonard Galanty Mark Galanty Marlene Galanty Marvin Galanty Matt Galanty Max Galanty Moshik Galanty Nancy Galanty Robert Galanty Shelly Galanty Sidney Galanty William Galanty Holtjona Galanxhi Arlene Galanza Jenalyn Galanza John Galapagos Marie Galapani Vincent Galapani Alexander Galapate-bareng Arlene Galapia Branden Galapia Danmar Galapia Elizabeth Galapia Gilbert Galapia Jamie Galapia Jonathan Galapia Julian Galapia Raymond Galapia Bernard Galapin Norman Galapin Arnel Galapir Ashley Galapir Charlene Galapir Harvey Galapir Maria Galapir Patrick Galapir Wesley Galapir Avi Galapo Simon Galapo Aaron Galapon Adeline Galapon Angelina Galapon Arlene Galapon Bryan Galapon Cherry Galapon Cheryl Galapon Christopher Galapon Crisanto Galapon Czarlon Galapon Danilo Galapon Edward Galapon Edwin Galapon Eloisa Galapon Emeterio Galapon Estelle Galapon Frances Galapon George Galapon Glenn Galapon Helen Galapon Ireneo Galapon Jacqueline Galapon Jerry Galapon Joseph Galapon Kristi Galapon Lani Galapon Leo Galapon Maggie Galapon Maria Galapon Marie Galapon Marilyn Galapon Mario Galapon Matthew Galapon Melanie Galapon Michelle Galapon Pamela Galapon Patrick Galapon Primo Galapon Raymond Galapon Rey Galapon Richard Galapon Robert Galapon Rolando Galapon Rosalyn Galapon Ruben Galapon Sherey Galapon Teresita Galapon Terry Galapon Joaquin Galar Jennifer Galara Juan Galara Sawandi Galara Andres Galaraga Daniel Galaraga Mario Galaraga Sylvia Galaraga Allison Galaras George Galaras Alana Galarce Alberto Galarce Alexander Galarce Andres Galarce Barbara Galarce Carlos Galarce Charlie Galarce Clerence Galarce Cristian Galarce Elizabeth Galarce Fernando Galarce Gina Galarce Giselle Galarce Harry Galarce Hector Galarce Jose Galarce Juan Galarce